2018-2019 Cape Henry Fund Honor Roll of Donors

From July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019
* Denotes partial or full gift-in-kind

We are grateful to the alumni, parents, faculty and staff, and friends of Cape Henry who have generously supported our school since July 1, 2018.
In preparation for our final printing of the Cape Henry Fund donor boards for this academic year, please help us double check this list to make sure that your name is included and spelled correctly. Please report any changes to Mrs. Jaime Hutnick, Director of Annual Giving.
If you have not yet made your gift to the Cape Henry Fund for the 2018-2019 year and wish to be included in this printing, please do so before June 30, 2019. CLICK HERE to make a gift online, or you may contact our office directly at (757) 963-8251. The donor boards are displayed in the halls of our school and will be updated seasonally.
Please note this list reflects gifts received between July 1 and May 15, 2019.

List of 9 items.

  • Founders' Circle ($20,000 and above)

    Aladdin Food Management Services, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Copeland 
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dreyfus / The Dreyfus Foundation
    Hampton Roads Community Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Hillier, Jr.
    Mrs. Gabrielle and Mr. Robert Kenison
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Klimkiewicz
    Mr. and Mrs. L. Ike Prillaman
    Mr. and Mrs. James Syran
    Tidewater Jewish Foundation, Inc.
  • Chairman's Circle ($10,000 - $19,999)

    Mr. and Mrs. Avraham Ashkenazi / IAT International, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Atherton, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Atherton
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Berlin *
    Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund
    Mrs. Cassandra and Mr. James Cottrell
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Duncan / Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
    Mr. Michael R. Gianascoli '89
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Gilmore
    Dr. Carol Morgan and Mr. Paul Hernandez
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Hewitt
    Mr. and Mrs. James P. Karides *
    Mrs. Cindy & Mr. Ronald Kramer
    Mrs. Maureen E. Olivieri
    Mr. and Mrs. Tassos J. Paphites / BurgerBusters Inc. *
    Mr. and Mrs. George F. Shipp
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Smith / Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. James H. Sparks
    Dr. Melissa Lexier and Mr. George Whitmore '88
  • Trustees' Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Allred
    Mr. and Mrs. James Altmeyer
    Mr. and Mrs. H. Ray Compton
    Mr. Ye Cui & Mrs. Lijiang Yang
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Friedman
    Dr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Garran
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Garrison
    Mr. and Mrs. Serban Ghenea
    Mrs. Katherine C. Hamilton '81 and Mr. David Hamilton / WC Carpenter Commercial & Residential Floor Coverings
    Mr. and Mrs. John T. Henning
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Hill
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Keller
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stan Kidd, III *
    Mr. and Mrs. Bobby C. Patrick
    Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Shade
    Mr. Bart J. Sinanis and Ms. Deana De Giorgi
    Mr. Robert M. Stanton / B. M. Stanton Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Rony Thomas
    Mr. Bruce L. Thompson
    Mr. David A. Vigil and Ms. Sarah Tanner
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Whitfield
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben R. Wiley, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wright
    Mr. and Mrs. John O. Wynne
    Mr. and Mrs. John O. Wynne, Jr.
    Mrs. Cheryl L. and Mr. Christos M. Xystros
  • Headmaster's Circle ($2,500 - $4,999)

    Ms. Jennifer Adamson
    Mr. and Mrs. William B. Allen
    Dr. and Mrs. John R. Baker
    Mr. and Mrs. Skylar T. Bates '05
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bunn
    Mr. and Mrs. L.T. Caplan / Armond and Rose Caplan Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Don Damuth
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Damuth
    Mrs. Sally Voight Dudley '88 and Mr. W. Trent Dudley '88
    Mr. and Mrs. Brant Feldman
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Gianascoli
    Mr. Lance Goldner / Lasgo, Inc.
    Mrs. Caroline C. '03 and Mr. William G. Harrison '03 / Carrie S. Camp Foundation, Inc.
