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Special Occasions Books

The Cape Henry Collegiate School community has donated over 6,350 books to The Perry Library over the past ten years through the Special Occasion Books Program. All of the Special Occasion Books have a personal nameplate inside the front cover identifying the donor(s) and the student to whom the book is dedicated. Books are carefully selected by the librarian and are of particular interest to each recipient. Then the books become part of The Perry Library collection allowing hundreds of students to benefit from the generous gifts honoring birthdays and other special occasions.

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  • Special Occasion Book Donors (A-G)

    Ms. Kay S. Alvis
    • Brianna Delarge
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Amet
    • Connor Amet
    Mr. and Mrs. Lennart A. Anderson
    • Brooke Castleberry and Lindsay Castleberry
    B. Gen. (Ret.) Jack A. Apperson
    • Brook Apperson
    Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel A. Arias
    • Ty Adamson and Zoey Adamson
    Ms. Ruth M. Bain
    • Campbell Burton
    Mr. Theofilos G. Balabanis
    • Hunter Butler
    The Honorable and Mrs. Charles F. Barrett
    • Carolyn Vanty
    Dr. and Mrs. Alan G. Bartel
    • Carly and Jody Bartel
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Bell, Sr.
    • Mahala and Sara Bell
    Dr. and Mrs. A. Jan Berlin
    • Clark Berlin
    Dr. Anne Berlin & Mr. Paul Pinegar
    • Clark Berlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bleznak
    • Emma and Hanna Bleznak
    Ms. Donna T. Bondoc
    • Skylar Herrle
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Borghoff
    • Cody Dickerson
    Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Brantley
    • Brant & Cole Shenigo
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Brehm
    • Kalan and Ike Brehm
    Ms. Margaret P. Bryant
    • Kegan Shields
    Mr. and Mrs. H. Franklin Bunn
    • Franklin Bunn
    Mrs. Marilyn B. Buxbaum
    • Jason Friedman
    Mr. and Mrs. D. Pierre G. Cameron, Jr.
    • Jacob Cameron
    Mr. and Mrs. John V. Campbell
    • Michael and Connor Smith
    Ms. B. Lynn Carter
    • Kaytren and Nicholas Bruner
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Chalmers
    • Christopher Beale
    Ms. Ann Chandley
    • Heather Chandley
    Mr. William G. Chandley, Jr.
    • Heather Ann Chandley
    Mr. and Mrs. Gentry Childress
    • Sam McDaniel
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Cline
    • David Damuth
    Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel J. Cohen
    • Sadie Cohen
    Mrs. Loretta Cohen
    • Sydnee Millison
    Mr. and Mrs. Don Coureas
    • Lauren & Ashley Coureas
    Mrs. Barbara S. Davis
    • Jordan Davis
    Mrs. Teresa Del Rossi
    • Gabrielle Del Rossi
    Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. DeManche
    • Alex DeManche
    Dr. and Mrs. Douglas D. DiBona
    • Tommy, Caroline, and Katie DiBona
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Doczi
    • Eliza Cohen
    Ms. Mary F. Drew
    • George Sullivan
    Mr. and Mrs. Chet F. Ehrenzeller
    • Ava, Jillian, and Mason Ehrenzeller
    Mrs. Marguerite Ensor
    • Leigh Anne Kline
    Mr. Robert J. Fabrizio
    • Clark Berlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Feder
    • Jacob Copeland and Tyler Greason
    Dr. and Mrs. David Fluharty
    • Caroline Fluharty
    Mr. and Mrs. James H. Foard, Jr.
    • Haley Hernandez
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Foster, Sr.
    • Tyler Gooch
    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin S. Friedberg
    • Kaitlyn Kalfus and Jack Kalfus
    Mrs. Shirley S. Gooch
    • Tyler Gooch
    Mr. Stuart Gordon
    • Cameron Hoye

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  • Special Occasion Book Donors (H-P)

