Archived Annual Reports


Gifts from our grandparents have grown each year. Their willing participation shows their understanding of the quality education their granddaughters and grandsons are receiving at CHC. Grandparents are frequent visitors on campus and participate in the Fall Festival, the Grand Auction, the Golf Tournament, concerts, athletic events, the Annual Giving Phonathon, the Special Occasion Books Program, and, in November of each year, the very popular Lower School Grandparents’ Day. We thank all of our Grandparent donors for their support and encouragement throughout the year.

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  • Grandparents (A-H)

    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Amet
    • Connor Amet
    Mr. and Mrs. Lennart A. Anderson
    • Brooke H. Castleberry
    • Lindsay A. Castleberry
    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Ashman
    • William S. Serratelli
    • Zoe E. Serratelli
    • Christopher Ashman
    • Nicholas A. Ashman
    Ms. Ruth M. Bain
    • Campbell B. Burton
    Ms. Merlene D. Ballance
    • Matthew R. Ballance
    The Honorable and Mrs. Charles F. Barrett
    • Carolyn B. Vanty
    Dr. and Mrs. Alan G. Bartel
    • Jody E. Bartel
    • Carly R. Bartel
    Mr. Michael Berkowitz
    • Mia G. Berklee
    • Aiden S. Berklee
    • Jared D. Berklee
    Dr. and Mrs. A. Jan Berlin
    • Clark Berlin
    Dr. Anne Berlin & Mr. Paul Pinegar
    • Clark Berlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Brantley
    • William B. Shenigo
    Ms. Polly Brasher
    • Michael W. Russo
    Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Briglio
    • Ava R. Coho
    Mrs. Marilyn B. Buxbaum
    • Jason B. Friedman
    Mr. and Mrs. D. Pierre G. Cameron, Jr.
    • Jacob N. Cameron
    Mr. and Mrs. John V. Campbell
    • Connor W. Smith
    Ms. B. Lynn Carter
    • Nicholas C. Bruner
    • Kaytren G. Bruner
    Ms. Giovanna Ciolfi
    • Shane R. Ciolfi
    • Cameron Ciolfi
    Ms. Susan Cohen
    • Lauren R. Robbins
    • Raymond R. Robbins
    Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Compton
    • Berkely N. Compton
    • Bristol C. Compton
    Ms. Jean Cummings
    • Karrigan P. Cummings
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dabrowski
    • Samuel A. Mobley
    Mr. Richard P. Dallaire
    • Colleen F. Rogers
    Mr. and Mrs. Don Damuth
    • David A. Damuth
    • Nickolas A. Damuth
    • Avery J. Damuth
    • Barrett P. Damuth
    • Sophia N. Damuth
    Ms. Sara Decker
    • Elizabeth B. Pridgen
    Mrs. Teresa Del Rossi
    • Gabrielle T. Del Rossi
    Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. DeManche
    • Alex T. DeManche
    Dr. and Mrs. Douglas D. DiBona
    • Thomas D. DiBona
    • Caroline G. DiBona
    • Katrina M. DiBona
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Doczi
    • Eliza S. Cohen
    Ms. Mary Dubik
    • Alexander R. Dubik
    • Alena Dubik
    • Justin R. Dubik
    Mr. and Mrs. William L. Dudley
    • Mason T. Dudley
    • Sydney E. Dudley
    • Brett E. Dudley
    Ms. E. Ann Earl
    • David Z. Earl
    • Elizabeth B. Earl
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eckstein
    • Kiara M. Baxter
    Ms. Page Edgerton
    • Ava P. Burns
    Mr. and Mrs. Chet F. Ehrenzeller
    • Jillian L. Ehrenzeller
    • Christopher M. Ehrenzeller
    • Ava R. Ehrenzeller
    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ennis
    • Reece E. Fowler
    • Mary Grace I. Fowler
    Mr. and Mrs. Lowery D. Finley, III
    • Allison B. Jared
    Mr. and Mrs. Joel T. Flax
    • Carver E. Murphy
    • Maple S. Murphy
    Dr. and Mrs. David Fluharty
    • Joseph Fluharty
    • Grace E. Fluharty
    • Caroline P. Fluharty
    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin S. Friedberg
    • Kaitlyn R. Kalfus
    • Dean E. Friedberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Genovese
    • Conor V. Somers
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Gianascoli
    • Gabriella M. Gianascoli
    • Joseph M. Gianascoli
    • Annika Gianascoli
    • Alexander Gianascoli
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Goodall
    • Gabrielle Goodall
    Ms. Nancy Green
    • Dylan P. Green
    Mr. and Mrs. James Gregory
    • Barrett L. Nickles
    Mrs. Nuala Grew
    • Alexia Wenz
    Mr. Surinder Guliani
    • Simran B. Guliani
    Ms. Ann Hackbirth
    • Lexi H. Hackbirth
    Ms. Ann B. Hand
    • Jacob N. Cameron
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hansen
    • Abigail M. Glenn
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Gerald Harris
    • Jackson T. Harris
    • Gerald L. Harris
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hecker
    • Alaina S. Hecker
    Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Hernandez
    • Haley M. Hernandez
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Hofbauer
    • Anna C. Xystros
    • Emily M. Xystros
    • Michael E. Xystros
    Ms. Phyllis A. Hoffman
    • Gabrielle Goodall
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Horgan
    • Hannah E. Horgan
    • Liam H. Horgan
    • Charlotte C. de Vries
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Horton
    • Hope S. Wheeler
    • Kylie R. Wheeler
    Ms. Carol Hoye
    • Cameron R. Hoye
    • Jamison E. Hoye
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hummel
    • Noah T. Hummel
    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Humphreys
    • Makenna A. DeTorres