    Mrs. Amanda and Mr. Charles Hayes
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Hughes, III
    Mrs. Brooke and Mr. Timothy Hummel / Bank of America Foundation
    Mr. Matthew T. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Lisota
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy R. McLendon / McClendon Real Estate Services, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan Nordlinger
    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rachels
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Reynolds *
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Saunders / Bakefresh Company *
    Mrs. Julie W. and Mr. Kevin P. Scherrer
    Mrs. Florence T. Short / Short Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Smallwood, III
    Drs. Jorge Pelaez and Reena Talreja-Pelaez
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Thompson, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Van Gilder '91
    Drs. Gail and John Walter, Jr. / The Family Center
    Mr. Matthew R. and Mrs. Margo H. Winans '89
  • Educators' Circle ($1,500 - $2,499)

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Apperson
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Audette '92
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Beaulieu / Bill Rosenow Memorial Foundation
    Ms. Susan T. Pender and Mr. Daniel E. Beck
    Mr. Tyler C. Brooks '05
    Nancy and Mike Christian
    Mr. and Mrs. T. Clinton Damuth
    Mr. and Mrs. Roger Damuth
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael Danso
    Mr. and Mrs. E. David Dixon
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Earl
    Ms. Page Edgerton / Ava P. Burns '24
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ervin
    Mrs. Angela C. and Mr. James D. Finley, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Finn
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Greason
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Green
    Ms. Karen Atkiss Grow
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Haislip
    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Harris / Bank of America Foundation
    Mr. Song Huang and Mrs. Yan Lin
    Mrs. Meigan Jared and Mr. Timothy Jared
    Mr. Todd W. Jared
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Jaycox
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Repp H. Lambert, II '89
    Mr. and Mrs. Dufferin McConnell
    Mr. Peter F. McCoy '88 / Norfolk Machine & Welding, Inc. *
    Ms. Cheryl McLeskey
    Norfolk Southern Foundation
    Mrs. Marie and Dr. Wayne Old
    Mr. G. Brock Potter, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. John Pound *
    Dr. Shaun Rai and Dr. Holly Andersen
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Rashkind
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Saal '07
    Mrs. Deborah M. and Mr. Chris A. Sanders
    Mrs. Kathleen K. and Mr. Kevin D. Sharp
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Sims, II
    Ms. Kristin Sparks '02 and Mr. Mark Sheggeby
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Taber
    Mr. and Mrs. George M. Temple, Sr.
    Ms. Janice Barrett and Mr. Mark Vanty
    Mrs. Katherine C. and Mr. Ros R. Willis '82
    Mr. and Mrs. Josiah H. Woodington, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Zettervall
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Zimmerman
    Mr. Ming Zou and Ms. Xuan Xin
  • Red and Gray ($500 - $1,499)

    Mr. Brandon S. Allred '08
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Barton
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Berman, Jr. / Progressive Insurance Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Bohannon, II
    Mr. Ronald N. Richards and Mrs. Lauren Boyette-Richards
    Ms. Donna P. Brehm
    CAPT and Mrs. Donald Burke
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Campbell
    Mr. and Mrs. James M. Caplan
    Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. Carr
    Dr. Carrie T. and Dr. David J. Cho
    Mrs. Leigh Anne and Mr. Howard G. Clay
    Mrs. Vanessa and Mr. Cortney Clinton
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Corcoran
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Denton '97
    Mr. and Mrs. Joey DeStefano
    Ms. Melissa B. DiBona
    Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Duffy, Jr. *
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Facemire '98
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Facemire
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Faubert
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Field, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin S. Friedberg
    Ms. Pamela S. Glascock
    Dr. Suzanne Brixey and Mr. Rodolfo Granados
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Hall
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Harris '03
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hart
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hauser
    Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Hunter
    Mrs. Shauna R. '89 and Mr. Scott B. Kale
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Larkin
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Larkin / National Financial Services LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. Kelly L. Law '83
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lebel
    Ms. Deborah S. Lesyshyn
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Lindauer / Cardinal Canteen Food Service
    Mrs. Kristyl Lyle
    Mr. David C. Meeker
    Mr. William P. Merritt '11
    Mrs. Lesleyanne and Mr. Michael E. Mulkey '94
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Mulkey
    Mr. James D. Oliver and Ms. Jean M. MacLeay
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Osborne
    Dr. and Mrs. John C. Paschold / Bank of America Foundation
    Mr. Donald H. Patterson, III '97
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Peregoff '77
    Mr. and Mrs. George G. Phillips, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Pridgen
    Mrs. Julie M. and Mr. Brandon Ramsey *
    Mr. Daniel P. Richardson
    Mr. and Mrs. David Roland
    Dr. and Ms. Richard Rosenblum
    Mr. and Mrs. Allen Shaheen
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Smith
    Mrs. Deanna W. and Mr. Henry L. Thompson, Jr.
