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A Dolphin in the King's Court
Mrs. Brooke Hummel, Assistant Head of School

The start of fall in Virginia Beach has been marked by the annual “Neptune Festival” for nearly half a century. Every year, thousands of people visit the oceanfront event to take in the concerts, artisans displays, sand sculptures, Neptune's 8k Race, and the crowd pleasing Grand Parade. 

This year, CHC fifth grader Ryan Schager is playing a part in the annual tradition serving as the King’s Page. Ryan’s royal bloodline can be traced back to his dad, Louis, who was a Triton on the court for the 2019 Neptune Festival.  

As a Page, Ryan represented the King's Court at the King's reveal ceremony. This year’s ceremony took an unexpected twist when the King’s crown was not ready on stage and Ryan was quickly called in to ceremoniously deliver it. The organizers of the court liked the change so much that they are going to make the King's Page carrying the crown on stage a new tradition!   

The Neptune Court has been a tradition in Virginia Beach as far back as the 60's. In recent years, former CHC students including Elena Duncan, Gabriella Gianascoli, Halle Speight, and  Caroline Dixon have taken part in the tradition as Neptune Princesses. The role of the court is to represent Virginia Beach and more specifically, the Neptune Festival. The members of the court are considered leaders in the community that come together to bring awareness to the city and to do things within the community. Serving as an ambassador for the Neptune Festival, these representatives help to promote one of the largest annual festivals in the United States and generate revenue to support local community needs. As the court’s official page, Ryan will attend events such as the Special Olympics and the Senior Gala.   

While Ryan is a little nervous about some of his public duties, he has quickly recognized the importance of service within his community. He has also gained valued experience and confidence in speaking with adults as well as maintaining composure in front of large crowds. 

We are proud of you, Ryan!


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