2016-2017 Annual Report

Annual Giving - Honor Roll of Donors

The Annual Fund is at the core of the day-to-day Cape Henry Collegiate experience. This philanthropic partnership between the School and the community provides the resources that enrich the educational opportunities for Cape Henry Collegiate students. Everything that makes Cape Henry Collegiate special–exceptional faculty, first-rate academic curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, superior arts and athletics, and a growing financial aid program–are supported by yearly contributions to the Annual Fund.

Everett Society Level Donors

List of 5 items.

  • Founders' Circle ($20,000 and Above)

    Aladdin Food Services*
    Mr. and Mrs. Avraham Ashkenazi
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Bohannan II / London Bridge Trading Company*
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Gianascoli '89
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Hillier, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Klimkiewicz
    Mr. and Mrs. L. Ike Prillaman
  • Chairman's Circle ($10,000 - $19,999)

    Dr. and Mrs. John R. Baker 
    CAPT and Mrs. Martin Bezada Schenone / NLG USA
    Cape Henry Parents' Asssociation
    Mrs. Lisa Doczi-Cohen '91 and Mr. James Cohen*
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dreyfus* / The Dreyfus Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Duncan
    Mr. and Mrs. James P. Karides*
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kenison
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Kramer
    Mr. and Mrs. George F. Shipp, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. James H. Sparks
    Mr. and Mrs. James Syran
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Whitfield
    Mr. and Mrs. Josiah H. Woodington III
  • Trustees' Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Apperson
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Atherton, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Berlin
    Mr. and Mrs. H. Ray Compton
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Copeland
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ellmer
    Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Evans
    Mrs. Katherine C. Hamilton '81 and Mr. David Hamilton
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Hewitt*
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Kasinger / Bank of America
    Mr. David Kilby and Mrs. Stephanie Ipock / EMG Acquisition Group
    Norfolk Southern Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Reid
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Roberts
    Ms. Virginia B. Rountree
    Mr. Bart J. Sinanis & Ms. Deana De Giorgi
    Mr. and Mrs. William O. Townsend / The Townsend Family Foundation
    Dr. Melissa Lexier and Mr. George Whitmore '88
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben R. Wiley, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. John O. Wynne Jr.
    Mrs. Cheryl L. and Mr. Christos M. Xystros
  • Headmaster's Circle ($2,500 - $4,999)

    Ms. Jennifer Adamson
    Mr. and Mrs. William B. Allen
    Mr. and Mrs. Brent W. Averette
    Mr. McDowell C. Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. William Burnett / Joshua Green Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. John Clunan
    Mr. and Mrs. Scot N. Creech
    Mr. and Mrs. Don Damuth
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Damuth
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. DiBona '85
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ervin
    Dr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Garran
    Mr. and Mrs. Serban Ghenea
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Gianascoli
    Mr. and Mrs. John T. Henning
    Dr. Carol Morgan and Mr. Paul Hernandez
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hill
    The Jared Foundation / Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jared / Mr. Todd Jared / Mrs. Meigan and Mr. Timothy Jared
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Johnston
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jones
    Mr. Paul A. Jones and Ms. Alice M. Souter
    Mrs. Courtney K. '06 and Mr. Colin M. Kelly '01*
    Dr. and Mrs. Christopher T. King
    Mr. and Mrs. Kelly L. Law '83
    Steve & Kathie Markel Donor Advised Fund of Richmond Jewish Foundation
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael McCollum
    Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph R. Myers IV
    Mr. and Mrs. Craig Mytelka
    Mrs. Maureen E. and Mr. Richard E. Olivieri
    Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Patrick
    Dr. Shaun Rai and Dr. Holly Andersen
    Dr. Helen E. Roberts
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Saunders*
    Mrs. Julie W. and Mr. Kevin P. Scherrer
    Short Family Foundation
    Susan and Mark B. Sisisky Donor Advised Fund of Richmond Jewish Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg E. Summy / Norfolk Southern Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Thompson, Sr.
    Mrs. Peggy H. and Mr. Owen R. Thornton
    Ms. Janice Barrett and Mr. Mark Vanty / Capital One Services, LLC
    Mr. David A. Vigil and Ms. Sarah Tanner
    Drs. Gail and John Walter, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Zimmerman
  • Educators' Society ($1,500 - $2,499)

