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  • Class of 2017: Cate Woodward

    Mrs. Alison Bugg, Nexus Operations Manager
    Ask Cathleen Woodward what she has gained from her eight years at Cape Henry Collegiate, and she will sum it up in one word: “Fulfilled.” Any friend or teacher of Cathleen (or Cate, as she is more commonly known) knows that the fulfillment she speaks of is certainly evident by the schedule she keeps. Best of luck trying to track her down, because there are a number of places she could be at any given time. An academic, an artist, an athlete and an entrepreneur, Cate roams the corridors of CHC juggling classes, rehearsals, meetings, and practices. But that’s Cate–always on the move, an intelligent, insightful, confident, young woman who is determined to make an impact on the world around her.
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  • Class of 2017: Jingdong “George” Gao

    Mrs. Deanna Thompson, Admissions Associate
    Jingdong “George” Gao is a happy guy. He ALWAYS has a smile on his face. He arrives at school happy, he leaves happy, and can be found smiling in the hallways.
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  • Class of 2017: Claire Collins Ross

    Mrs. Stephanie Fluharty, Upper School Drama Teacher
    Claire Collins Ross is the type of student that you may not notice on the first day because she doesn’t always have a lot to say, but then she sneaks up on you with a comment out of nowhere that is thoughtful, honest and intelligent. After a few strokes of her brilliance, she stays noticed, as her ideas and thoughts are memorable. Claire first came to CHC her sophomore year. The transition from her old school, she said, was a bit difficult, but she met people in the acting classes and theater shows with similar interests and the more she was around the theater people, the more comfortable and confident she became. Claire always thought of herself as shy, but once she started to find friends that had similar interests as she did, she realized she had a lot to say and contribute and it wasn’t that she was shy, she just hadn’t found her friends yet. Throughout her time at CHC Claire has had a lot to say, and she was anything but shy.
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  • Class of 2017: Caneel Cravotta

    Mrs. Kathleen Sharp, Middle School English Teacher
    First-time scuba divers often speak of their dives with awe and amazement. Underneath the calm and serene surface lies a world of life and animation. And while any observer can appreciate the beauty of the water's surface, only the diver sees the gifts that lie beneath. Such is the case with Cape Henry Collegiate senior Caneel Cravotta. A poised and elegant presence, Caneel radiates her grace and her warmth. But dive a little deeper, and soon the gifts that lie beneath can't help but leave everyone in awe and amazement.
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  • Class of 2017: Brooke Ainslie

    Ms. Robyn Judge, Upper School English Teacher
    For Brooke Ainslie, leaving Cape Henry will mark the end of 12 years of walking familiar hallways and seeing familiar faces, but graduation will open new doors to varied experiences. Though she is reluctant to leave the school and friends she has known since First Grade, she is also eager to embark on a new life and meet new academic challenges.
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  • Class of 2017: Riley Exterkate

    Ms. Emily Erbig, Upper School Art Teacher
    It was a no brainer that I chose to write about Riley! Although she started at Cape Henry in the Seventh Grade, it was in my freshman Art Foundations class where I met her and she became an instant standout! I used to joke with her that she reminded me of my best friend that I met my first year of college and now here she is, off to her own freshman year in college. In foundations, she left her mark, literally! Anyone who wanders into my room always compliments the colorful mural on my wall by the sink. Riley spent many hours painting it and it brought the room to life. She has assured me that she will continue to take some art courses in college to keep her passion and talent alive.
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  • Class of 2017: Kelly Schmudde

    Ms. Barbara Murphy, Upper School Science Teacher
    Kelly Schmudde is a Cape Henry Legend in more ways than one! She has been a member of the CHC family for 15 years and her parents’ investment has certainly paid off. Kelly will be attending American University in Washington, D.C. in the fall. As I was interviewing her, she received a text that notified her that she was accepted by the highly competitive University College Living Learning Community at AU. After jumping up and yelling “yay” and hugs, I learned that it is a program that provides a practical extension to her classroom studies. She will take a unique Complex Problems course where she will approach intricate issues facing society with no clear solutions. The class she is registered for is Playing with Genes.
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  • Class of 2017: Andy Hong

    Mr. Scott McGraw, Upper School History Teacher
    Andy Hong is not afraid to dream big. 
    Ask Andy what he wants to do with his life, and he will tell you: “I want to create a technological innovation like the internet that literally changes the way people live.” And when asked about where the world is headed, he said “the world is getting smaller and globalizing at a rapid rate. In another generation, we won’t even be talking about different countries or cultures. We will all be one, and I want to be a part of making that happen.”
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