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  • Class of 2021
Kian Moretz
Mr. Paul Horgan, Head of Upper School

In his graduation address, Kian spoke about time and its finite nature, noting that it has been about one hundred and seventeen million seconds since he first arrived on campus at Cape Henry on August 28, 2017. He then encouraged his peers to consider the next one hundred million plus seconds that would make up their college years. It would be safe to say that this young man has chosen to make the most of each day, hour, minute and second of his days at Cape Henry. As he prepares to head off to Harvard University in the Fall, he is following his dreams and making the most of the opportunities in his life. 

From the moment he arrived on campus, Kian has been his own man and an observer, choosing his words carefully and always contributing mightily to the class or conversation around him. He can say more in one sentence than most people can in an hour of talking. I vividly recall seeing him in the Cafe as a 9th grader, sitting alone and wearing his signature tie as he observed and settled into his new school community. It didn’t take long for others to come to him, and over time it was clear that he was interested in conversation of substance and people of substance. 

As a recipient of the Serpe Scholarship at Cape Henry, he lived up to the honor and set the bar in intellectual pursuits in all of his classes across the curriculum. He is genuinely brilliant, but his brilliance is rooted in the purest form of intellectual pursuit; one that thirsts for knowledge. He is a reader and a deep thinker who is a student of education and of humanity. 

While peers were mastering Fortnite and soccer, Kian was developing software and forging business opportunities that challenged him. He devoured our curriculum, finishing our Math curriculum by the end of his Junior year. As a senior he completed independent study and helped to co teach our AP Calculus BC class with Mr. Rudolph. The lens through which Kian sees math is nothing short of magical and observing him in this setting was inspiring. He has an incredible ability to help others and challenge them to think and question. While some people of his intellectual calibre might make others doubt themselves, Kian has the ability to help others see what is possible in themselves.

It was fitting to see Kian on stage with the bright lights on him at our commencement, under the big tent, sharing just a little bit of his wisdom with the members of his class.  He doesn’t seek the spotlight, nor does he do amazing things to amaze others. He does it because it is who he is. Toward his conclusion he said, “Make a deliberate, conscious choice about what matters to you and how you want to use your limited, precious time.” In his time at Cape Henry, Kian did just that, as we’re sure he will in his future in Boston and beyond.