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  • February

    Class of 2019: Aedan Somers

    Mrs. Kathleen Sharp, Middle School English Teacher
    Three words shared as advice to students who follow in his footsteps here at Cape Henry Collegiate. But what do these words even mean? How can someone find and be his or her true self in the halls of Cape Henry Collegiate? A closer look at Class of 2019 superstar Aedan Somers gives each of us just a bit of insight into how to be that "true, authentic self."
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  • Class of 2019: Konrad Keenan

    Mrs. Kristen Dodzik, Middle School World Languages Teacher
    Remember the movie, High School Musical? You know, the vibrant and jazzy “tweenage” Disney coming-of-age musical that cast heartthrob Zac Efron as the lead character?! If not, the story revolves around a talented and academically gifted student athlete whose defiance of social expectations encourages his fellow classmates to embrace their talents and live their most authentic lives. Why is this relevant, you may be wondering? Well, Cape Henry Collegiate happens to have its own “Troy Bolton” of sorts, and his name is KONRAD KEENAN! It’s true. Konrad is our resident “Troy” and since I happen to know that Konrad is a fan of movies, I am hoping that he will forgive me for making the parallel analogy. There is no shame in being compared to a protagonist whose heroism comes from uplifting and supporting the people around him. Both Konrad and Troy lead by confident but humble example. Ask anyone about Konrad, and you’ll see the parallel as well. 
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  • Class of 2019: Taisho Miller

    Mr. Dashiell Quasebarth, Middle School History Teacher and Varsity Cross Country, Track/Field Coach
    The starter’s pistol went off, and Taisho Miller started his final race as a member of a team at Cape Henry Collegiate. With a smile on his face, he used his first lap of the mile to think back on the memories of his time at Cape Henry and how his time here has prepared him to head to Hampden-Sydney in the fall.
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  • Class of 2019: Libby Kennedy

    Mrs. Brooke Hummel, Assistant Head of School
    Fear or revere. Two words younger siblings might often use to describe those who preceded them in the family birth order rankings. For senior Libby Kennedy, she answers without hesitation.

    “My big brother, Matt ‘12, paved the way for me. He came to Cape Henry and his experiences gave me confidence that I could really thrive and achieve my goals here,” shared Libby.

    When listening to Libby describe her older brother with a sense of adoration and appreciation, it is easy to see that his impact on her led her to find ways to support and inspire others.
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  • Class of 2019: Hallie Friedman

    “The first step to receiving an answer is being brave enough to ask the question.” - Unknown

    For Cape Henry Legend, Hallie Friedman, bravery is at the core of her character. Never one to shy away from asking a question, Hallie has challenged her teachers and friends to consider things that we might otherwise accept without evaluating, probing, and dissecting. 

    “Some people might find Hallie’s questions overwhelming, but I was happy to see someone with so much inquisitiveness and drive, especially in science. Hallie has always been that way and her continued success at college will be based on a yearning for clarity and purpose,” shared Mr. Chris Souther.
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  • January

    Class of 2019: Alexandra Land

    Mrs. Jeanne Short, Athletic Director
    Senior Field Hockey Captain, Alexandra “Zan” Land, recently closed the chapter as arguably one of Cape Henry Collegiate’s finest athletes, male or female, in any and all sports. A two-time State Champion, two-time TCIS Champion, D II State Player of the Year in 2017 & 2018, a 3-year Captain, an All-Tidewater Selection, and CHC’s all-time leading Field Hockey Scorer. All of this is nothing short of remarkable, and there’s just not enough incredible adjectives to explain just how special her career has been in a Dolphin Uniform, #2. She is respected among her teammates, opponents, Coaches across the State, and the nation in the Field Hockey Club Circuit. Her presence on the field is humble, unassuming, but driven and competitive. As she surpassed the scoring of CHC Legends, Erin Scherrer ‘15 (Duke), and Madison Land ‘15 (Louisville), ironically, Alexandra’s older sister; it was even more apparent of the complete admiration and respect of those who played before her. She does not boast about these accomplishments, but respects the program she has whole-heartedly bought into from the onset.
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  • How to Talk to your Children About Race

    Mrs. Vanessa Clinton, Lower School Reading Specialist
    How to Talk to your Children about Race
    Have open, honest, meaningful conversations about tolerance, respect, and race

    "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." - Martin Luther King Jr.
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  • Class of 2019: Michael Allen

    Mrs. Tina Howard, Library/Media Specialist
    Michael Allen joined our Cape Henry Collegiate community in his sixth grade year, when I had the pleasure of meeting him through English class.  He has been a quiet, dependable force on campus ever since; but now it is almost time for him to move on. And where will he take his next steps educationally?  He is looking forward to joining the student body at Washington and Lee University, set in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, where he applied early. Having only considered two colleges, why did he feel this is the best fit?
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  • Class of 2019: Caroline Estes

    Mr. Scott McGraw, Upper School History Teacher
    Caroline Estes knows what she wants.

    She knew Cape Henry was the right school for her when she sat in on Willy Fluharty’s International Relations class as an eighth grader. Even then, she knew she wanted a school that would allow her to be herself, and she realized Cape Henry was the one when she participated in the wide-ranging discussion of current events that took place in Mr. Fluharty’s classroom that day. The class reminded her of her experience at The Williams School because it was small and informal and because the conversation was dominated by the students, not the teacher. As she put it, “[i]nstead of the school making me fit into its program, Cape Henry was willing to let the program fit me.”
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  • Class of 2019: Eva Dickie

    Mrs. Brooke Hummel, Assistant Head of School
    Eva Dickie has a spirit for adventure. As many of her classmates are narrowing down their college decisions to destinations that will keep them closer”ish” to home, she has taken a slightly different path.

    “I’m nervous but excited, too. I can remember being in Middle School and telling my teachers that I was going to move to Florida. I guess I sort of just knew,” expressed Eva.

    Eva’s sense of adventure and “going with your gut” instinct is one that she saw modeled by her parents. Eva began her preschool education at Saint Patrick Catholic School in its inaugural year of operation. When her parents signed on to send their first born off to school, Saint Patrick’s was more of a concept rather than a reality. Fast forward 10 years and as Eva was making the decision about where to attend high school, she took a similar leap of faith.
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