    Mrs. Jamie '84 and Mr. Jack Timms
    The Honorable Winship C. and Mr. Guy K. Tower
    Ms. Dia DuVernet and Mr. Pierce Tyler
    Mrs. Christine R. and Dr. Francis T. Verfurth
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Virok / The Benevity Community Impact Fund
    Mr. T. Cecil Ward '10
    Mrs. Sarah Williams and Mr. Michael Lewis
    Mrs. Kristy '95 and Mr. Ross Winfield
    Anonymous in honor of Dr. Garran for his continued support of all communities
  • Dolphin Circle (up to $499)

    Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Abshire
    Ms. Linda S. Adkins
    Ms. Brooke E. Ainslie '17
    Mr. Joel R. Albertson
    Ms. Crystal M. Allanson-Barker
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Gary Allen
    Mr. and Mrs. Terrell R. Allen '10
    Mr. David Amet
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Angilly
    Mr. and Mrs. Erik Apotheker
    Mrs. T. Audry Apotheker
    Mr. Robert B. Apperson '14
    Ms. Virginia A. Apperson '16
    Mrs. Nancy H. Arias
    Mr. and Mrs. Rob Arnold
    Mr. and Mrs. Robbert-Alexander Arriens Dwarshuis
    Mrs. Slava I. and Mr. Mikhail D. Babichenko
    Dr. and Mrs. Parker Babington
    Ms. Anne E. Balitzki
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Barnes
    Ms. Robin Kirkpatrick Barnett
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Bates
    Dr. Lynsey A. Bates '03 and Dr. Beau Burwell
    Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Baumgardner
    Mrs. Linda M. and Dr. Mark L. Bawcom
    Ms. Raven E. Baytops
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Behr
    Mr. Graham Y. Bergen '11
    Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Y. Bergen
    Mr. and Mrs. Adam Bergman
    Mr. Clark J. Berlin '16
    Miss Kerianne N. Bertolino '10
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Betz
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Bouch
    Ms. Kathy Boyle
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bradshaw
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Braham
    Ms. Polly Brasher
    Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Brooks
    Ms. Amanda Bryer
    Mrs. Virginia C. Buchanan
    Ms. Karen E. Buchardt
    Mr. Robert B. Buckalew '05
    Rev. Garrett and Mrs. Alison M. Bugg
    Ms. Carol A. Bulkeley
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Burns '80
    Mr. and Mrs. Burton E. Burroughs '94
    Mr. Keith P. R. Burwell
    Mr. and Mrs. Danny Butler
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Butler
    Mrs. Gabrielle '03 and Mr. Rey Cabreros
    Ms. Ashleigh Cake
    Mrs. Shelley M. and Mr. Joseph Camp
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cantales
    Cape Henry Collegiate Alumni Board
    Dr. and Mrs. Andres Carrizo
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Carter
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carter
    Mrs. C. Blair Cespedes '92 and Mr. Mike Cespedes
    Mr. and Mrs. Art Chapman
    Mrs. Beverly and Mr. Richard A. Cheniae
    Mr. Ross Chernitzer and Mrs. Nearyroth Chernitzer
    Ms. Shirley Chernitzer
    Ms. Kelly M. Christianson
    Dr. May Ciemins
    Miss Patricia L. Clarke '12
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clarke
    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clifford
    Mr. and Mrs. Emile F. Cochet III
    Mrs. Jennifer W. and Mr. Mark Cockrell
    Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cockrell
    Mr. and Mrs. Erik P. Cofer
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Cohen '86
    Ms. Patricia Colvin
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Comerford
    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Conklin
    Ms. Taria Conley
    Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Conner
    Mrs. Ashley Hughes Conrad '02 and Mr. Ryan Conrad
    Mr. and Mrs. Bryan W. Copeland
    Mr. Colin M. Corcoran '11
