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Holiday Traditions Continue for CHC Teacher from Spain
Mrs. Elena Gimenez, World Languages Teacher

Allow me to share with you something special about my country, España. In Spain, it is not only Santa Claus who brings gifts at Christmas, but we also await the arrival of the Three Wise Men on January 6. Children leave their shoes outside overnight for the Three Kings to fill them with candy and gifts.

The night before, thousands of excited children and their parents gather through the streets of Spain to greet the arrival of the Three Wise Men. That night, the wise men tour the cities on horseback, camels, or even flatbed trucks pulled by tractors. The Three Wise Men hand out candies among the lively crowd of children. In some cities, they may also include small gifts.

After this parade, but before the children go to bed, they leave three items at the door: a bowl of water and hay for the camels, nougat and perhaps a glass of wine or sherry for the Kings, and a pair of shoes in which they hope the Three Wise Men will leave gifts.

Maybe some of you already knew about this Spanish tradition, but I just had to tell you about this important day because of the excitement all children feel, even me as a child!  All of the children choose a favorite king; mine was Baltasar and he continues to be my favorite king today.

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