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Annual Giving - Alumni

The growth in Alumni Annual Giving has been remarkable! Through the leadership of the Alumni Board, we have made great strides in increasing total dollars and our participation percentage. Thank you to all of our alumni who helped continue the tradition of educational excellence by making a gift to our School.

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  • Alumni Donors (A-G)

    Mr. W. Taylor Adkins '00
    Mr. Matthew J. Audette '92
    Mrs. Christina K. '88 and Mr. S. Scott Balderson '85
    Mrs. Christina Karseras Balderson
    Miss Rachel H. Beck '04
    Mr. Chad Becker '11
    Miss Amy C. Bennis '10
    Miss Kelsey A. Bergen '09
    Mr. Graham Y. Bergen '11
    Mr. H. Clay Birkhead '98
    Mr. Tyler G. Bonney '06
    Miss Kelly A. Bradley '97
    Miss Bridget A. Bradley '01
    Mr. and Mrs. William S. Braithwaite, III '86
    Mr. Benjamin M. Brand '98
    Dr. and Mrs. Vikram S. Brar '95
    Miss Kalan L. Brehm '11
    Miss Lindsay M. Breitenberg '04
    Miss Allyson M. Brooks '08
    Mr. Tyler C. Brooks '05
    Mr. Timothy T. Brown, Jr. '03
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Burns '80
    Mrs. A. Gabrielle Cabreros '03
    Mrs. Anna E. Canada '00
    Mr. Jared M. Chalk '01
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Cohen '86
    Miss Emily W. Cole '07
    Miss Callie E. Cole '04
    Miss Allison R. Cole '08
    Miss Erin E. Comerford '09
    Ms. Jaymel E. Connor '84
    Mr. Gregory N. Creech '04
    Miss Laura E. Dail '08
    Ms. Tammy B. Dail '80
    Mr. and Mrs. E. Adams Darden, IV
    Mr. Benjamin A. Dease '95
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Denton '97
    Mr. and Mrs. Neel D. Desai '93
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. DeTorres
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. DiBona '85
    Mr. M. Gregory Dragas, II '00
    Mr. James G. Dragas '02
    Mr. W. Trent Dudley '88  and Mrs. Sally Voight Dudley '88
    Mrs. Sally Voight Dudley '88 and Mr. W. Trent Dudley '88
    Mr. David P. Dunleavy '94
    Mrs. Nancy H. and Mr. Peter B. Easton, Jr.
    Mary K. Easton
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Elliott '76
    Mr. Alexander T. Elliott '08
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Facemire '98
    Mr. Brandon C. Faubert '07
    Mr. Tyler W. Faubert '09
    Mr. Todd C. Feldman '98
    Ms. Kathryn E. Fine
    Miss Caroline F. Finley '11
    Mr. and Mrs. James D. Finley, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Lowery D. Finley, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Gianascoli '89
    Mr. Matthew E. Gilbert '09
    Mr. Bryan M. Goldner Ortiz '09
    Mrs. Susan Graven '82
    Miss Katherine L. Grubiak '09

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  • Alumni Donors (H-P)