    Mrs. Cindy B. Coureas
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Crain
    Mr. and Mrs. Scot N. Creech
    Mr. Joshua C. Cromwell '08
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Croteau
    Mrs. Diane and Mr. Allen Cruz
    Ms. Kathryn Verschelde and Mr. Cabell Cummings
    Ms. Louise Cunningham
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dabrowski
    Ms. Bonnie Damron
    Mr. and Mrs. E. Adams Darden, IV
    Mrs. Sheryl J. and Mr. Timothy H. Davis
    Mr. Benjamin A. Dease '95
    Mr. Larry Debeau
    Miss Leah E. DeCarlis '15
    Ms. Polly W. Decker
    Mrs. Bess Decker
    Ms. Sarah Decker
    Mrs. Caroline and Mr. Jonathan Decker
    Mr. Randall F. DeMille '89
    Ms. Bonnie Dennis
    Drs. Catherine and Paul Derber
    Mrs. Lauri and Dr. Maulin M. Desai
    Ms. Connie Devera
    Dr. and Mrs. Kurt Devito
    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Dickey
    Mr. Robert W. Dickie
    Ms. Eleanor Dickson
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Dieffenbach '10
    Mrs. Rhonda Doak
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Doczi
    Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Dodson
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Dodzik
    Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Dooren
    Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Doron
    Mr. and Mrs. Sagie I. Doron
    Mr. M. Gregory Dragas, II '00
    Mr. Aaron S. Drory '13
    Mrs. Barbara P. DuBois
    Dr. and Mrs. John D. Duerden
    Miss Mary K. Easton '11
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Easton, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eckstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Edenfield
    Mr. and Mrs. John M. Effner
    Ms. Andrea M. Elliott
    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ennis
    Mr. Christian Erbig
    Ms. Emily Erbig
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Estabrooks
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Estes
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Evans
    Mr. Walter Ewell
    LT COL and Mrs. Marcel Exterkate *
    Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Faisant
    Mr. John Michael Farley '10
    Mr. Tyler W. Faubert '09
    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Feder
    Mrs. Valetta J. Fellenbaum
    Mr. Michael L. Field '13
    Miss Kelly B. Field '15
    Ms. Kimberly Fillius
    Mr. and Mrs. Lowery D. Finley, III
    Miss Caroline F. Finley '11
    Mr. and Mrs. John Floasin
    Mrs. Margaret Fluharty
    Mrs. Stephanie L. and Mr. William G. Fluharty
    Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fore
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fortuna
    Mr. Charles L. Franco and Dr. Angela L. Mouhlas
    Ms. Michelle L. Frasher
    Ms. Shari D. Friedman
    Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Frierman
    Mrs. Lita Gedro
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Gianascoli
    Miss Kensey M. Gooch '10
    Mr. and Mrs. Erik Gordon
    Mr. Stuart Gordon
    Dr. and Mrs. Bernie Grablowsky
    Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo G. Granados
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gravitt
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gravitt
    Mr. and Mrs. Turner Gray, Jr.
    Mrs. Sylvia Gray
    Mr. Carl Greene, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Greene
    Mr. and Mrs. James Gregory
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard V. Gregory
    Ms. Patricia A. Griffin
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Griffith
    Mr. Robert C. Griffith
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Gross
    Mrs. Susan G. and Mr. Jon R. Hagadorn
    Mrs. Bridget A. '01 and Mr. Friedrich Haimberger
    Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hall
    Ms. Leslie Guidry and Mr. Mark A. Hall, Sr.