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  • Grandparents (I-O)

    Ms. Christine Johnson
    • Dylan P. Green
    Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson
    • Skylar E. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Johnson
    • Landon T. Clay
    Mr. and Mrs. Alex Jones
    • Jackson W. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Jones
    • Ethan Jones
    • Virginia M. Jones
    • John L. Jones
    Mrs. Chrisoula Karides
    • Adam J. Karides
    • Neos J. Karides
    Ms. Anne G. Kellam
    • Davis R. Schmudde
    • Kellam A. Schmudde
    • Michael T. Robertson
    • Katherine B. Robertson
    Mr. Charles Kenison
    • Rachel L. Kenison
    • Caroline E. Kenison
    Mr. and Mrs. James Keown
    • Emma B. Keown
    Mr. David E. Kirby
    • Curtis E. Kirby
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Klimkiewicz
    • Cameron Ciolfi
    • Shane R. Ciolfi
    • Wyatt G. Klimkiewicz
    • Owen P. Klimkiewicz
    Ms. Suzanne G. Kucera
    • Logan W. Seith
    Mr. and Mrs. William Larkin
    • Jack I. Taylor
    Mrs. Lois Lascari
    • Ford D. Lascari
    • Gabriella T. Lascari
    Ms. Karen N. Levine
    • Madison E. Levine
    • Wiley C. Levine
    Mrs. Catherine and Dr. John P. Lewis
    • Dylan J. Lewis
    • Landon D. Lewis
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lundin
    • Tomas D. Mariano
    Mr. and Mrs. Irving Mager
    • Ava L. Mager
    • Blake D. Mager
    Ms. Susan Markley
    • Alaina S. Hecker
    Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Martin
    • Caroline D. Cashion
    Mr. and Mrs. Ted Y. Matney
    • Reilly S. Bawcom
    • Renee C. Bawcom
    Ms. Betty Maunz
    • Jared B. Maunz
    Mr. and Mrs. John McCormack
    • Mercedes A. Cournoyer
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Perry McGee, Jr.
    • Ian M. Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon McGruder
    • Dylan M. McGruder
    Mr. and Mrs. Terry McMahon
    • Alexander R. Erbig
    • Peyton Erbig
    Mr. and Mrs. Davis R. Mellott
    • Lylah K. Mellott
    Mr. and Mrs. Rex Mellott
    • Addison O. Pearce
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Mobley
    • Samuel A. Mobley
    Mr. and Mrs. John Moore, Sr.
    • Rachel K. Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Moran
    • Gable E. Cabrera
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Mulkey
    • Aidan S. Kale
    Dr. and Mrs. Alan I. Mytelka
    • Bryan P. Mytelka
    • Heather L. Mytelka
    • Kyle J. Mytelka
    • Devon G. Mytelka
    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Napolitano, Sr.
    • Lindsey N. Hudgins
    • Michelle Hudgins
    • Elizabeth D. Napolitano
    • Joseph A. Napolitano
    • Frederick J. Napolitano
    • John C. Napolitano
    • Samantha M. Napolitano
    Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Necaise
    • Alexander R. Erbig
    • Peyton Erbig
    Mr. William A. Novajosky
    • Andrew K. Smith
    • Collin J. Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Oakley
    • Emily H. Oakley
    Mrs. Maureen E. and Mr. Richard E. Olivieri
    • Ethan M. Olivieri
    • Anna M. Olivieri
    • Archer E. Olivieri
    • Cameron R. Olivieri
    Ms. Mariane Orlowski
    • Mercedes A. Cournoyer
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Orstein
    • Courtney R. Boyce
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Orzel
    • Madison J. Old
    Mr. and Mrs. James Owens
    • Carlson D. Owens