    Mr. Kenneth A. Hall, Jr. '80
    Mrs. Katherine C. Hamilton '81
    Mr. Jackson T. Harris '03
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Harris '03
    Mrs. and Mr. Caroline C. Harrison '03
    Mr. Alec S. Harwin '89
    Mr. Allan I. Haynsworth '95
    Mr. Christopher G. Hazzis '00
    Mr. and Mrs. Grant S. Herrle '87
    Mrs. Alexis A. Hill '94
    Miss Alyssa H. Hochman '01
    Miss Amy L. Hruska '05
    Ms. Michelle Hudgins '07
    Mrs. Virginia F. '86 and Mr. William Hudgins
    Mr. Michael L. Hughes '87
    Mr. Derrick S. Hunt '98
    Miss Lisa J. Iervolino '96
    Mr. Tyler R. Jacobson '07
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Jared
    Miss Brett E. Johnson '06
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Joynt '86
    Mrs. Shauna R. '89 and Mr. Scott B. Kale
    Mr. W. Coles Keeter '10
    Mr. Ethan J. Kelley '07
    Mr. Robert W. Knuth '10
    Mr. and Mrs. Repp H. Lambert, II '89
    Mr. Dinwiddie D. Lampton, IV '06
    Miss Rachel T. Law '10
    Mr. and Mrs. Kelly L. Law '83
    Ms. Laura S. Lechler '92
    Mr. Daniel J. Lee '07
    Mrs. Carleen '80 and Mr. Robert J. Lett
    Mrs. Grace M. '84 and Mr. David M. Limroth
    Mr. and Mrs. Stace E. Lowman '86
    Mr. Sean M. Luoma '96
    Kelsey B. Mahoney
    Mr. Danny G. Maiello '85
    Ms. Dorothy P. Mannix '82
    Mrs. Heather S. Maxwell '85
    Mr. Peter F. McCoy '88
    Mr. Keegan O. McLaughlin '10
    Mr. Horace P. McNeal, Jr.
    Miss Marguerite W. McNeal '07
    Mr. John P. McNeil '02
    Mr.and Mrs. Carl F. Medley, III '00
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Medley '02
    Mr. William P. Merritt '11
    Mr. Edward T. Miles, Jr.
    Mr. Edward D. Mills '03
    Mr. and Mrs. Girard J. Mitchell '85
    Mr. and Mrs. Curtis J. Mitchell '85
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Moll
    Mr. John C. Morrison, IV '06
    Mr. and Mrs. M. Eric Mulkey '94
    Miss Britney L. Myers '07
    Miss Heather L. Mytelka '10
    Mr. Bryan P. Mytelka '08
    Mr. and Mrs. James N. Nash
    Mr. Wesley P. Neubeck '00
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Newton '98
    Mr. Sagar K. Patel '03
    Mr. Nishant A. Patel '03
    Mr. Niraj A. Patel '07
    Mr. Donald H. Patterson, III '97
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Peregoff '77
    Mr. Michael S. Peregoff '05
    Mr. David B. Peregoff '07
    Mr. William E. Perry '04
    Mr. Christopher J. Perry '07
    Miss Katherine M. Pleasants '10
    Dr. Russell B. and Mrs. Susan A. Poe '88
    Dr. Rainer N. Poley '97
    Mr. Edward G. Power '03

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  • Alumni Donors (Q-Z)

    Mr. Daniel G. Rashkind '95
    Mr. and Mrs. Jacob G. Rashkind '91
    Mrs. Rita W. '82 and Mr. Michael Rendon
    Ms. Kathleen D. Renfro
    Miss Angel N. Richardson '07
    Miss Amalia Riess '11
    Mrs. Emily R. '97 and Mr. Michael Robbins
    Mr. Robert D. Romaniw '07
    Ms. Elizabeth W. Rountree
    Mr. Jazz L. Rozier '10
    Mrs. Kathryn W. Rummel '88
    Miss Alexandra C. Saal '11
    Miss Casey A. Scherrer '07
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Schlaefer, Jr. '04
    Miss Amanda M. Scott '05
    Mrs. Katherine A. '98 and LT Dale Shigekane
    Mrs. Laurie B. '79 and Mr. Scott Simpson
    Miss Johanna A. Slipow '08
    Mr. Alexander M. Smith '03
    Mr. Kinte D. Smith '96
    Mr. Douglas G. Smith
    Miss Morgan E. Snyder '02
    Miss Lauren A. Sparks '04
    Miss Kristin M. Sparks '02
    Mr. Michael A. Spruiell '07
    Ms. Cathy L. Rosenberry and Mr. Todd J. Stitik '90
    Mr. Matthew D. Szycher '06
    Ms. Elizabeth S. Tiesenga '96
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Tilhou '98
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Timms, Jr.
    Mr. Michael G. Timms '04
    Mr. and Mrs. James C. Trinder '91
    Ms. Dana J. Truxell '89
    Miss Lauren K. Turner '06
    Mr. David A. Vigil II '80
    Miss E. Anne Wachtmeister '84
    Ms. Rachael A. Wagner '00 and Mr. Sam Abrams
    Mr. Jason K. Wagner '03
    Mr. Brian T. Walker '95
    Mr. F. Gresh Wall, III '85
    Miss Meredith L. Wallace '11
    Mr. and Mrs. John M. Wallace
    Mr. T. Cecil Ward '10
    Mr. and Mrs. John K. Warren
    Mr. Seth A. White '11
    Miss Rachel S. White '03
    Mr. Jonathan L. Whited '07
    Mr. Christopher Whited '10
    Dr. Melissa and Mr. George H. Whitmore '88
    Mrs. Katherine C. and Mr. Ros R. Willis '82
    Mrs. Kristy '95 and Mr. Ross Winfield
    Ms. Cara M. Witte '93
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Wolfe '82
    Mrs. Kaylin B. '05 and Mr. Tanner Wood
    Miss Courtney K. Woodward '06
    Mr. Michael J. Wyles '83
    Mr. Graham L. Young '03
    Miss Kelly M. Zoretic '08
    Miss Margaret C. Zoretic '07
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