    Ms. Mindi Bevington and Mr. John W. Ainslie, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Allred
    Ms. Marsha Anthony
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Audette '92
    Mr. and Mrs. Skylar T. Bates '05
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bunn
    Cape Henry Collegiate Class of 2016
    Carrie S. Camp Foundation /
    Mrs. Caroline '03 and Mr. William G. Harrison '03 /
    Mr. and Mrs. L. Clay Camp, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Cohen
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Crigger
    Mr. and Mrs. T. Clinton Damuth
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael Danso
    Mrs. Sally Voight Dudley '88 and Mr. W. Trent Dudley '88
    Dynamic Basketball LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Earl
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Fabrizio
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Fagan
    Mrs. Angela C. and Mr. James D. Finley, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Finn
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Friedman
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Gianascoli
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Gilmore
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gordon
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Green
    Ms. Karen Grow
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Haislip
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Harrington / Franklin Johnston Group
    Mrs. Amanda and Mr. Charles Hayes
    Mrs. Brooke and Mr. Timothy Hummel
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Jaycox
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Jones
    Mrs. Shauna R. '89 and Mr. Scott B. Kale
    Dr. and Mrs. David B. Konikoff
    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Longacher
    Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. MacLeod*
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy R. McLendon
    Mr. and Mrs. Trent S. Merritts / Parkway Grading
    Dr. Elen Blochin and Dr. Alex Morozov
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan Nordlinger
    Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Old
    Patricia Reesman Family Partnership
    Ms. Susan T. Pender and Mr. Daniel E. Beck
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Peregoff '77
    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rachels
    Mr. Jeffrey Reinhofer & Mrs. Vivian Kirkendoll*
    Mrs. Deborah M. and Mr. Chris A. Sanders
    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Sawyer, Sr.
    Mrs. Kathleen K. and Mr. Kevin D. Sharp
    Ms. Sherry White and Ms. Jeanne Short
    Dr. Reena Talreja-Pelaez & Dr. Jorge Pelaez
    Mr. and Mrs. Rony Thomas
    Bocciarelli - Weinberg Family Fund of
    Richmond Jewish Foundation
    Mrs. Katherine C. and Mr. Ros R. Willis '82
    Mr. Matthew R. and Mrs. Margo H. Winans '89
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wubker
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Zettervall
    Mr. Jijun Zhan and Mrs. He Yan

Other Annual Fund Donors

List of 1 items.

  • Red & Gray Club ($500 - $1,499)