    Mr. Samuel Hancock and Dr. Christina Baldassari
    Mrs. Leesa M. and CDR R. Todd Hannah
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hansen
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Harrington
    Mrs. Connie T. and Mr. Scott G. Harris
    Mrs. Susan M. and Mr. Michael T. Harris
    Miss Virginia L. Hassell '12
    Mrs. Amber C. and Mr. Lance S. Hecker
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hendrix
    Mr. Jacob A. Henning '12
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Herrle
    Mr. and Mrs. Grant S. Herrle '87
    Mrs. Alexis A. Hill '94
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Hobbs
    Mr. and Mrs. G. Zeb Holt
    Mrs. Rebecca and Mr. Paul Horgan
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Horgan
    Mrs. Laura Lechler Hornef '92 & CDR Jim Hornef
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Horton
    Mrs. Tina V. Howard
    Mrs. Virginia F. '86 and Mr. William Hudgins
    Ms. Michelle Hudgins '07
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hummel
    Mr. Harry B. Hunter '11
    Mrs. Jaime and Mr. Aaron Hutnick
    Mr. and Mrs. Tim Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. Nick S. Jacovides
    Mr. Richard Jakubs & Mrs. Anastasia Vracheva
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. James
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Jaycox
    Ms. Lisa A. Jeffrey
    Ms. Kelsey E. Jewett-Scherrer '09
    Mr. and Mrs. Diangui Jiang
    CDR and Mrs. Scott E. Johnson
    Ms. Christie Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson
    Mr. Matthew T. Johnson '18
    Miss Skylar E. Johnson '16
    Mr. and Mrs. Alex Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Paul Jones
    Ms. Colby M. Jones '17
    Dr. and Mrs. Louis R. Jordan
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Herman Joyce
    Ms. Robyn Judge
    Mr. and Mrs. Cadmus Kahng
    Ms. Mary S. Kanakaris
    Mr. Ahmed Kannane
    Drs. Elleni and Kapil Kapoor
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Kasinger
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Keenan
    Mr. W. Coles Keeter '10
    Mr. and Mrs. Kennon C. Keeter, Jr.
    Mrs. Sarah Kelbaugh
    Mrs. Mary Anne Kellam-Canada
    Dr. Stephanie Haldy and Mr. Ryan C. Kelly '04
    Mrs. Courtney K. Kelly '06 and Mr. Colin M. Kelly '01
    Mr. Charles Kenison
    Ms. Molly S. Kent '84
    Mrs. Amanda Keown
    Ms. Elizabeth Kezman
    Mr. Jinho Kim and Mrs. Kayoung Park
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kinzer
    Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Kite
    Dr. and Mrs. Neal Klar
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Klimkiewicz
    Mr. Luke A. Kohart '10
    Mr. Peter Kohn and Dr. Jeryl A. Abbott-Kohn
    Ms. Maria Kryworuk
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kubicki
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kubicki
    Ms. Suzanne G. Kucera
    Mrs. Jane and Mr. James R. Lancaster
    Miss Madison R. Land '15
    Ms. Kerri A. Land
    Ms. Crystal D. Lans
    Mrs. Nicole A. Lauruska
    Miss Jennifer K. Lee '10
    Mrs. Casey Scherrer Lee '07 and Mr. Daniel Lee '07
    Mr. Lee and Mrs. Tang
    Mrs. Whitney F. Lee '05 and Mr. John Lee
    Dr. and Mrs. Larry Legum
    Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Leiderman
    Mr. David Leon and Dr. Lisa Leon
    Mr. Phillip Leonard '13
    Mrs. Darcy Gill Levy '99 and Mr. S. Becket Levy '98
    Mrs. Catherine and Dr. John P. Lewis
    Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis
    Mr. Christopher A. Lewis '16
    Ms. Linda Lexier
    Dr. and Mrs. George Lin
    Mrs. Barbara Lindgren
    Mr. and Mrs. Darryl C. Lishey
    Ms. Sandra Littel
    Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Long
    Ms. Marta E. Long '00
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lotito
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Lyons
    Mr. and Mrs. Edgar H. MacKinley
    Mrs. Kendall L. and Mr. William G. Mager
    Mr. Blake D. Mager '17
    Mr. Rex W. Mahoney '08
    Dr. and Mrs. David R. Malin
    Mr. Alexander J. Mancoll '16
    Dr. and Mrs. John Mancoll
    Ms. Madison C. Marchbank '08
    Ms. Susan Markley
    Mr. Carlton Marlow
    Mr. Michael Maroon '11
    Mr. and Mrs. James Marquette
    Dr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Martin, Jr.
