Class of 2020: Trevor Kidd

By: Mrs. Kathleen Sharp, Middle School English Teacher
There have been many times in the past 10 weeks when I have thought, "I wish I had..." when I think back to my final days on campus back in March. I wish I had cleaned out the coffee cup that surely still sits (half-empty/half-molded) on my desk. I wish I had brought home with me my favorite journal to continue my writing. And, most heartfelt of all, I wish I had spent more time in the presence of Trevor Kidd before leaving campus on March 13.

That's the thing about Trevor. If you know him, you want to spend time with him. His unmatched dry humor, his love and appreciation for all things Star Wars, his strategically hidden intelligence -- there is so much to Trevor that I knew a face-to-face interview would be best for this Senior Feature piece. But, alas, March 13th came and went and we have yet to come together again in the halls of Cape Henry. So, in true modern-day fashion, we connected over email, and, in true Trevor fashion, he let himself shine through.

Trevor arrived in the halls of Cape Henry Collegiate in the 6th grade after spending his elementary years at John B. Dey Elementary School on Great Neck Road. When I asked him to reflect on what he remembers from his first days and weeks at CHC, he responded with detail: "It was immediately a huge difference (for me). I remember the first day of school we had mac and cheese, and I was just sitting at the table eating it with my hands. Mrs. Christianson came up to me and told me to use a fork. In elementary school, no one used a fork at my table, so I was shocked to find everyone using one here. Now, I realize how disgusting that was and I'm glad I was informed." There were other memories from Middle School that stand out to Trevor including his time in Mrs. Fluharty's drama class. "I never thought I would ever do any sort of play in front of so many people, so that was definitely something special. My advisors throughout middle and upper school definitely stood out throughout my time: The Kerbins, Ms. Frasher, Mrs. Christianson, Mrs. Stello, and Ms. Baytops. I also really appreciate Mrs. Fluharty and Mrs. Whitney, but to be honest I can’t think of a teacher that I disliked."

Another teacher who made an impact on Trevor was Upper School Math teacher Mr. Rudolph. "Mr. Rudolph taught my sister in high school at Cox and she never stopped talking about how awesome he was, so he had tome big shoes to fill. He filled those shoes and more, making my BC Calculus class one of the coolest classes I’ve ever taken. Mr. Rodgers pushed me as if I was already a college student, which is something I really do appreciate. He respects and thinks highly of all of his students."

While Trevor can name a number of teachers who have influenced him, made an impact on him, and whom he will miss dearly as he moves on to Virginia Tech this fall, Trevor expresses with genuine sincerity his praise for his favorite -- the incredible Upper School History teacher - Mr. Steve Palmer. "If I was to choose a favorite teacher, it would be Mr. Palmer. Every time I see Mr. Palmer in the hallways, I always strike up a conversation, because he is just so cool. He is one of the only teachers that I seem to miss being with every day every time I see him."
This isn't surprising to me as I have often heard from students about their connection to and respect for Mr. Palmer. I had to know more - and Trevor was willing to share. "I think everyone sees the same thing in Mr. Palmer's class: his love for his students. Palmer is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Through my conversations with him, I have noticed that his first question is always "How are you today?" And although everyone says it, he MEANS it. He genuinely cares about all of his students and he wants the best for each of them. Although the class is a struggle, you come to really appreciate it in the end. I can't really point my finger on what it is, but he's just so likable. He can give you a 60 on an essay and you'll still feel happy that Steve Palmer took the time to write on your paper."

Trevor Kidd is an academic powerhouse. Not many know that about him as he doesn't flaunt it or show off his intellectual prowess (too) often. When I asked the 9th grader who Trevor tutored (as part of his National Honor Society responsibilities) to tell me about Trevor, Nolan Sharp said simply, "He's the best. He just helped me without making it a big deal, without making it hard, and without making it boring. We'd talk about school stuff and sports - but he always showed me how to get myself organized and how to get my work done."

Because that's what Trevor does -- he puts in the work and he gets the work done. While many may not know of this approach to his academics, they are well aware of this approach to the game of soccer. An influential member of the three-time CHC State Championship team, soccer is what brought Trevor to Cape Henry.

"I admired Peter Pearson and Curtis Kirby like they were gods. Coach Brun also felt like my second dad when I was growing up. I wanted to be just like Peter and Curtis, so I came to Cape Henry. I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted my first couple of years on varsity, so I really decided to turn up my training regiment. I came into my Senior season wanting to impress. I wanted to make my entire family proud, including my teammates and especially Coach Brun. Brunny believed in me ever since I was 9 years old, but I felt like I wasn’t up to his standard with my previous two seasons. I wanted to become the player he knew I could become, so I put in the work to do it. I would go to the weight room every day after school for at least an hour and a half from February to April. Then once it started heating up, I would train outside doing sprints and situational drills until it got dark and I could no longer see the goal, which ended up being 2-3 hours a day, including the weekends. This training lasted through the summer until actual pre-season began, where everything felt easy to me. I went on to break the assist record for a single season in Cape Henry with 29 assists. I had a new confidence both on and off the field which I had never really had before, and I felt great.

Soccer opened up my life and, honestly, I don’t know where I would be without it. The bond we formed at Cape Henry soccer was something I don’t think any other team had. It’s cliché but we were one big, goofy family. The winning culture we created at Cape Henry has led to some great memories, like all three state championships. I wouldn’t trade my times on the Cape Henry soccer team for anything in this world."

From one Hokie to another, I had to ask Trevor about his plans to play club ball at Tech. As I shared with him stories of club and recreation sports fun at Virginia Tech, Trevor made it clear that he had bigger plans than club or rec ball.

"I'm going to go for the walk-on story of the century! I think I can do it if I work hard enough throughout the summer. I'm not done yet."

I have no doubt that you aren't done yet, Trevor, and that I will soon be cheering for you at Thompson Field on the VT Campus. Your work ethic, your commitment to success, your desire to be your genuine best self make you a force to reckon with, and, as Obi-Wan famously said, "The Force will be with you. Always."

Congratulations on all of your successes, Trevor, now and in the years to come!
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