Archived Annual Reports

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  • Special Occasion Book Donors (A-G)

    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Amet
    • Connor Amet
    Mr. and Mrs. Lennart A. Anderson
    • Lindsay Castleberry
    • Brooke Castleberry
    Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel A. Arias
    • Zoey Adamson
    • Ty Adamson
    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Ashman
    • Nicholas Ashman
    • Christopher Ashman
    Ms. Ruth M. Bain
    • Campbell Burton
    Mr. and Mrs. Ed Baker
    • Coleman Baker
    • Logan Baker
    The Honorable and Mrs. Charles F. Barrett
    • Carolyn Vanty
    Dr. and Mrs. Alan G. Bartel
    • Carly Bartel
    • Jody Bartel
    Dr. and Mrs. A. Jan Berlin
    • Clark Berlin
    Dr. Anne Berlin & Mr. Paul Pinegar
    • Clark Berlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bleznak
    • Hanna Bleznak
    • Emma Bleznak
    Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Brantley
    • Cole Shenigo
    • Brant Shenigo
    Ms. Polly Brasher
    • Michael Russo
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Breen
    • John Paul Breen
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Brehm
    • Isaac Brehm
    Ms. Julia Brent
    • Virginia Jones
    • Bill Jones
    Mr. David L. Burton
    • Campbell Burton
    Ms. Roberta B. Cake
    • Gavin Cake
    Mr. and Mrs. D. Pierre G. Cameron, Jr.
    • Jacob Cameron
    Mr. and Mrs. John V. Campbell
    • Connor Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Chalmers
    • Christopher Beale
    Ms. Ann Chandley
    • Heather Chandley
    Mr. William G. Chandley, Jr.
    • Heather Ann Chandley
    Mr. and Mrs. Gentry Childress
    • Sam McDaniel
    Mr. Edward Clark & Mrs. Judy Miller
    • Matthew Cahill
    Ms. Beverly Cooper
    • Reginald Altson
    Mr. David W. Cramer
    • Catherine Burniske
    Ms. Carol Cullen
    • Caitlyn Joy Weisel
    Mrs. Teresa Del Rossi
    • Gabrielle Del Rossi
    Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. DeManche
    • Alex DeManche
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Doczi
    • Eliza Cohen
    Ms. Mary Dubik
    • Alexander Dubik
    • Justin Dubik
    Ms. E. Ann Earl
    • Bryan Earl
    • Zach Earl
    Mr. and Mrs. Chet F. Ehrenzeller
    • Mason Ehrenzeller
    • Ava Ehrenzeller
    • Jillian Ehrenzeller
    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Feder
    • Hayley Greason
    • Tyler Greason
    • Jacob Copeland Jacob Copeland
    Mr. and Mrs. James H. Foard, Jr.
    • Kaley Hernandez
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Foster, Sr.
    • Tyler Gooch
    Mr. and Mrs. William D. Frierson, III
    • Ellie Michaels
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Genovese
    • Conor Somers
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Gianascoli
    • Annika Gianascoli
    • Joseph Gianascoli
    • Gabriella Gianascoli
    Mrs. Shirley S. Gooch
    • Tyler Gooch
    Mr. Stuart Gordon
    • Cameron Hoye
    • Jamison Hoye
    Mr. and Mrs. Merton Greenstein
    • Hunter Davlin

List of 1 items.

  • Special Occasion Book Donors (H-P)

