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Honor Code

Statement of Philosophy on Honor

The Honor Code at Cape Henry Collegiate is the single most important principle for students, faculty, administration, and staff. It is the essence of our school community and reflects the strong belief that truly effective and meaningful learning can only occur in an environment where trust and integrity are the standard.
The Honor Code supports virtually every facet of the Cape Henry Collegiate Mission Statement and is the foundation on which our community of trust is built. Personal honor is something that must be consistently and constantly practiced and refined. We view the Honor Code as the guiding framework for our community, enabling members to further develop their ability to make sound, considered decisions about honorable behavior. Our commitment to this Code serves to elevate our school community above the changing attitudinal whims of society.
The specifics of the Honor Code start with the premise that members of the school community will not lie, cheat, steal, or commit any dishonest act. As such, students and faculty will sign a contract at the commencement of each school year which will be a commitment to each other and to the school community to abide by the Honor Code.
As with any noble ideal, the Honor Code challenges each of us continually to work towards achieving a worthy goal. Cape Henry Collegiate commits itself to both consistent enforcement of the Honor Code and effective, formative education for students of all levels regarding the nature, the challenge, and, finally, the benefits of the highest standards of honorable behavior.
Our ultimate goal is to produce graduates who leave our school with a strong, clear sense of honor and the resolution to lead honorable lives.

The Pledge

“As a member of the Cape Henry Collegiate community, I commit to be truthful, to respect the property, works, and efforts of others, and to conduct myself with honor at all times.”
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