Class of 2021: Aiden Winfield

By: Christopher S. Garran, Ph.D., Head of School
With an early acceptance to the University of Virginia, Aiden Winfield can relax a little and reflect on his time at Cape Henry Collegiate. Of course, as a Legend, he has a lot of experiences upon which to reflect. Aiden entered Cape Henry as a kindergarten student and has been here for thirteen years! He is also a Legacy student because his mother, Kristy, is an alumna of Cape Henry. His father, Ross, also attended Cape Henry for a number of years. Aiden’s memories stretch back to Lower School and he talks about how Mrs. Carolyn Scullion remains one of his favorite teachers. Aiden recalls, “She would let us cook every Wednesday in class. It was great.” This past summer, during COVID, Mrs. Scullion even came to his home in order to read a book as a “mystery reader” to his younger siblings and friends. It stands out as an enduring example of a teacher going “above and beyond” to connect and to support her students. 

Now, as an Upper School student, he has a long list of teachers who have positively influenced him. A relatively new member of the faculty, Mr. Bryan Rudolph, is one of those teachers. Aiden talks about how Mr. Rudolph created a fun and engaging environment in math where students would challenge each other and compete to see how well they did on solving the problem sets. He also credits Mr. Rudolph as always being available to help his students. Aiden talks about how all of his teachers have been accessible and willing to help.

Along with the relationships that students build with teachers, Aiden also believes our sense of community is a key element of what has made his experience so positive. He still has friends from the early years of Lower School and has met many new peers along the way. According to Aiden, “You can get to know everyone… especially in your graduating class. We know each other and feel comfortable with each other.” 

Participating in athletics can also help to build those friendships. Aiden is a huge fan of our requirement that you have to do athletics at Cape Henry. It has pushed him to try a lot of different sports from basketball to swimming to track. Aiden also enjoys when students come out to support our Dolphin teams, especially basketball and soccer. As he said, “I really like how we come together to cheer on and support our School.” Of course, he has one small criticism of Cape Henry: We should have a football team!

As he thinks about his time here, he does have one regret and a warning for other students: Don’t procrastinate. Aiden commented, “I wish that I had managed my time a little better. It’s an area for growth. I procrastinate and it has come back to bite me more than once.” Of course, with an acceptance to UVA and as a member of Cum Laude, our most prestigious honor society, it seems that Aiden’s procrastination has not hurt his academic standing!

As Aiden prepares to graduate, his family will remain well connected to Cape Henry. He has three siblings here: Addy in the Class of 2027, Alijah in the Class of 2030 and Asher in the Class of 2032. Clearly, family means a lot to Aiden and so we can expect to see him visiting his siblings at campus events over the coming years. For now, his fingers are crossed that the Senior Nexus experience in French Polynesia will still take place and that he will successfully complete his Global Scholars Senior Thesis on government surveillance programs. 

Next fall, as he begins at UVA, Aiden will finally get that football team. Of course, waiting in long lines for tickets might not help with the academic procrastination! UVA is fortunate to have Aiden joining them “on grounds” as a Wahoo - just as we have been fortunate to have him at Cape as a Dolphin for the past thirteen years. 
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