Class of 2019: Aedan Somers

By: Mrs. Kathleen Sharp, Middle School English Teacher
Three words shared as advice to students who follow in his footsteps here at Cape Henry Collegiate. But what do these words even mean? How can someone find and be his or her true self in the halls of Cape Henry Collegiate? A closer look at Class of 2019 superstar Aedan Somers gives each of us just a bit of insight into how to be that "true, authentic self."

A Dolphin since 9th grade, Aedan joined the CHC community that year and immediately made an impact. Earning the prestigious "Athlete of the Week" honors as a freshman for his hardwork and willingness to persevere on the wrestling mat, Aedan quickly showed the Dolphin community his commitment to success. When Aedan was again named Athlete of the Week his junior year, Coach Jack Effner commented, "He has a great work ethic and his dedication is seen each day. He never makes excuses, he goes about his business and finds a way."

Going about his business is how Aedan embodies his own advice. Not one to embellish or assume, Aedan's witty outlook coupled with his evidence-based approach to life helps him make decisions. This cerebral approach helped him find one of his most rewarding roles at CHC: Boys' Varsity Lacrosse Team Manager & Statistician. But Aedan didn't just choose this position; he spent time researching and considering his many options.

"Our freshman year, I tried to convince Aedan to play lacrosse," shared fellow senior Colin Sharp. "So when he showed up for tryouts on the first day that week, I was psyched. We wrestled together and I knew he was an amazing athlete and teammate. I knew he would make an impact - but then, on the second day of tryouts, he was gone. Nowhere to be seen..." 

Aedan was done with lacrosse tryouts and continued on with his data collection. He spent each day that week experiencing a different spring sport. From lacrosse to baseball to tennis to track, Aedan spent the week collecting evidence for his decision. In the end, after two years of tryouts and continued spring club wrestling, he found the Boys Varsity Lacrosse team to be his best fit in the spring season and he has enjoyed that role ever since.

It's no surprise to find that Aedan approached his college decision with the same level of analysis. After considering UVA, William and Mary and University of Miami, Aeden committed to attending and wrestling at Davidson College. An incredible accomplishment, I asked Aedan, "Why Davidson?"

"(Davidson) had a lovely campus," Aedan shared. When pressed for more details, he simply said, "...and an impeccable student community." 
Not someone to make up words just to please others, Aedan shared with me another impressive accomplishment he celebrates. "I've started two clubs at Cape Henry. The first was the Bowling Markers Club. I wanted to change people's perspectives on markers and bowling, and enlighten them on how those two seemingly unrelated objects correlate with each other. That club enjoyed mild success, but The Fight Club was a really proud moment."

Proud moment? Aedan smiled as he recalled the short life of the Fight Club:

"The Fight Club existed for about three hours. The goal of the club was to teach the art of fighting -- as a positive, not as a negative. Our motto, like that of the Cobra Kai, was "strike first."

"Unfortunately, our motto didn't really fit because Mr. Horgan struck second and it was a much more powerful strike. The Fight Club's three hour shelf life included a one hour conversation with Mr. Horgan about why this club would not be allowed at Cape Henry."

Cum Laude Member, National Honor Society member, three time Athlete of the Week, TCIS Champion, Bowling Marker Club Co-Founder: the list is endless. Aedan Somers does it all and does it well. We are left wondering, "What can't Aedan do?"

"Walk properly," says his father as he smiles with pride. "He just needs to learn to walk heel-to-toe, not this side-footed saunter that he enjoys."
Walk as you wish, Aedan. It works for you and that is your lasting lesson to each of us. 

Congratulations, Aedan - just keep doing you!
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