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School Counseling/Wellness

The School Counseling department believes in supporting the healthy development of all students at Cape Henry Collegiate. Together, the school counselors collaborate at all three levels to ensure that students from Prekindergarten 3 through Grade 12 are receiving developmentally appropriate services and lessons. Working as a team with administrators, parents, student life, coaches, and teachers, the School Counseling Department strides to make each morning the start of the best day possible for our students. 

Lower School

The Lower School Counseling program provides a variety of services to meet the social-emotional needs of our students as they grow and develop during this pivotal stage of life. From Prekindergarten to Grade 5, all students receive opportunities to participate in social-emotional learning activities during regularly scheduled Wellness lessons. As the need arises, students in Grades 3-5 have an opportunity to participate in small group instruction. The Lower School Counselor has open office hours daily and assists students individually as needed. 

The Lower School Counseling Office addresses issues pertaining to, but not limited to:

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Anger Management

  • Anxiety

  • Friendship Issues

Middle School

Middle School is such an exciting time of rapid growth and transition from childhood to adolescence. The Middle School Counseling program works to identify and support the social-emotional needs and development of all Grade 6-8 students. By providing educational activities through in-class Wellness lessons, small groups, and individual meetings the Middle School Counselor provides support and proactive education for our student community. 

Upper School

As students transition into Upper School, the School Counseling Department remains mindful of the growth and adventures the students have before them. Our School Counselors recognize that they must do more than prepare students for the “next step” - they must meet the students where they are and guide them through (and help them enjoy!) Upper School.

The Upper School Counseling program is designed to support and advocate for best practices around academic achievement, mental health and wellness, and social emotional growth. It is well documented that healthy and happy students perform better in the classroom, sports field, and in the arts.

The Upper School Counseling Office addresses issues pertaining to, but not limited to:

  • Social/Emotional Wellness

  • Academic Coaching

  • Organization

  • Academic Testing or questions about Learning Profiles

  • SAT/ACT and PSAT

  • Mediation

  • Student Life

  • Advisory Program/Common Experience 

  • Connectivity and Community of Cape Henry Collegiate

  • Military Transition

School Counseling Team

Mrs.  Jill Qualters

Mrs. Jill Qualters

Upper School Counselor; Assistant Director of Student Life
B.A., Villanova University
M.Ed., College of William and Mary
Mrs. Christine Lynn Berl

Mrs. Christine Lynn Berl

Middle School Counselor
M.A., The George Washington University
B.A., Clemson University
Mrs. Taria Sutton

Mrs. Taria Sutton

Lower School Counselor
B.S., University of Nebraska - Omaha/Lincoln
M.S.W., Norfolk State University

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