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November Fitness Phenom: Nate Jensen
Mr. Phil Reichhoff, Director of Fitness and Performance

Phenom (noun): 

A person who is outstandingly talented or admired, especially an up-and-comer.

Nate Jensen ‘24 has earned the November Fitness Phenom recognition through years of relentless effort in the Preston Scot Creech Fitness Center. Either training in the early morning or remotely using the Teambuildr app, you can always count on Nate to push himself to his limit. 

To date, Nate has earned a bench press max of 230 pounds, a front squat max of 350 pounds and a trap bar deadlift of 580. Pound for pound, Nate holds at 5.07 strength-to-bodyweight ratio. 

Beyond the numbers, Nate brings a level of intensity and focus to the fitness center that elevates all those around him. It is impossible to be around Nate during a workout and not feel motivated to rise to the challenge. These qualities make Nate a leader both by his actions and his words of encouragement. 

Nate is kicking off a winter season competing on the track & field team and hopes to help lead our baseball program to back-to-back TCIS and DI State Championships in the spring.

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