    Mrs. Amy and Mr. Samuel Martin
    Mrs. Karen C. and Mr. Michael J. Mason
    Mr. William H. Mason '12
    Mr. Andrew M. Mason '08
    Mr. Corey R. Mavromatis '11
    Mr. and Mrs. John McCormack
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. McCray
    Mrs. Dawn and Mr. JT McDonald
    Mr. and Mrs. DT McGrattan
    Mr. and Mrs. T. Scott McGraw
    Dr. and Mrs. Jon M. McGruder
    Capt. and Dr. Joseph R. McKnew
    Mr. and Mrs. David McNamara
    Mr. Horace P. McNeal, Jr.
    Ms. Mary Ann McNeil
    Mr. and Mrs. William W. McRae, III
    Mr. Steven F. McSweeney
    Ms. Shannon C. Megroz
    Mrs. Jacqueline Melendez
    Mr. and Mrs. Davis R. Mellott
    Mr. Nicholas A. Melvin '05
    Ms. Alice B. Meredith
    Miss Isabelle A. Michaels '15
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Mickens
    Mr. George A. Mirmelstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Curtis J. Mitchell '85
    Mr. Ethan Mitchell-Stanfield '14
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Mobley
    Mrs. Janine Mobley-Burke and Mr. Kaleem Burke
    Mrs. Elizabeth R. and Mr. John K. Moore, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Moore, Jr.
    Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. More
    Dr. Jonathan Moretz
    Mrs. Margaret and Mr. David Morland
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Morris
    Dr. and Mrs. Gus Mouhlas
    Mr. Fritz Muench
    Mr. Jason Murphy and Mrs. Colby E. Murphy '97
    Miss Britney L. Myers '07
    Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph R. Myers IV
    Ms. Mary Ellen Myers
    Dr. and Mrs. Brad Nadelstein
    Network For Good
    Mr. and Mrs. Karsten Nielsen
    CAPT and Mrs. Cassidy C. Norman
    Ms. Lori A. Nye
    Mrs. Katie and Mr. David B. Oakley
    Mrs. Maria Ocaña
    Ms. Paula O'Connor
    Mr. and Mrs. Leon N. Old
    Ms. Madison J. Old '17
    Mrs. Lindsay Breitenberg Oliver '04 and Mr. Jim Oliver
    Mr. and Mrs. John Olivieri
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Olivieri, Jr.
    Mrs. Michelle R. Olsen
    Ms. Laurie Olson
    Ms. Isolde Oppleman
    Mrs. Nancy Arrington Orie
    Miss Alexandra H. Orsini '16
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Orsini
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Orthoefer
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Palmer
    Ms. Elizabeth Parisher
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Parker
    Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Parker
    Mr. Ashish M. Patel '05
    Mr. Bryan Patrick
    Mr. Bruce Patrick
    Mr. Frederic Patrick
    Miss Morgan B. Patrick '16
    Mr. and Mrs. Edrick A. Peake
    Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Pence, Jr.
