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  • Class of 2019: Eva Dickie

    Mrs. Brooke Hummel, Assistant Head of School
    Eva Dickie has a spirit for adventure. As many of her classmates are narrowing down their college decisions to destinations that will keep them closer”ish” to home, she has taken a slightly different path.

    “I’m nervous but excited, too. I can remember being in Middle School and telling my teachers that I was going to move to Florida. I guess I sort of just knew,” expressed Eva.
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  • How to Teach Your Children to Navigate the Internet Safely

    Mrs. Amanda Hayes, Head of Middle School
    Set boundaries, ease into technology, model appropriate online behavior…

    When teaching teens to drive, we don’t simply give them the car keys and tell them to hit the road. We have certain practices in place, permits, driving ages, and best practices that we abide by as parents to ensure the safety of our children. We are very cautious about introducing them to the functions of the car. We start them off driving in a parking lot or around the block before heading to main roads and highways. We send them to driver’s education classes to learn the signs of the road and discuss how to handle certain driving scenarios. Lastly, we spend time in the car with them, gradually transitioning to the freedom of driving alone, limiting the number of friends in the car, teaching them that technology and driving do not mix, and setting curfews for when they need to be off the street.

    However, when it comes to the use of technology and social media, we often give our children the “keys to the car” with limited guidance, education, or best practices to help ensure their safety on the virtual highway. Here are some tips to help parents ensure their children have passed the “driver’s test” to navigate the digital world.
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  • Why Global Education Prepares Students for the 21st Century

    Mr. Willy Fluharty, Director of Nexus Global Studies
    In his 2009 article in Independent School Magazine, Erik Gearhart made it clear that educators who set out to prepare students for a globalized world need to be intentional about their goals. Specifically, he asked, do we hope to develop “better competitors with requisite technical skills and knowledge to succeed on a ‘flat’ playing field? Better critics of unjust globalized forces, motivated and able to act to reduce inequity? Better collaborators, ready to work cooperatively with global partners on shared problems? The point of these probing questions is clear. To create excellent global travel programs, we need to know our aims.
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  • Ease the Transition to Middle School with These Tips

    Mrs. Amanda Hayes, Head of Middle School
    The middle school years are not only transitional, but they are also transformational! As students transition from elementary school to middle school, they face a variety of academic, social, and emotional changes and challenges. It is through these challenges that adolescents learn and grow into independent learners, thinkers, and citizens.
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  • Five Misconceptions of Financial Aid: How to Responsibly Prepare Financially for College

    Mrs. Liz Stello, Director of College Counseling
    As a college counselor, I talk a lot about “fit” with students when we work together to craft their college list. Generally, what we focus on are finding three sides to make a complete triangle: what a student wants in his or her college, what the college is looking for, and finally, the overall cost of that education. While most families tend to focus on the first two aspects, if the affordability piece is missing, the entire process falls flat.
    Much like how each person sitting on an airplane has likely paid a different price for his seat than the person sitting next to him, so too does the cost of college differ for each family. Unfortunately, much like college admissions, affordability when looking at colleges is both very misunderstood and differs from person to person. Below are the top five myths I frequently confront, as well as advice on how to balance fit and affordability when looking at college.
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  • Biologically Built for the Job

    Morgan Patrick '16
    I have had many teachers but, one teacher I can definitely say that was a great match for the job is Mrs. Elizabeth Moore. When I attended Cape Henry I had the opportunity to take her AP Biology class. I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of knowledge and passion she taught with. I have known her for over 3 years and she still continues to impress me with all the fun facts about biology that she knows or has read about. She is definitely a teacher I would recommend taking a class with.
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  • My Nexus Story

    Morgan Patrick, Class of 2016
    St. Augustine once wrote that “the world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.”

    I was never much of a tourist. I preferred to get out of the hotel and see the world by spending time with the people who lived there. I remember telling my mother that I wanted to travel to all the continents and see the seven wonders of the world. Money nor borders ever once crossed my mind. Curiosity about what lay beyond my driveway inspired me to read about everywhere and strive to know everything. Like most families that travel with kids we stayed state side. But, that was fine with me. The more I saw the more I yearned to know more.
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  • Class of 2018: Luke Rozier

    Mrs. Brooke Hummel, Assistant Head of School and Director of Enrollment Management
    Luke Rozier is headed for the hills… literally. Unlike many college bound freshmen, Luke knew exactly where he wanted to spend his next four years. For him, it was “Colorado or bust!”

    Luke joined the CHC community as a freshmen and is described by Mrs. Johnson as “kind, easy-going and an enjoyable young man to be around.” Like Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Warden also found that Luke’s laid back nature was appreciated by his peers but he also recognized how Luke contributed to classroom discussions and demonstrated a consistent work ethic that he believes will serve him well in life.

    Luke will likely blend his creative arts talents with his love of nature in his studies at University of Colorado, Denver. Luke has spent time working as an intern with his father’s Dreamscapes Design company and has considered going into landscape architecture. He is a passionate outdoorsmen who enjoys the opportunities for adventure that Colorado will present. He loves fishing, snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding. He also enjoys editing skate videos and is described by his classmates as “one of the nicest guys you will ever know, he is easy going and gets along well with everyone.”

    Luke will join his older brother’s in Colorado and hopes to make the trek west a permanent move. We wish him the best and know that his affable and adaptable nature will be an appreciated asset in his new community. Congratulations, Luke!
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