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CHC Students Build Relationships While Tutoring Those Around the World
Mrs. Brooke Hummel, Associate Head of School

In September, a number of our Global Scholars worked with OneProsper International's English Learning Buddy Program. These students volunteered their time each Sunday for ten weeks to tutor girls from low-income families in India on English pronunciation. During each session, our Dolphins provided constructive feedback on pronunciation while their buddies in India read from an English children's book. 

Zoe Smith shared, “I decided to volunteer because I recognized how privileged I am to have an amazing education and to have outlets to practice and learn a foreign language. The greatest surprise for me was how much we had in common. When we think about someone who lives on the other side of the world we often don't think about our similarities but instead our differences. While Ruchi and I certainly live very different lives, it's the small things that brought us together. Like our mutual love for art.”

Inspired by her experience with OneProsper, junior Simran Guliani has designed a program that Cape Henry Collegiate will launch with our sister school in Turkey, Robert College, along with Mardin Kültür, an NGO in Turkey that aims to increase the participation of children, youth, and women in society by developing social projects in different fields and to create change. Simran has developed a reading partner program that offers an assessment to evaluate the English comprehension of the students from Mardin Kültür, as well as a curriculum to correspond with each assessment level. Simran and her family are also working to recruit partner schools in India that our students will be able to work with in the future.

When asked about expanding the program Simran expressed, “Global studies and international business are things I am very interested in and passionate about. Being able to self create this idea and market it to both the students and the faculty has been a real experience for me. I'll be taking the skills that I've learned in this process with me as I pursue careers in the future.”

This tremendous opportunity for our Global Scholars, as well as our CHC community, is incredibly exciting for us to watch as Simran builds this initiative from the ground up. 

Students interested in becoming English tutors can do so by contacting Simran via her school email address.



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