    Ms. Ann B. Hand
    • Jacob Cameron
    Mr. Charles Hannah
    • Annalise Hannah
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hansen
    • Abby Glenn
    Mr. and Mrs. Jess M. Harris, III
    • Maxine and Michael Kroll
    Ms. Lapha L. Havan
    • Isabella Havan-Le
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Herrle
    • Skylar Herrle
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Hofbauer
    • Anna, Emily, and Michael Xystros
    Ms. Phyllis A. Hoffman
    • Gabby Goodall
    Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Holcomb
    • Zachary Harbison and Mrs. Greene
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Horton
    • Hope Wheeler and Kylie Wheeler
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Hoskins
    • Thomas W. Hoskins
    Mrs. Elizabeth Jepson
    • John Jepson
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Johnson
    • Avan M. Johnson and Maylen R. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Jones
    • Jack Jones, Virginia Jones, Bill Jones, and Ethan Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie L. Jones
    • Beth Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Herman Joyce
    • Noah and Marshall Joyce
    Mrs. Chrisoula Karides
    • Neos Karides
    Ms. Anne G. Kellam
    • Davis & Kelly Schmuddle and Katherine & Michael Robertson
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Kelly
    • Colin, Kelly, and Nolan Sharp
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Klimkiewicz
    • Cameron & Shane Ciolfi, and Wyatt Klimkiewicz
    Ms. Suzanne G. Kucera
    • Logan Seith
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kurre
    • Jocelyn and Matthew Sheppard
    Ms. Sharon T. LaRoe
    • Maddie Plank
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lee
    • Aiden and Jared Berklee
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Levine
    • Madison and Wiley Levine
    Mr. Paul Levitt and Ms. Dihann M. Geier
    • Jake Geier Levitt
    Mrs. Catherine and Dr. John P. Lewis
    • Dylan John Lewis
    Dr. and Mrs. Alvin Margolius, Jr.
    • Benjamin A. Plotnick
    Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Martin
    • Caroline Cashion
    Mr. and Mrs. Ted Y. Matney
    • Reilly and Renee Bawcom
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Perry McGee, Jr.
    • Ian Michael Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Mobley
    • Emma K. Mobley
    Mr. and Mrs. Murphy Moore
    • Chandler Averette and Carson Averette
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Mulkey
    • Aidan S. Kale
    CAPT and Mrs. Michael R. Murray
    • Samantha McDaniel
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Nakamoto
    • Brian Murray and Kevin Murray
    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Napolitano, Sr.
    • John Napolitano II and Samantha Napolitano
    Mr. William A. Novajosky
    • Andy and Collin Smith
    Mrs. Marilyn O'Leary
    • Jessica Quisenberry
    Mrs. Maureen E. and Mr. Richard E. Olivieri
    • Anna, Archer, Cameron, and Ethan Olivieri
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Orie
    • Victoria Orie
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. Owens
    • Sydney Joynt
    Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Peck
    • Jack Rosenblum
    Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Peck
    Ms. Sara F. Pisani
    • Mahala and Sara Bell
    Mr. and Mrs. L. Ike Prillaman
    • Anna and Olivia Kasinger
    The Honorable Harry R. Purkey
    • Charlotte Purkey and Kristina Purkey

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  • Special Occasion Book Donors (Q-Z)

    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Quirk
    • Alexis Bennett
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Rashkind
    • Mia Rashkind
    Mr. and Mrs. Justin D. Redmon
    • Aiden Winfield
    Dr. Helen E. Roberts
    • Andrew
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Roberts
    • Andrew
    Ms. Darlene Robertsondaughter
    • Quentin Merritt
    Mr. and Mrs. Alvin R. Rodgers
    • Addison Nelligar
    Ms. Janet M. Russell
    • Lexia Hann
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Russo, Sr.
    • Michael Russo
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Saunders
    • Benjamin Saunders
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sher
    • Sadie Cohen
    Mr. and Mrs. Eddie J. Short
    • Mackenzie White
    Mrs. Andrea Dean and Mr. Grant Shotwell
    • Liam and Hannah Horgan
    Mrs. Jean Siebert
    • Jacob Keenan and Rachel Keenan
    Mr. and Mrs. Mel Sifen
    • Rachael Sifen
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Simowitz
    • Hannah Foster
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Snyder
    • Ginny Woods
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Stevens
    • Samuel Townsend
    Ms. Dona P. Stooksbury
    • Madeleine and JR Kibbey
    Ms. Anna M. Tanner
    • Parker and Jack Tanner-Vigil
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Thomas
    • Noah Hummel
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Thompson, Sr.
    • Ephram and Taz Thompson
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Trinder
    • Cole Trinder and Carr Trinder
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Truxell
    • Reed Truxell
    Mr. and Mrs. John M. Vittone
    • Fauster Vittone
    Mrs. Mary M. and Mr. Furman G. Wall
    • Mary Turner Shipp
    Dr. and Mrs. Karl K. Wallace, Jr.
    • John Rountree and Jessie Wallace
    Ms. Maxine W. Walters
    • Brianna Delarge
    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Wampler
    • Zachary Wampler
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Ward
    • Ezden Notghi
    Mr. and Mrs. M. Paul Warner
    • Tyler Follis, Kristin Havill, and Lauren Bain
    Mrs. Jo P. Watson
    • Jake Henning
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Weisel
    • Caitlyn Joy Weisel
    Mrs. Virginia Z. West
    • Jenna Sedjat
    Ms. Daphne H. Wetmore
    • Franklin Wetmore
    CAPT and Mrs. E. Stanley Wheeler, II
    • Nicholas Trader
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben R. Wiley, Jr.
    • Madison Levine and Wiley Levine
    Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Williams
    • Ian Williams
    Dr. and Mrs. Gary F. Winters
    • Nathan Hayes
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Womack
    • Haley G. Leach
    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Woodhouse, Jr.
    • Noah J. LeBrun
    Mr. and Mrs. Ken Woods
    • Ginny Woods
    Ms. Agnes D. Wren
    • Jack Wren and Graeme Wren
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Wright, Jr.
    • Elizabeth Wright
    Ms. Emma W. Wynkoop
    • Jack Wynkoop
    Mr. George A. Zambas
    • Parys Zambas
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Zoby
    • Marisa L. Payne
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