Class of 2019: Briggs Standing

By: Mr. Dashiell Quasebarth, Middle School Faculty
At Cape Henry, we honor our Legends with a walk through the hall where everyone in the school can see the students who had the fortitude and luck to spend the entirety of their educational careers at CHC. Having joined our community as a Junior, Briggs Standing will never get the chance to earn that honor, and that is something he is completely at peace with. He attended the school west of Cape Henry through Middle School and then that’s when the great theme of Brigg’s life kicked in: Curiosity.

Curiosity: “It’s the reason I left NA to go to Woodberry Forest” and it’s the reason he came to Cape when he came back to the Beach. Briggs found himself at home immediately when he saw the same friends he had played Lacrosse with since he was six. “The Cape Henry Community was very accepting. I already knew people here so I was able to hit the ground running.” When I asked him who helped him the most, he didn’t pause for a second, “Colin [Sharp] helped me out a lot. He told me what the deal was, helped me through my first week of school, introduced me to new friends, and showed me where my classes were.”

Curiosity: Briggs comes by his curiosity naturally and sees himself as a reflection of not just his parents but also his grandparents. He got his curiosity and desire to try everything from his grandfather, “He went all over the place. Ended up being forced into college at VMI and almost got kicked out for causing chaos. He went into the military and I’ve heard so many stories about that. Retired from the military and came back to the Beach and started his own company, which is still around. That did really well, and he figured it all out. I guess I’m at the point where I am figuring it all out.” That bouncing attitude, the figuring it out, and ability to try and succeed at so many things is not limited to Briggs and his grandfather. Briggs lights up when talking about his grandmother, “Grandma is so tough and it sets the example for the rest of my family. She could sit in her house all day but she goes out and does stuff all the time and is an absolute bad*ss. She is arranging flowers in her own business. She’s 78 and killing it.”

Curiosity: “My fall sport was always football so senior year rolls around and I don’t know what I’m going to do and then...Cross Country was huge. So huge.” Briggs excelled on Cross Country courses throughout the Tidewater, earning his place in the “Varsity 7” in his first meet without relinquishing it as the season progressed. He showed his quick foot speed as one of the few people on the team that could keep pace with TCIS Champion Owen Richards in workouts. “It ended up being one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but so rewarding. When I PR’d at NA I felt so good about myself. Tried it, loved it, and now I’m a runner.”

Curiosity: Briggs will head to The University of Alabama in the fall with an eye on studying the passions he developed from the desire to try something new. “I got into playing the drums and singing my freshman year, and they stuck.” Briggs will head to Alabama in the fall and take his Freshman requirements but is open to the possibility of applying to create his own major in music and business. “I have a passion for music, and I think that paired with knowledge and business, could be success for me.” He wants to stay busy academically, but Briggs is also aware of his desire to be active and outdoors. Initially, Briggs thought the University of Colorado Boulder would be his destination, “What gravitated me to Boulder was what you can do outdoors and people aren’t just sitting around and doing nothing. I didn’t think I would see that at Alabama, but they have this huge state park with a lake and I thought this would be the best of both worlds.” When discussing Bama, there is an obvious point of conversation that Briggs was quick to mention when I asked him what he was most excited about, “I think the school is a great fit for me. But really...football. That’s going to be exciting.” He is already planning to gather friends from the University of Georgia and The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee nearby to cheer on the Crimson Tide this fall.

Curiosity: When I asked Briggs to offer any advice to the students who follow in his footsteps at CHC, he tells them to be curious, “Get involved. Don’t just be deadweight. Do some stuff you wouldn’t normally do. Fill up your three sports. Try to do something with the Arts. Don’t waste your time.” Briggs has seen a lot in a short amount of time, enough that he could sit back and stop being curious. He could settle into the roar of the crowds in Tuscaloosa. He could rest on his dorm room bed and let the books gather dust around him. He could take a break from his sports and just rest. But that isn’t Briggs. Briggs is curious, maybe even to a fault, and Briggs will continue to explore what the world, his family and friends, and his immense talents offer him. Being as curious as he is, I am sure we will see him, “figure it all out.”
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