Class of 2019: Marshall Joyce

By: Mr. Tyler Faubert, Assistant Athletic Director
"The sand and the sea is all I need," Marshall Joyce.

The ocean, where Marshall recalls his first memories. The ocean, where Marshall relishes his most cherished activities. And the ocean, where Marshall will pursue his calling. Marshall Joyce's journey began 200 steps from the warm sand in Virginia Beach, examining the various ships entering and leaving the vast Atlantic Ocean. For a brief period, his journey took him to the cold north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he described, "the most difficult time of his life." However, it was in Pittsburgh where Marshall ultimately realized his passion, wanting nothing more than to be connected to the ocean and to always find the positives in life.

As we discussed his past experiences, I quickly realized three facts about Marshall. First, he maintains a great deal of positivity towards not only life in general, but everyone in his life, and he wants to spread his joy to all. Second, he is incredibly grateful to everyone in his life and has truly learned from each experience. Third, he has to keep moving.

Marshall, bouncing around in the seat, energetically described "his" college and insisted we look at pictures of the campus. I am glad we did. The beautiful rocky coastline of Maine Maritime Academy, located in Castine, Maine, touched all 30 acres of the campus, which overlooked the busy waters of the Castine Harbor.

The choice was easy, "there was something about it. Something I can't really explain. Something I don't really know how to say, but there was just a feeling about it I loved," Marshall emphatically described. Without realizing, he answered the question.

"I am certainly most looking forward to my future career. The school has exactly the degree, the education, hands-on learning, and the location I want," he continued as the need to stand up compelled him. "The atmosphere, you can't beat it. Waking up next to the water every day where everyone is a 'go outside and do it' person. My specific skill and degree in Marine Transportation and Operations will give me the ability to drive any vessel in the world. I think that’s pretty cool"

The similarities between the adventure he is about to embark and the last (8 years) of his life are eye-opening. Maine Maritime Academy serves approximately 950 students and rests on a beautiful 30-acre campus, in a residential area, next to the Atlantic Ocean." Does this sound familiar? It should, as Cape Henry Collegiate, where Marshall describes with such adoration, an endless list of fond memories and experiences, rests on a gorgeous 30-acre campus, in a residential area, five miles from the Atlantic Ocean, and serves approximately 950 students.

Marshall continued, "I would say numerous people have helped me, but Adam Deirstien and James Kerbin really stood out to me. Coach Deirstien has always been a sort of second father to me. He was always strict, but you could tell it was with the deepest love and care any coach could have for a team. He truly cared about seeing us succeed not just in volleyball because it didn't matter if we even won a single game, it was about showing us leadership and teaching us little life lessons every day."

"James Kerbin, with kindness and compassion at the forefront, loved to see us succeed through learning. There was no possible way you could fail his class because his tone, teaching, and technique were second to none. He is 100% the most interesting man in the world, without a doubt," he added with all four eyes in the room beginning to moisten.

Marshall continued to list the names of influential figures throughout his time at Cape Henry Collegiate, including Tom Rodgers and his brother Noah Joyce, Class of 2017. It became abundantly clear, nearly everyone at Cape Henry Collegiate played a part in shaping Marshall into who is his and wants to become.

"They should be proud of themselves for accomplishing their main goals by teaching us to be better men, women, and leaders of society. Their passion and love for their work showed every day in the passion and love the students shared with them. They showed me how to be a better man," Marshall added.

As he sets his sails for Maine Maritime Academy, he parted with his advice. "Life is not meant to be taken too seriously; don't let your feelings get in the way, and laugh." While taking his own advice, he laughs as he suddenly realized the seriousness in his tone, "really think about what your dream job would be when you're young. Focus your studies and academics towards it, because there is always a job in the field and interests you love."

Marshall, your passion, energy, and love for everything will be sorely missed. We wish you the best of luck on your journey to Maine Maritime Academy.
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