    Armond and Rose Caplan Foundation / Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Caplan
    Mr. and Mrs. William N. Audette
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Barton
    Berglund Center
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Berklee
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Berman, Jr. / Progressive Insurance Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Burke
    Mr. and Mrs. Burton E. Burroughs '94 / Orange Peel Transportation*
    Mr. and Mrs. David Burton
    Cavalier Ford Lincoln
    Mrs. Vanessa and Mr. Cortney Clinton
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Colbus
    Conte's Bicycle & Fitness, Hilltop*
    Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Faisant
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Faubert
    Mr. and Mrs. Joel T. Flax
    Mr. Paul Forkner
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Garrison
    Glasson Sports Medicine
    Ms. Stacey Goldmeier / Coastal Management LLC
    Dr. and Mrs. Randolph J. Gould
    Mr. Robert J. Haddad and Mrs. Deborah L. Yost
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Hall
    Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Harrell
    Mrs. Amber C. and Mr. Lance S. Hecker
    Mr. John T. Hughes
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stan Kidd, III*
    Mr. and Mrs. Tae M. Kim
    Mrs. Gail G. and Mr. Jeffrey P. King
    Mrs. Jane and Mr. James R. Lancaster
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Larkin / National Financial Services
    Ms. Deborah Lesyshyn
    Mr. and Mrs. Sammie L. Logan, Jr.
    Ms. Kristyl Lyle
    Dr. and Mrs. John Mancoll
    Mr. David C. Meeker
    Mr. Kenneth Mobley
    MSP Design Group*
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Mulkey
    Mr. and Mrs. M. Eric Mulkey '94
    Mr. and Mrs. James D. Oliver III
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Osborne
    Mr. and Mrs. George G. Phillips, Jr.
    Rai Oral Surgery and Dental Implants
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Rashkind
    Mrs. Janet S. Read and Mr. Oliver M. Read IV
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Reynolds
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ruane
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Saal '07
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Saal
    Mr. and Mrs. Allen Shaheen
    Mr. and Mrs. William P. Shepherd*
    Ms. Jean Siebert / Siebert Realty
    Mr. Ben D. Simon
    CAPT and Mrs. Andrew Smith
    Sharon Fanto Smith and Brian Smith*
    Ms. Kristin Sparks '02 & Mr. Mark Sheggeby
    Mr. David Stockmeier and Mrs. Connie McKenzie Stockmeier
    Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. Stopka
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Tadder
    Mrs. Deanna W. and Mr. Henry L. Thompson, Jr.
    Tidewater Horns
    Ms. Dia DuVernet and Mr. Pierce Tyler
    Warden Family Foundation

Other Annual Fund Donors

List of 1 items.

  • Dolphin Club (Up to $499)

