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  • Class of 2021
Cameron Dodzik
Mr. Brian Facemire, Upper School History

Cameron Dodzik has a beautiful old soul. Wise beyond her years perhaps is one way to describe that characteristic. But I have known Cameron since she was in kindergarten and those who really know her, know there is something more to that phrase for Cameron. Her strong sense of self and stability of mind that is often associated with the phrase ‘old soul’ comes from a spiritual connection to higher things that not all are privy to.

Higher things. That’s what Cameron is off to achieve at the University of Tennessee in the fall. She told me she has always wanted a big SEC school down south and out of Virginia Beach and out of Virginia. Cameron craves new people, new experiences, new connections and expanded horizons. 

Now, that’s not to say she won’t miss her Cape family, because that is exactly what this school is to her. Cameron waxes poetic from time to time about the close-knit community, relationships built over the inevitable trials and tribulations of a life spent in this building since Prekindergarten. She says quite simply, “It’s home.” Having family at the school, both blood and not, make it feel that way. With a mom who teaches at the school, she’s always been exposed to the older kids around school, and she says that gave her a different perspective on both the school and the student body.

Perspective. According to the Tate Museum, in artistic terms, perspective refers to the representation of three-dimensional objects in space, on a two-dimensional surface. At the University of Tennessee, Cameron will study interior architecture and design structure. While it is a different type of perspective she gained as a student in these halls, the attitude she brings to her studies will certainly help her build the strong relationships required for success in her program of choice. Cameron grew up in an artistic family and she says this path of study “has always sort of been in my head since I was about seven years old.” 

Cameron has been at Cape Henry for the entirety of her education to this point. She mentioned three teachers that she feels have had a particular impact on her. The first, in no particular order, is Coach Kim. Coach Kim has taught her a lot about what it means to work as part of a team and under her guidance Cameron was an integral part of three consecutive state field hockey titles. The second is Ms. Judge. Ms. Judge pushed Cameron beyond what she thought she was capable of. It was uncomfortable at times, but, “Ms. Judge taught me how to write.” Last, but not least is Mrs. Erbig. Cameron related to Mrs. Erbig, not just on an artistic level, but an emotional level as well. Cameron says, “Mrs. Erbig is super-relatable and I felt like I could talk to her about anything, whether in was artistic or personal.” These three educators are at least in part responsible for Cameron’s higher level, old-soul perspective on which she will rely in all her future endeavors.

As far as future endeavors are concerned, I asked Cameron what her favorite style of design is. She said, “modern farmhouse with a little bohemian.” Only half joking I then asked her to translate that. She said, “super old with new functionality while maintaining the original character of the old style.” Bohemian is traditionally associated with a free spirit and Cameron will bring that old-soul, yet free spirit, vibe to her own integrated design principles. That is Cameron Dodzik. She’s an old soul with new functionality, who maintains the old style and character embedded in both her personal and artistic principles. That’s a recipe for higher perspective, enduring style, and unending grace that will last beyond her years.

Cameron, we wish you all the best in your new adventures, new connections and expanded horizons.