Class of 2019: Carolyn Vanty

By: Mr. Paul Horgan, Head of Upper School
When Carolyn was in the 9th and 10th grade, she carried herself with such poise and maturity that I would often jokingly ask her how her process of world conquest was going. She would smile and say "fine." Her sense of self and strong work ethic never wavered in her time here, and her ambition to accomplish great things fueled her effort and focus. Her selection of sweatshirts from small, elite New England colleges seemed to represent a compass of sorts for where she was heading and what was driving her. 

As she challenged herself more and more, we saw her go through the process of finding balance. I recall asking her how many hours of sleep she had gotten the night before at least a few times per week, worried that she was overextending herself and burning the candle at both ends. To an extent, she was, but over the course of the last year, she seemed to take the next step. While continuing to work hard, she seemed more relaxed and comfortable with managing so much. The college process led her to those small, elite colleges and she picked her favorite, Middlebury, one of the hardest to get into. When they admitted her Early Decision, it seemed as natural as the Vermont leaves turning colors in the Fall. 

Carolyn wasn't actually seeking world conquest as I joked with her about when she was 15. She was actually seeking to save the world. She has taken on a passion for the environment and is the kind of brilliant mind who may well be one of the people who can make a difference. She is an activist and also a scientist, making her a powerful force for her cause. She also has an incredibly bright spirit and people listen to her, respect her and admire her. She isn't afraid to speak up when something is out of place. Her voice was a strong one for the Crew program and it was a strong voice within the community on social issues and in conversations about inclusivity, feminism and equality. 

In my years at Cape Henry, I've come across very few who have garnered as much respect as Carolyn. She represented goodness and excellence in everything she did. She made our community better each day and is sure to do the same at Middlebury.
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