    AAA Tidewater
    Mrs. Grace Ablang-Hare
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Abshire
    Ms. Michelle R. Ainslie-Rodriguez '06
    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Allen
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Gary Allen
    Mr. Brandon S. Allred '08
    Mr. and Mrs. David Amet
    Mr. Robert B. Apperson '14
    Ms. Virginia A. Apperson '16
    Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel A. Arias
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason W. Armstrong
    Mr. and Mrs. Robbert-Alexander Arriens Dwarshuis
    Art Walker's Auto Service
    Mr. Hunter F. Atherton '16
    LT COL and Mrs. Andrew S. Atkinson
    Mr. Chandler H. Averette '16
    Mrs. Slava I. and Mr. Mikhail D. Babichenko
    Mr. Coleman W. Baker '13
    Mr. Logan W. Baker '16
    Dr. Alan Banks
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bartel
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bartels
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Bates
    Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Baumgardner
    Mrs. Linda M. and Dr. Mark L. Bawcom
    Ms. Tracie Beacham
    Mr. Bryce D. Becker '14
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Behr
    Ms. Adrianne L. Bennett '90 and Mr. J. Scot Wilson
    Mr. Graham Y. Bergen '11
    Ms. Kelsey A. Bergen '09
    Mr. and Mrs. Adam Bergman
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Bergman
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berkowitz
    Mr. Clark J. Berlin '16
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Betz
    Ms. Emma L. Bleznak '13
    Ms. Hanna E. Bleznak '15
    Ms. Emily G. Bohannon '16
    Ms. Donna T. Bondoc
    Mr. Tyler G. Bonney '06
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Bouch
    Ms. Kathy Boyle
    Mr. Brooks A. Bradley '07
    Mr. Weston B. Bradley '12
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bradshaw
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Braham
    Mr. Andrew T. Branson '16
    Mr. and Mrs. Tim Branson
    Ms. Polly Brasher
    Ms. Kalan L. Brehm '11
    Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Brittain
    Ms. Allyson M. Brooks '08
    Mr. Tyler C. Brooks '05
    Mr. George S. Brown, III '89
    Dr. Neil G. and Dr. Julie A. Brown
    Mrs. Kerry L. '90 and Mr. William S. Bryant
    Ms. Karen E. Buchardt
    Ms. Carol A. Bulkeley
    Mr. Christopher D. Burke '06
    Mary L. Burke '27
    Miss Alexandria K. Burns '09
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Burns '80
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Butler
    Mrs. Gabrielle '03 and Mr. Rey Cabreros
    Ashleigh Cake
    Mr. and Mrs. D. Pierre G. Cameron, Jr.
    Mr. David P. G. Cameron, III
    Mr. and Mrs. John V. Campbell
    Ms. Claire Cantrell
    Ms. Alexis N. Caravas '16
    Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Caravas
    Dr. and Mrs. Andres Carrizo
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Carter
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carter
    Mrs. Stephanie Jarvis Caskill '05 and Mr. Tyler Caskill
    Mr. John A. Castleberry '03
    Mrs. C. Blair Cespedes '92 and Mr. Mike Cespedes
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cespedes
    Mr. and Mrs. Art Chapman
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Cheniae
    Dr. Carrie T. and Dr. David J. Cho
    Mr. Mike and Mrs. Nancy B. Christian
    Mrs. Kelly M. and Mr. David K. Christianson
    Mr. and Mrs. Matt J. Churchward
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clarke
    Mrs. Leigh Anne and Mr. Howard G. Clay
    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clifford
    Mr. and Mrs. Erik P. Cofer
    Ms. Emily W. Cole '07
    Columbia Golf Sales, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Comerford
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Corcoran
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Cravotta
    Mr. Gregory N. Creech '04
    Ms. Chelsea M. Cromwell '10
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Croteau
    Mr. Chris Crouch*
    Ms. Cailey S. Crow '14
    Mr. Thomas W. Crow '16
    Mrs. Diane and Mr. Allen Cruz
    Ms. Kathryn Verschelde and Mr. Cabell Cummings
