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Bringing New Technology to the Table
Mrs. Julie Scherrer, Major Gifts Officer

Merriam-Webster defines innovative as “featuring new methods; advanced and original”, an adjective that many feel is synonymous with cutting-edge education. When researching colleges and universities, the most competitive schools score high on the “innovative rating scale.” Innovation is what keeps top schools in the news and on the minds of successful businesses, research hospitals, entrepreneurial ventures, and philanthropists.

In keeping with our Mission to know, value and challenge each student, Cape Henry Collegiate is constantly searching for innovative ways to engage our students. Global education, Nexus experiences, engineering, and state-of-the-art technology affords our students the opportunity to interact with curricula both virtually and in person.

So what new opportunities will CHC offer in the future? What innovative thinking is on the horizon that will keep our students engaged and competitive?

Enter Anatomage technology. Thanks to the generosity of CHC parent Mark Dreyfus and ECPI University President, Cape Henry will soon be the proud owner of an Anatomage Table. According to the data, the Anatomage Table is the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system on the market. It is both a virtual library of human and animal cadavers, as well as a clinical diagnostic tool by visualization of any medical CT, CBCT, or MRI scan, and in the words of Mark Dreyfus, “It’s been a game changer!”

Incorporating Anatomage technology into ECPI’s anatomy and physiology curricula has produced a 17% increase in standardized test pass rates. Mark reports that Anatomage is the single most valuable educational tool they have. Many top colleges, universities, and medical schools are investing in Anatomage technology for the same reasons as ECPI. The ability to virtually study every aspect of the human body has increased student engagement and retention of the material beyond all expectations.

According to Ms. Tracey Pinkin, Upper School Anatomy and Introduction to Health Sciences Teacher, and Ms. Kim Johnson, Upper School Science Teacher, incorporating Anatomage technology into the curriculum will take a lot of dedication and hard work, and many of our science teachers are already updating their lessons to take advantage of this outstanding opportunity. Members of the CHC science faculty visited ECPI in the early spring for a formal demonstration and will return for hands-on training and curriculum development over the next few months. Mr. Tom Rodgers, Head of the Science Department and past recipient of the Perry Chair for Science and Technology, reports that the faculty are “pumped” about the direction in which we are moving. It will take some time for the technology to be fully incorporated into all areas of our Science curriculum, Lower, Middle, and Upper, but we are off to an exciting start.

Ms. Pinkin will be overseeing the training and roll-out of the technology and if all goes as planned, the Anatomage Table itself will arrive in the late fall and we will continue our training with ECPI faculty throughout the year.

Ms. Pinkin will be the first to fully add Anatomage technology to her curriculum. She is excited to incorporate the technology into the anatomy and physiology curriculum, and is quick to say, “it’s incredible that our students will have the opportunity to learn and explore the human body beyond what any model could offer.”


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