Class of 2019: Ethan Jones

By: Ms. Grace Silipigini, Lower School Faculty
Ethan Jones is one of those kids you would call Best All Around. He’s a dedicated student, determined athlete and loyal friend. 

I first met Jones at one of our morning track practices in March. It was 6 a.m., blistering cold and the sun had yet to rise over the turf field, but Jones arrived smiling and full of energy nonetheless. He bounded onto the field ready to tackle the morning’s workouts and drills and hyped up the remainder of our two-sport athletes along the way. I initially chalked Jones up to a morning person, but as track season continued and our hallway run-ins became more frequent, I realized he simply radiates happiness all day long. 

The Dolphin community has been blessed with Jones’ positivity and humor since the recent graduate was in second grade. While his Lower and Middle School years hold cherished memories, Jones found his Upper School career to be the most impactful. He praises both Mr. Rogers and Mr. Rudolph for their exceptional mentorship in their respective courses of Honors Physics and BC Calculus. They impacted Jones so greatly that he is exploring degrees in Biology, Biochemistry or Engineering at the University of Denver.

Jones applied to six universities including UVA and JMU, but Denver was quick to take the cake. “I grew up going to Colorado for spring break and when I visited [the University of Denver], it just felt right,” says Jones. “I’m looking forward to moving to Colorado and meeting new people, but I will miss the beach, Cape Henry and all of my friends.”

On the extracurricular side of things, Jones was involved in abundance of clubs and sports teams including Surf Club, Young Musicians Club, Jazz Band, Upper School Band, Indoor Track & Field, Lacrosse and spring Track & Field. He says his lacrosse coach, Joe Thompson, instilled in him the values of a responsible, likeable man and proved to Jones that hard work truly pays off.

As a word to the wise, Jones leaves high school Dolphins the following advice: “Enjoy every minute and take advantage of every opportunity you get because time goes by faster than it seems.”
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