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dabrowski
    Dai Roberts Group
    Mr. Hubert L. Dail, III '16
    Ms. Laura E. Dail '08
    Mrs. Michele D'Apolito-Toomey '89 and Mr. Ted Toomey
    Mr. and Mrs. E. Adams Darden, IV
    Mrs. Sheryl J. and Mr. Timothy H. Davis
    Mr. Hunter J. Davlin '13
    Mr. Rawley Thomas Dawson '14
    Ms. Leah E. DeCarlis '15
    Mrs. Bess Decker
    Mrs. Caroline and Mr. Jonathan Decker
    Ms. Polly W. Decker
    Mrs. Teresa Del Rossi
    Mr. Randall F. DeMille '89
    Ms. Bonnie Dennis
    Dentistry Of Virginia Beach
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Denton '97
    Drs. Catherine and Paul Derber
    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Des Roches
    Dr. and Mrs. Maulin M. Desai
    Ms. Melissa B. DiBona
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dickerson
    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Dickey
    Mr. Robert W. Dickie
    Dick's Sporting Goods*
    Mr. and Mrs. Randy Dinzler-Nordstrom
    Mr. and Mrs. Dave Dixon
    Dr. and Mrs. Sean U. Do
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Dodzik
    Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Dooren
    Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Doron
    Mr. Felix Dorough
    Mr. M. Gregory Dragas, II '00
    Drs. Savage, Sabol, and Visser
    Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dunn
    Ms. Brianna J. Dyckman '10
    Ms. Mary K. Easton '11
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Easton, Jr.
    Ms. Christina M. Eckstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Edenfield
    Mr. and Mrs. John M. Effner
    Ms. Jamie Eisner
    Ms. Andrea M. Elliott
    Mr. Thomas W. Elliott '76
    Ms. Dorinda Ennis
    Mr. Christian Erbig
    Ms. Emily Erbig
    Mr. Benedetto Ermini
    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Ermini
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Estabrooks
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Estes
    Ms. Chandler E. Ettel '11
    Mr. John D. Everett '12
    LT COL and Mrs. Marcel Exterkate
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Exum, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Facemire '98
    Mr. Brandon C. Faubert '07
    Mr. Tyler W. Faubert '09
    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Feder
    Mrs. Valetta J. Fellenbaum
    Ms. Kelly B. Field '15
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Field, Jr.
    Mr. Michael L. Field '13
    Ms. Caroline F. Finley '11
    Mr. and Mrs. Lowery D. Finley, III
    Ms. Vildred Fitzgerald
    Mrs. Stephanie L. and Mr. William G. Fluharty
    Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Micaela Lesyshyn Folkes '03
    Ms. Brooke Fortune and Mr. William Braun
    Ms. Katherine L. S. Franta '89
    Mr. and Mrs. Michal Fraser
    Ms. Michelle L. Frasher
    Mrs. Connie W. and Mr. F. Dudley Fulton
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Gallagher, Sr.
    Mr. Peter Garcia, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Genovese
    Mr. and Mrs. John Germanos
    Mr. Alexander B. Ghenea '14
    Mr. Lance Goldner
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Goldner
    Ms. Kensey M. Gooch '10
    Mr. and Mrs. Erik Gordon
    Mr. Stuart Gordon
    Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo G. Granados
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gravitt
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gravitt
    Mrs. Sylvia Gray
    Mr. and Mrs. Turner Gray, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Greene
    Mr. and Mrs. James Gregory
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard V. Gregory
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Hagadorn
    Ms. Leslie Guidry and Mr. Mark A. Hall, Sr.
    Ms. Ann B. Hand
    Mr. and Mrs. Alex L. Hardy
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Harris '03
    Mr. and Mrs. Jackson T. Harris '03
    Mrs. Karen L. '02 and Mr. John Harris
    Mrs. Connie T. and Mr. Scott G. Harris
    Mrs. Susan M. and Mr. Michael T. Harris
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Harvich
    Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hassell
    Ms. Virginia L. Hassell '12
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Hathaway
