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  • Class of 2021
Cassie Thompson
Mr. Greg Angilly, Upper School Director of Student Life

Cassandra Thompson - aka Cassie - is headed to her second home - Harrisonburg in the fall to attend James Madison University.  It’s been a fun adventure for the past 3 years to reach the finish line for Cassie - an adventure with plenty of great friends, lots of smiles and laughs and plenty of hard work in the classroom and on the courts and fields of CHC.  

Cassie joined the CHC community at the start of her sophomore year joining us from right next door @ FC. While she knew plenty of students at Cape, she has a particularly fond memory of Caroline Fluharty and Cameron Dodzik as they went out of their way to show Cass around and make her feel welcome. They remain some of her closest friends today.  It’s impossible to list all of those who Cassie considers friends -quite frankly it would take pages and we’d likely still leave someone out!  

Cass has an infectious personality and makes those around her smile.  I have had the pleasure of working with Cassie in several capacities - as her teacher (Happiness / Public Speaking), as her coach (Girls Hoops) and I assisted as her advisor at times during her senior year.  In each of these environments, I’ve appreciated that Cassie is going to be Cassie!  She has strong opinions and convictions and Cass will let you know when she is not pleased - I can personally attest to it!  Whether it’s an extra sprint on the court, speaking to her about some aspect of her senior year, or watching her debate the existence of heaven and hell - her personality finds a way to come through loud and clear. Cassie is quick to recognize that her friends would likely say she’s bossy and loud - she is well aware that she thrives when she is in charge!  Identifying your personality strengths - owning who you are and being proud of who you are -- all wonderful components of what makes Cassie Thompson the awesome young woman she is. For the record - she is also extremely intelligent, a heck of a public speaker, thoughtful, kind and funny! 

She recalls her toughest class - AP AB Calculus - an extremely difficult course and she immediately thanks her friend Carson Shade for all of his math help in this course and throughout her senior year as well. She enjoyed our Happiness and Public Speaking class as it provided new things to discuss each day and that brightened her day. As her teacher in that class, I can honestly say I learned from the collective group of students each and every day - this was an amazing group and Cassie was an important part of this group and helped create and foster an environment that allowed for rich, deep and oftentimes hysterically fun conversations. 

As Cass looks back - she remembers our Cafe, our big all school assemblies, our home basketball games - the opportunities we had to be in large groups together.  These are the moments she wants to remember as she lost some of these moments due to the pandemic which cut short her Junior year and altered her Senior year. Cassie knows she is going to miss many Cape friends but is excited to start a new chapter of her life @ JMU.  

Cassie leaves a solid athletic legacy as she heads to James Madison University.  She donned the CHC field hockey uniform for 3 years at CHC and leaves with multiple state and TCIS titles.  While never the star player, she played a huge role in the program's success.  Cassie joined the basketball program in her junior year and again, while not the star player, she was a gigantic asset to the program.  Perhaps she let the coaches know she wasn’t thrilled to be running another 17 - but she would then go out and get it done - and usually make us all smile with her truly Cassiesque attitude combined with effort. It’s hard to sprint, complain, smile and laugh all at once- and Cass did it! 

Cassie -we will all miss your infectious laugh and smile!  You were an awesome addition to our community and I can’t imagine Cape Henry the last few years without your presence and personality in our halls, courts and fields.  I’ll make sure to save you a Wednesday morning seat in our Breakfast Club - you are always welcome back at the Cape!  

Go do GREAT things Cassie Thompson!  We will miss you!