    Ms. Ann B. Hand
    • Jacob Cameron
    Mr. and Mrs. Jess M. Harris, III
    • Maxine Kroll
    Ms. Jan Herman
    • Jared Maunz
    Ms. Phyllis A. Hoffman
    • Gabby Goodall
    Mr. and Mrs. Rex Holt
    • Coleman Baker
    • Logan Baker
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Horgan
    • The Horgan and Devries Children
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Horton
    • Kylie Wheeler
    • Hope Wheeler
    Ms. Carol Hoye
    • Jamison Hoye
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hummel
    • Noah Hummel
    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Humphreys
    • Makenna DeTorres
    Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson
    • Skylar Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Jones
    • Bill Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie L. Jones
    • Elizabeth Jones
    Mrs. Chrisoula Karides
    • Neos Karides
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Kelly
    • Kelly Sharp
    • Nolan Sharp
    • Colin Sharp
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Klimkiewicz
    • Owen Klimkiewicz
    • Wyatt Klimkiewicz
    • Shane Ciolfi
    Ms. Suzanne G. Kucera
    • Logan Seith
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kurre
    • Jocelyn Sheppard
    • Matthew Sheppard
    Ms. Karen N. Levine
    • Madison Levine
    • Wiley Levine
    Mr. John Longstreth
    • Hannah Bradley
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lundin
    • Nilo and Edith Lundin
    • Helmuth and Anna Clausing
    • Max Mariano
    Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Martin
    • Caroline Cashion
    Mr. and Mrs. Ted Y. Matney
    • Reilly Bawcom
    • Renee Bawcom
    Ms. Betty Maunz
    • Jared Maunz
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Perry McGee, Jr.
    • Ian Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Minier
    • Ritey Manthey
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Mulkey
    • Aidan Kale
    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Munden
    • Alexandra Beisel
    • Gabrielle Beisel
    Capt. (Ret.) and Mrs. Harlan E. Murray, Jr.
    • Christopher Armistead
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Nakamoto
    • Brian Murray
    • Kevin Murray
    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Napolitano, Sr.
    • John Napolitano II
    Mrs. Marilyn O'Leary
    • Jessica Quisenberry
    Mrs. Maureen E. and Mr. Richard E. Olivieri
    • Cameron Olivieri
    • Archer Olivieri
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Owen
    • Ava Ehrenzeller
    • Mason Ehrenzeller
    • Jillian Ehrenzeller
    Dr. and Mrs. Humberto F. Pavon
    • Parker Mann
    • Greyson Mann
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Pralle
    • Ashley Ryan
    Mr. and Mrs. L. Ike Prillaman
    • Olivia Kasinger
    • Anna Kasinger
    The Honorable Harry R. Purkey
    • Charlotte Purkey
    • Kristina Purkey

List of 1 items.

  • Special Occasion Book Donors (Q-Z)

    Ms. Luzmila L. Quintero
    • Thomas Henry Schindler
    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Quirk
    • Alexis Bennett
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Rashkind
    • Mia Rashkind
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Roberts
    • Andrew Roberts
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Robinson
    • Alison Fagan
    • Daniel Fagan
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Roesen
    • Drew and Reed Goldner
    • Carly and Evan Roesen
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Russo, Sr.
    • Michael Russo
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Saunders
    • Benjamin Saunders
    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Sawyer, Jr.
    • Grace Sawyer
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sher
    • Sadie Cohen
    Ms. Sally Shook
    • Johnny Hawley
    Mrs. Jean Siebert
    • Jacob Keenan
    • Rachael Keenan
    Mr. and Mrs. Mel Sifen
    • Rachael Sifen
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spadea
    • Tripp Hanley
    • Mia Hanley
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stanley
    • Grace Sawyer
    Ms. Dona P. Stooksbury
    • Madeline Kibbey
    • J.R. Kibbey
    Ms. Anna M. Tanner
    • Jack Tanner-Vigil
    • Parker Tanner-Vigil
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tavss
    • Ty Schoolar
    • Zach Maiden
    • Taylor Schoolar
    • Samantha Maiden
    • R.T. Maiden
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Thomas
    • Noah Hummel
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Truxell
    • Reed Truxell
    Mr. and Mrs. David Vigil
    • Parker Vigil
    • Jack Vigil
    Mrs. Alfreda Villani
    • Elena Duncan
    • Miles Duncan
    Ms. Lorraine Waida
    • Caroline Hauser
    Mr. and Mrs. Rich Walters, Sr.
    • Madeleine Walters
    Ms. Maxine W. Walters
    • Brianna Delarge
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Ward
    • Ezden Notghi
    Mr. and Mrs. M. Paul Warner
    • Lauren Bain
    • Kristin Havill
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Weisel
    • Caity Weisel
    Ms. Daphne H. Wetmore
    • Franklin Wetmore
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben R. Wiley, Jr.
    • Wiley Levine
    Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Williams
    • Ian Williams
    Ms. Dianne Willis
    • Spencer Willis
    Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Wiseman
    • Nicholas Capria
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Womack
    • Haley Leach
    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Woodhouse, Jr.
    • Noah LeBrun
    Mr. and Mrs. Ken Woods
    • Ginny Woods
    Mr. George A. Zambas
    • Parys Zambas
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Zoby
    • Marisa Payne
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