    Mr. John Haugh and Dr. Geraldine Stott
    Ms. Caroline M. Hauser '14
    Mrs. Jennifer Hazelwood
    Mr. Daniel R. Hechtkopf '01
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hecker
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hendrix
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Herrle
    Mr. and Mrs. Grant S. Herrle '87
    Mrs. Michelle Hinck
    Mr. Vincent L. and Mrs. Tammy B. Hindle '80
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Hobbs
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Horgan
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Horton
    Hosek Dentistry
    Mr. Thomas Hoskins '12
    Mrs. Tina V. Howard
    Howard Hanna Resort Rentals
    Mr. Song Huang and Mrs. Yan Lin
    Ms. Michelle Hudgins '07
    Mrs. Virginia F. '86 and Mr. William Hudgins
    Mr. Derrick S. Hunt '98
    Mr. Harry B. Hunter '11
    Ms. Lisa J. Iervolino '96
    Mr. and Mrs. Tim Jackson
    Ms. Kim M. Johnson
    CDR and Mrs. Scott E. Johnson
    Ms. Skylar E. Johnson '16
    Mr. and Mrs. Alex Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Paul Jones
    Ms. Jill Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. L. Arthur Jones
    Ms. Sharon Jones
    Ms. Sara Joseph and Mr. Ray Pierce
    Ms. Robyn Judge
    Dr. and Mrs. James Just
    Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kainer
    Ms. Ashlyn T. Kale '16
    Ms. Mary S. Kanakaris
    Mr. Jake T. Kantor '14
    Drs. Elleni and Kapil Kapoor
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Keenan
    Mr. W. Coles Keeter '10
    Mrs. Sarah Kelbaugh
    Ms. Anne G. Kellam
    Mr. Charles Kenison
    Mr. William Kenney and Mrs. Alice Harrill
    Ms. Molly S. Kent '84
    Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kerbin
    Mr. Curtis E. Kirby '14
    Mrs. Kerry and Mr. Erik Kisa
    Drs. Stacie Crain Kite '97 and Bart Kite
    Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kletz
    Ms. Leigh Anne Kline '14
    Mr. Hugh Koeze
    Mr. Luke A. Kohart '10
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kohn
    Konikoff Salzberg Periodontics LTD
    Mr. Alexander M. Kramer '14
    Mr. Christopher N. Kryworuk '05
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kubicki*
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kubicki
    Ms. Suzanne G. Kucera
    Ms. Kerri A. Land
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Larkin
    Mr. and Mrs. Lesley T. Lascari
    Mrs. Nicole A. Lauruska
    Ms. Rachel T. Law '10
    Ms. Laura S. Lechler '92
    Mrs. Amanda C. Lee '05
    Mrs. Casey Scherrer Lee '07 and Mr. Daniel Lee '07
    Mr. Justin J. Lee '10
    Mrs. Whitney F. Lee '05 and Mr. John Lee
    Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Legum
    Dr. and Mrs. Larry Legum
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lenz
    Mr. Phillip Leonard '13
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lesley
    Mr. and Mrs. John Lestyan
    Mr. Christopher A. Lewis '16
    Mrs. Catherine and Dr. John P. Lewis
    Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis
    Mr. Joshua B. Lim '12
    Dr. and Mrs. George Lin
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Lisota
    Mr. and Mrs. Charlie T. Lonergan
    Ms. Sarah Loveland
    Mr. Jake H. Lowenstein '14
    Mr. and Mrs. Neil Lowenstein
    Ms. Faith Luna
    Ms. Nettisha Lyte
    Mr. and Mrs. William G. Mager
    Mr. Rex W. Mahoney '08
    Mr. Alexander J. Mancoll '16
    Mr. Xiaoyu Mao '16
    Ms. Madison C. Marchbank '08
    Ms. Susan Markley
    Mr. Carlton Marlow
    Mrs. Karen C. and Mr. Michael J. Mason
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Brent Matson '95
    Mr. Carter J. Mavromatis '08
    Mr. and Mrs. Hunter D. McCaa '95
    Ms. Deanna B. McCollum '15
    Mr. and Mrs. John McCormack
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. McCray
    Mr. and Mrs. T. Scott McGraw
    Dr. and Mrs. Jon M. McGruder
    Dr. Katherine A. and CAPT Joseph R. McKnew
    Mr. and Mrs. William McKnew
    Mr. and Mrs. David McNamara
    Mr. Horace P. McNeal, Jr.
    Ms. Marguerite W. McNeal '07
    Ms. Shannon C. Megroz
    Mr. and Mrs. Davis R. Mellott
    Mr. Ryan D. Mellott
    Mr. Nicholas A. Melvin '05