    Miss Emily G. Pence '15
    Dr. Corinne and Mr. Roy W. Perkins
    Dr. and Mrs. Roger R. Perry
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Perry
    Mr. and Mrs. Christian Petit
    Mr. and Mrs. Quint Piekney
    Mrs. Sara and Mr. Ray Pierce
    Ms. Tracey Pinkin
    Mrs. Susan A. '88 and Dr. Russell B. Poe / Pfizer Foundation Match Programs
    Dr. Rainer N. Poley '97
    Mrs. Sharon Pomeroy
    Mr. and Mrs. Craig D. Poppen
    Miss Sarah E. Potter '07
    Ms. Whitney Elliott and Ms. Danielle Praver
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Preble
    Ms. Teresa Pubins
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pulley
    Mr. Dashiell Quasebarth
    Mr. William Rachels
    Ms. Judy Rachels
    Nancy E. Rachels '23
    Mr. Daniel G. Rashkind '95
    Mr. and Mrs. Jacob G. Rashkind '91
    Mrs. Janet S. and Mr. Oliver M. Read, IV
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Reid
    Mrs. Rita W. '82 and Mr. Michael Rendon
    Mrs. Ericka Ricks
    Dr. Helen E. Roberts
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Roberts
    Mr. Andrew R. Roberts '17
    Ms. Linda K. Robichaud
    Mr. Thomas E. Rodgers
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Rollins, III
    Ms. Carolina Roque-Camarasa
    Mrs. Charmaine Rosenfield
    Mr. Kevin Royster and Mrs. Janisse Escalante
    Mr. Jazz L. Rozier '10
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Rozier
    Mr. and Mrs. Bryan P. Rudolph
    Ms. Henrietta Rutledge
    Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Salomonsky
    Dr. Arnold D. Salzberg
    Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Alexis Sanders
    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Sawyer, Sr.
    Miss Ashley E. Schaefer '03
    Miss Erin G. Scherrer '15
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schindler
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Schlaefer, Jr. '04
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Schlaefer, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schleifer, III
    Mr. Larry E. Schmidtmann
    Mrs. Rebecca W. and Mr. Michael J. Schnekser
    Mrs. Joy Scott
    Mrs. Carolyn W. and Mr. William J. Scullion, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Shain
    Mr. Donald Shalibo
    Mr. and Mrs. William P. Shepherd
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sher
    Ms. Sherry White and Ms. Jeanne Short
    Ms. Christy Simoncini
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith
    Mr. Andrew K. Smith '10
    Mrs. Barbara M. Smith
    Mr. Jeffrey W. Smith
    Mr. Kinte Smith '96 and Mrs. Zhadyra Omirbay
    Mr. Douglas G. Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Snyder
    Mr. William E. Snyder '10
    Ms. Carrie Snyder
    Mr. and Mrs. John Somers
    Mr. John Sorensen
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Souther
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Spady
    Dr. Kimberly C. and Mr. Thomas J. Sparks
    Miss Madison H. Spear '14
    Mr. Tom Stahl
    Mr. and Mrs. John T. Standing
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stanley
    Ms. Mancha W. Stanton
    Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Andrew Stello
    Ms. Deanna L. Stepanovich
    Mrs. Kate V. Stepanovich
    Ms. Kassie Stephanitsis
    Mr. Griffin J. Stewart '14
    Mr. David Stockmeier and Mrs. Connie McKenzie Stockmeier
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stockmeier
    Ms. Brenda Morison Stone
    Mr. and Mrs. Jay C. Stone
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Stuart
    Mrs. Michelle Sweezey
    Ms. Kim Tamburino
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon Tangredi
    Mr. Samuel Tayor
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Ben Temple '97
    Miss Sarah A. Templeton '07
    Mr. & Mrs. Jim Theis
    Mr. and Mrs. Matt Thompson
    Mr. Joe Thompson
    Mr. Roger and Mrs. Sharon Thorpe
    Dr. Kenneth F. Tiffany and Dr. Julie T. Tiffany
