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Capital Campaign: Bridge to the Future

The Bridge to the Future campaign was launched in 2010 to fund essential school needs and enhance student experiences. In December 2012, the Campaign Committee announced the closing of the “Silent Phase” of the campaign. This meant that 80% of the goal, or $2 million of the $2.5 million total campaign goal, had been secured in gifts and pledges, the amount required to move forward with the projects in 2013.

We are now in the "Public Phase" of the campaign and are offering opportunities to our full community to learn more about how they can offer their support. We are very excited about raising the remaining dollars needed to complete the projects during this final phase of the campaign.

The Bridge to the Future campaign offers something for everyone: athletics, academics, campus aesthetics, and student life, as well as endowment to help secure the future of the School.

List of 4 items.

  • Campaign Donors

    Anonymous (2)
    Anonymous in memory of Laila Serpe
    Nancy and Manny Arias
    Margaret and Thomas Atherton
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Atherton
    Jennifer and John Baker
    Harriet and Dave Baker
    Bank of America Foundation
    Susan and Charles Barker
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Barnes *
    Ms. Elizabeth H. Baumann
    Beazley Foundation, Inc.
    The Benedict Foundation for Independent Schools
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Berlin
    Mr. and Mrs. B. Franklin Bradley
    Mr. and Mrs. David Brotman
    Dale and Jim Browning
    Mrs. Virginia Buchanan in honor of Alice Meredith *
    Mr. and Mrs. David C. Burton
    Ms. Caitlin Buxton
    Cape Henry Parents' Association
    Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
    RADM and Mrs. Nevin P. Carr, Jr.
    Carolyn and John Castleberry
    Patricia G. and Scot N. Creech
    Ms. Kathryn Verschelde and Mr. Cabell Cummings
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Damuth
    Mr. Fermin de la Fuente-Calvo
    The DeSteph Family
    Douglas and Marianne Dickerson Foundation *
    The Dreyfus Foundation
    Sally and W. Trent Dudley '88
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Duncan
    Jan and Dennis Ellmer
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Fagan
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Finn
    Floyd E. Kellam Jr. Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Forte
    Jodie and Jack Frieden
    Jeannie and Bruce Frieden
    Alicia and Robert Friedman
    Cindie and David Gianascoli
    Anita and Joseph Gianascoli
    Lisa and Michael Gianascoli '89 *
    The Gianascoli Foundation
    Cherrie and Richard Hansen
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Hasty
    Dr. Carol F. Morgan and Mr. Paul R. Hernandez
    Sara and Edward Hewitt
    Leah and Derek Holser
    Suzanne and Howard Horton
    Betty Ann and Ben Huger Family Foundation *
    The Honorable Pamela E. Hutchens
    Guzin and Jim Karides
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Kasinger
    Susan and Ted Kaufman
    Colin M. Kelly '01
    Chris and Mark Kelly
    Ryan C. Kelly '04
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Kidd, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. King
    June and Don Klimkiewicz
    Cindy and Ron Kramer
    The Gregory H. Law Family
    The Kelly L. Law '83 Family
    Mrs. Catherine and Dr. John P. Lewis *
    Carolyn and Jerry McDonnell
    Terri and Bob McKenzie
    Mr. Ryan D. Mellott
    Meg and Craig Mytelka
    Wendy and John Napolitano
    Maureen and Richard Olivieri
    Debi and Chris Paphites
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Peregoff '77 *
    Dr. Helen E. Roberts
    Cynthia and B. Rod Rodriguez
    William F. Rountree, Jr. Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Fndn*
    Virginia B. Rountree
    SAGE Dining Services. Inc.
    Stephanie and Jeff Saunders
    Mrs. Julie W. and Mr. Kevin P. Scherrer
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Serratelli
    Mr. and Mrs. Amit Seth
    The Sharp Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. George F. Shipp, Sr.*
    Short Family Foundation
    Becky and Mike Sifen
    Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay Smith
    CAPT and Mrs. Andrew Smith
    Karen and Jim Sparks *
    B. M. Stanton Foundation
    Bruce L. Thompson and Family
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason K. Wagner '03
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Waldrop, Sr.
    Martha and Ben Wiley
    W. Vince Wood
    Woodington Family Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Woodward, Jr.
    Cheryl and Chris Xystros
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Zoretic
    * includes endowment
  • The Creech Family Stadium Donors

    Nancy and Manny Arias
    Susan and Charles Barker
    Jan and Dennis Ellmer
    Jeannie and Bruce Frieden, and Jodie and Jack Frieden
    Lisa and Michael Gianascoli '89
    Colin Kelly '01, Ryan Kelly '04, and Chris and Mark Kelly
    The Greg Law Family
    The Kelly Law '83 Family
    Catherine and John P. Lewis
    Carolyn and Jerry McDonnell
    Terri and Bob McKenzie
    Meg and Craig Mytelka
    Cynthia and B. Rod Rodriguez
    Julie and Kevin Scherrer
    Karen and Jim Sparks
    Bruce L. Thompson and Family
    The Tourault Family
    Dickie Jordan Waldrop and Luke Waldrop
    Martha and Ben Wiley
  • Other Major Capital Donors

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Roberts, The Roberts Family Tennis Complex
  • Current and Former Employee Donors to the Bridge to the Future Campaign

    Linda Bawcom
    Dorothy Bouch
    Ashleigh Cake
    Kelly Christianson
    Erik Cofer
    Sherry Davis
    Dani Dayton
    Kristen Dodzik
    Brian Facemire '98
    Edward Faubert
    Valetta Fellenbaum
    Stephanie Fluharty
    Willy Fluharty
    Michelle Frasher
    Gilda Goldner
    Michael Green
    Leesa Hannah
    Joe Harvich
    Arlene Ingram
    John Ingram
    Shep Jordan
    Mary Kanakaris
    Jennifer Kreinheder
    Julie Levine
    Wendy Lewis
    Jack Lewis*
    Alice Meredith
    Debra Murnane
    Lesley O'Brien
    Carol Parker
    Pamela Parker
    Edrick Peake
    Tom Rodgers
    Julie Scherrer
    Rebecca Schnekser
    Aimee Shenigo*
    Deanna Thompson
    Peggy Thornton
    Carolyn Turner
    August Vanderwerff
    Brian Walker '95
    Kristen Wheeler
    Patti Jo Whitney
    Trish Zimmerman
    * includes endowment
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