    Mrs. Yvette Mentore
    Ms. Alice B. Meredith
    Mr. William P. Merritt '11
    Ms. Isabelle A. Michaels '15
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephan I. Michaels
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Milisitz
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Miller, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Miller
    Mr. George A. Mirmelstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mitchell
    Mr. and Mrs. Curtis J. Mitchell '85
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Mobley
    Ms. Sarah Monahan
    Mrs. Elizabeth R. and Mr. John K. Moore, Jr.
    Ms. Frances O. Morgan
    Mrs. Kristin Morrill
    Mr. Fritz Muench
    Mrs. Amy R. '93 and Mr. Mitchell Murphy
    Ms. Barbara Murphy
    Mr. Brian N. Murray '14
    Ms. Britney L. Myers '07
    Mrs. Melissa Newport
    Mr. and Mrs. Karsten Nielsen
    Mrs. Lindsey Frantz Noel '04 and Mr. James Noel
    Mr. and Mrs. Cassidy C. Norman
    Mrs. Nicole and Mr. Jeffrey Nowak
    Mr. and Mrs. David B. Oakley
    Mrs. Lesley L. and Mr. J. Vincent O'Brien, Jr.
    Ms. Paula O'Connor
    Mrs. Lindsay Breitenberg Oliver '04 and Mr. Jim Oliver
    Mr. and Mrs. John Olivieri
    Ms. Nancy Arrington Orie
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Overton
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Owens
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Palmer
    Mr. and Mrs. Tassos J. Paphites
    Ms. Elizabeth Parisher
    Mrs. Annette S. and Mr. Stephen E. Parker
    Ms. Carol J. Parker
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Parker
    Ms. Poonam M. Patel '15
    Madisen B. Patrick '19
    Ms. Marsha Patrick
    Ms. Morgan B. Patrick '16
    Ms. Marisa L. Payne '16
    Ms. Taryn Z. Payne '11
    Mr. and Mrs. Edrick A. Peake
    Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Pence, Jr.
    Ms. Emily G. Pence '15
    Mr. and Mrs. David B. Peregoff '07*
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Peregoff '05
    Dr. Corinne and Mr. Roy W. Perkins
    Dr. and Mrs. Roger R. Perry
    Ms. Ann Bolen Perry '92
    Mr. William E. Perry '04
    Mr. and Mrs. Brad Peterson
    Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
    Mr. Charles Phelps '05 and Mrs. Katherine Phelps '06
    Mrs. Sarah and Mr. Jeremy Pianalto
    Ms. Tracey Pinkin
    Planet Pizza
    Mrs. Susan A. '88 and Dr. Russell B. Poe
    Dr. Rainer N. Poley '97
    Mr. and Mrs. Thanos Polizos
    Pool Scouts
    Mr. and Mrs. Craig D. Poppen
    Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Porter
    Ms. Sarah E. Potter '07
    Precision Door Service
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Pridgen
    Mr. and Mrs. Cameron M. Proctor
    Ms. Georgia M. Putney '09
    Mr. Wenbin Qi '16
    Ms. Luzmila L. Quintero
    Mr. William Rachels
    Mr. Daniel G. Rashkind '95
    Mr. and Mrs. Jacob G. Rashkind '91
    Mr. Mark K. Redmond '03
    The Honorable and Mrs. J. Davis Reed III
    Mr. Philip A. Reichhoff '12
    Mrs. Rita W. '82 and Mr. Michael Rendon
    Ms. Amalia Riess '11
    Mr. Kenneth T. Ritter, III '15
    RK Auto
    Mrs. Emily R. '97 and Mr. Michael Robbins
    Ms. Lauren R. Robbins '15
    Mr. Raymond Ross Robbins '14
    Ms. Linda K. Robichaud
    Ms. Jean Robinson
    Mr. Thomas E. Rodgers
    Mr. and Mrs. David Roland
    Ms. Carolina Roque-Camarasa
    Mrs. Charmaine Rosenfield
    Mr. and Mrs. Justin Rubino
    Ms. Melba Rudiger
    Mr. Daniel K. Ryan '89
    Ms. Joan M. Ryan
    Ms. Alexandra C. Saal '11
    Dr. and Mrs. George J. Sabol, III
    Dr. Trang Salzberg
    Ms. Ashley E. Schaefer '03
    Ms. Erin G. Scherrer '15
    Ms. Kelsey E. Scherrer '09
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schindler
    Mrs. Rebecca W. and Mr. Michael J. Schnekser
    Michelle K. Scott
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Scott
    Mr. and Mrs. Ray Scott
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Scullion, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Seith
    Mr. Salvatore J. Serpe '10
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Shain
    Mr. and Mrs. Justin W. Sheehan
    Mr. Eddie J. Short
    Signature Printing and Graphics
    Ms. Christy Simoncini
    Mrs. Laurie B. '79 and Mr. Scott Simpson
