Class of 2019: Jamie Friedman

By: Mrs. Amanda Hayes, Head of Middle School
Know, Value, and Challenge...not only are these words the first line of the CHC Mission Statement, but they have also been the core of Jamie Friedman’s experience as a Dolphin. If you know Jamie, you know that she leads with enthusiasm, spirit, and a genuine curiosity for the world around her. However, as she plans to leave the nest in just a few short months, Jamie said that her biggest fear is leaving the friends, faculty, and family who know her so well, value who she is, and challenge her to be her best self. She is most nervous about developing new relationships and knows she will have to be patient as she learns to function in a new environment that is different from Cape Henry, where both she and her twin sister, Hallie, have attended since Grade 1.

As this year’s SCA President, Jamie has had a chance to put her school spirit and energy to good use leading a variety of activities for students on campus. She says that she never finds it difficult to rally the community. “The whole school will back you up when you need it. Getting things done is easy because the support is there. It doesn’t matter who you are. There is a circle of trust and connection within our community.” Jamie hopes that all CHC students recognize the power and positivity of the community. Remembering back to her middle school years, Jamie acknowledges the challenges of changing friendships and social groups. However, she has learned through time that people are more forgiving than you think, and that even when you hit a rough spot, you can go back to being good friends.

I wasn’t at all surprised to hear that Jamie started the college search process with lots of questions. As I remembered back to Jamie’s middle school years, I remembered her curiosity and the many questions she would ask, along with her desire to make others happy and to get things just right. It also wasn’t a surprise that Jamie wanted to find a school with a lot of school spirit. She didn’t want a school that was too big, or too small, but one that was just right. 

I laughed as I shared with Jamie that I overheard her talking with Mrs. Stello one day and commenting about why she liked one school over another. “This one has a nice gym. That one doesn’t have good food.” Jamie said she learned through the process of talking to friends and the college counseling team that there really isn’t a perfect school. “Each campus is going to have things that you like and things that you don’t. You can always find negatives no matter where you go.” After making visits to a variety of campuses, Jamie settled on Tulane University. She said Tulane has a special place in her heart because her grandfather is an alumni. She found many students with similar interests as her and she thinks the campus culture will be a great match with her personality, enthusiasm, and spirit.

As Jamie thinks about the next steps in her journey, she says she has no regrets about her time at CHC. She values her relationships with her friends and teachers and, while she will miss the comfort of her CHC home, she says she feels confident that she will adjust and is looking forward to making her mark at Tulane. And I have no doubt that she will!
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