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  • Grandparents (P-Z)

    Mrs. Barbara H. Parker
    • Sarah E. Henley
    • Benjamin C. Baumann
    Dr. and Mrs. Humberto F. Pavon
    • Greyson W. Mann
    • Parker S. Mann
    Mr. Grady W. Phillips
    • Wesley E. Gregory
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phipps
    • Christian J. Phipps
    Mr. and Mrs. L. Ike Prillaman
    • Olivia G. Kasinger
    • Anna Kasinger
    • Brody L. Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Procopis
    • Noah A. Barnes
    The Honorable Harry R. Purkey
    • Kristina M. Purkey
    • Charlotte Purkey
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Rashkind
    • Mia K. Rashkind
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Roberts
    • Andrew R. Roberts
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Robinson
    • Daniel P. Fagan
    • Alison A. Fagan
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Roesen
    • Drew M. Goldner
    • Reed J. Goldner
    • Carly Roesen
    • Evan Roesen
    Mr. and Mrs. Dave Roland
    • Kaylin B. Wood
    • Sarah A. Templeton
    • Clarke D. Templeton
    • Nicholas Roland
    • Isabella C. Roland
    • Alexander J. Roland
    Mr. and Mrs. Jordan N. Rosenblum
    • Andrew J. Rosenblum
    • Julia Rosenblum
    • Jack P. Rosenblum
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Russo, Sr.
    • Andrew P. Russo
    • Michael W. Russo
    Ms. Sandy Sainsbury
    • Ethan L. Sullivan
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Saunders
    • Nicole J. Mandell
    • Jamie E. Mandell
    • Carleigh P. Saunders
    • Benjamin R. Saunders
    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Sawyer, Jr.
    • Paula G. Sawyer
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sher
    • Sadie J. Cohen
    Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Shiflet
    • Lexi H. Hackbirth
    Ms. Sally Shook
    • John E. Hawley
    • Brendan J. Hawley
    Mr. Eddie J. Short
    • Mackenzie White
    Ms. Terry T. Soady
    • Matix E. Rodgers
    • Rody B. Rodgers
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spadea
    • Joseph M. Hanley
    • Mia Hanley
    Ms. Carolyn Spencer
    • Leah E. DeCarlis
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Stevens
    • Halley I. Townsend
    • Samuel F. Townsend
    Ms. Anna M. Tanner
    • Pryce J. Tanner-Vigil
    • Parker B. Tanner-Vigil
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tavss
    • Zachary T. Maiden
    • Taylor T. Schoolar
    • Sanders T. Schoolar
    • Richard T. Maiden
    • Samantha R. Maiden
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Thomas
    • Noah T. Hummel
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Thompson, Sr.
    • Courtney K. Cripps
    • Tazewell H. Thompson
    • Ephram C. Thompson
    Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Tolson
    • Gloria M. Cho
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Truxell
    • Reed E. Truxell
    Mr. Roger Tucker
    • Dylan M. McGruder
    Mr. and Mrs. David Vigil
    • Parker B. Tanner-Vigil
    • Pryce J. Tanner-Vigil
    Mrs. Alfreda Villani
    • Miles C. Duncan
    • Elena G. Duncan
    Mr. and Mrs. John M. Vittone
    • Anthony F. Vittone
    • Katherine S. Vittone
    Drs. Gail and John Walter, Jr.
    • Rhiannon O. Walter
    Ms. Maxine W. Walters
    • Brianna N. Delarge
    Mr. and Mrs. Rich Walters, Sr.
    • Madeleine A. Walters
    • Camille A. Walters
    • Olivia A. Walters
    Mr. Frank Walters
    • Dean E. Friedberg
    • Rush J. Friedberg
    Mr. and Mrs. M. Paul Warner
    • Lauren K. Bain
    • Steven K. Warner
    • Tyler J. Follis
    • Kristin M. Havill
    Ms. Kathleen White
    • Armin J. Larkin
    • Sydney H. Larkin
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben R. Wiley, Jr.
    • Madison E. Levine
    • Wiley C. Levine
    • Bailey E. Watkins
    Mrs. Mary Jane Willis
    • Lucy E. Willis
    • Clay R. Willis
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Womack
    • Haley G. Leach
    Mr. and Mrs. E. Charles Woodard
    • Joshua B. Lim
    Ms. Agnes D. Wren
    • Graeme P. Wren
    • John S. Wren
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Wright, Jr.
    • Elizabeth R. Wright
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Wroniewicz
    • Michael D. Des Roches
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Zimmerman
    • Riley C. Zimmerman
    • Megan Zimmerman
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Zoby
    • Taryn Z. Payne
    • Marisa L. Payne
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