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Skeen
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Smallwood III
    Mr. Douglas G. Smith
    Mr. Eric M. Smith '10
    Mr. Jeffrey Smith
    Mr. Kinte Smith '96 & Mrs. Zhadyra Omirbay
    Mrs. Monica Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Roy Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith
    Mr. Warren Snead
    Ms. Carrie Snyder
    Ms. Chloe E. N. Snyder '10
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Snyder
    Mr. Zachary A. Snyder '09
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Sobers
    Mr. Conor V. Somers '16
    Mr. and Mrs. John Somers
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Souther
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Spady
    Ms. Lauren A. Sparks '04
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sparks
    Ms. Madison H. Spear '14
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Spillane
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Spillane
    Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Elizabeth Stello
    Mrs. Kate Stepanovich
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Stevens
    Ms. Carole Stockmeier
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stockmeier
    Mr. Colin D. Stolle '88
    Ms. Brenda Morison Stone
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Styers
    Dr. and Mrs. Brian Sullivan
    Mr. and Mrs. Shane Sullivan
    Mrs. Michelle Sweezey
    Mr. and Mrs. George M. Temple
    Ms. Sarah A. Templeton '07
    Mr. Bruce L. Thompson
    Ms. Sharon Thorpe
    TidalWheel Hilltop LLC
    Mr. Christopher M. Tobin '15
    Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Michael Tolson
    Dr. Gia Ton and Dr. Oanh Nguyen
    The Honorable Winship C. and Mr. Guy K. Tower
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Tropp
    Mr. Nghia Truong
    Ms. Dana J. Truxell '89
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Truxell
    Ms. Paige W. Tucker '88
    Mr. and Mrs. Cathal Tuite
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Urso
    Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. van de Leuv '00
    Mr. August Vander Werff
    Mr. and Mrs. Jose Vargas
    Ms. Gabrielle M. Velo '12
    Ms. Jacqueline C. Velo '13
    Mr. Daniel D. Vickers '14
    Mrs. Alfreda Villani
    Virginia Institute for Sports Medicine
    Dr. and Mrs. Jason K. Wagner '03
    Ms. Rachael A. Wagner '00 and Mr. Sam Abrams
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Waldrop, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Walker
    Mr. Brian T. Walker '95
    Mrs. Katia Walter
    Mr. Frank Walters
    Ms. Maxine W. Walters
    Mr. T. Cecil Ward '10
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Warden
    Mr. David M. Warsof '16
    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Watson '00
    Mr. and Mrs. Stockton T. Watson
    Ms. Hayley A. Welch '14
    Wells Fargo Foundation
    Ms. Marleigh B. West '14
    Ms. Sharon West
    Mr. and Mrs. William West
    Mrs. Kristen E. and Mr. John A. Wheeler
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Whetstone
    Mr. and Mrs. Criss White
    Mr. and Mrs. David E. White
    Ms. Kathleen White
    Mrs. Shannon M. and Mr. Richard Whitney
    Ms. Margaret T. Whittemore '10
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wickum
    Ms. Alison Williams
    Ms. Angelena M. Williams '15
    Mr. Christopher Williams
    Mrs. Sarah Williams and Mr. Michael Lewis
    Ms. Shamaine Williams
    Mr. L. David Willis, Jr.
    Mrs. Mary Jane Willis
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Wilson
    Mrs. Kristy '95 and Mr. Ross Winfield
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Wong
    Mrs. Kaylin B. Wood '05
    Mr. and Mrs. Freddie E. Wood III
    Mr. Robert Woodhouse, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Woodward, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Carter Wright, III
    Mr. John P. Wright
    Mr. and Mrs. John O. Wynne
    Mr. Rich Yanek and Ms. Tricia Chrones
    Mr. and Mrs. Moises Yoselevitz
    Dr. Sam Yoselevitz and Dr. Melissa Russell
    Mr. Shijie Zheng '16
    Mr. and Mrs. Quinn Zimmerman
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