    Mrs. Lauren M. and Mr. Michael G. Timms '04
    Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Michael Tolson
    Mr. Jonathan Torch
    Mr. Clayton Tourault '06 and Mrs. Jocelyn Tourault '05
    Mr. Sam Tripodis
    Mr. Nghia Truong
    Ms. Dana J. Truxell '89
    Ms. Paige Tucker '88 and Mr. Jason Gossman
    Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Tucker
    Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Tuggle
    Mr. and Mrs. Cees Van De Mortel
    Mr. August Vander Werff
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vassiliou
    Dr. Mary Carver and Mr. William J. Vaughan, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Ron Verschelde
    Mr. Daniel D. Vickers '14
    Mr. and Mrs. Ross Vierra
    Mrs. Alfreda Villani
    Ms. Betty Villers
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Waddell
    Ms. Rachael A. Wagner '00 and Mr. Sam Abrams
    Mr. Brian T. Walker '95
    Mr. Frank Walters
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Warden
    Mr. David M. Warsof '16
    Mr. and Mrs. Stockton T. Watson
    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Watson '00
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Webb
    Miss Jacqueline C. Weisberg '00
    Mr. Matthew P. Wells and Mrs. Heather Deanes
    Miss Marleigh B. West '14
    Ms. Sharon West
    Mr. and Mrs. William West
    Ms. Hope S. Wheeler '17
    Ms. Kathleen White
    Miss Samantha L. White '11
    Mr. Christopher Blake Whited '10
    Mrs. Shannon M. and Mr. Richard Whitney
    Miss Margaret T. Whittemore '10
    Mrs. Kimberly P. Widener '10
    Mr. William M. Wilcox
    Mrs. Sallie R. Williams '96
    Ms. Angelena M. Williams '15
    Mr. L. David Willis, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Wilson
    Ms. Susana Wong
    Ms. Kaylin B. Wood '05
    Mr. Thomas Wood
    Mr. Robert Woodhouse, Jr.
    Ms. Katherine M. Wynne
    Ms. Ling Xie
    Ms. Debbie Yarborough
    Mr. and Mrs. Moises Yoselevitz
    Mrs. Kaitrin '05 and Mr. Grey Young / Gigi's Cupcakes *
    Mr. and Mrs. George Young
    Mr. and Mrs. David Young
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Young
    Mr. Haochen Zhang '18
    Mrs. Tricia and Mr. Quinn Zimmerman
  • Graduation Gratitude - Class of 2019

    Ellen E. Apotheker '19
    Daniel D. Banister '19
    Caroline R. Beaulieu '19
    Claire W. Bingham '19
    Amberly J. Butler '19
    Caroline D. Cashion '19
    Tingyi Chen '19
    Caleb Choe '19
    Fiona A. Clunan '19
    Ajay G. Desai '19
    Brett E. Dudley '19
    John G. Ermini '19
    Caroline L. Estes '19
    Mary Grace I. Fowler '19
    Hallie S. Friedman '19
    Jamie L. Friedman '19
    Wladimir Gassant, II '19
    Gabriella M. Gianascoli '19
    Alexander Gianascoli '19
    Jared A. Gordon '19
    Merry Jiang '19
    Morgan M. Jones '19
    Jackson B. Kassir '19
    Konrad D. Keenan '19
    Aiden T. Kuhle '19
    Alexandra R. Land '19
    Destinie Z. Lovgren '19
    Malia C. MacLeod '19
    Madisen B. Patrick '19
    Owen L. Richards '19
    Emily C. Ryan '19
    Nicole V. Rychagov '19
    David M. Salzberg '19
    George E. Selamaj '19
    Yilin Shan '19
    Grant L. Shepherd '19
    Gabrielle L. Short '19
    Aedan J. Somers '19
    Reed E. Truxell '19
    Anthony L. Tucker '19
    Stockton T. Watson, Jr. '19
    Haicheng Zou '19
  • Contributors to Cape Henry Collegiate's Students' Assistance Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Berlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Duncan
    Mr. Michael R. Gianascoli '89
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Hewitt
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Kramer
    Mr. and Mrs. George F. Shipp
    Mr. and Mrs. James H. Sparks
    Dr. Melissa Lexier and Mr. George Whitmore '88
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We greatly appreciate every donor’s gift.
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