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  • Class of 2021: Zhikai “Gary” Sheng

    by Mr. Scott McGraw, Upper School History
    It should not be surprising to anyone that Zhikai “Gary” Sheng is considering law school. 

    Growing up in Shanghai, Zhikai decided early on that he wanted to study in the U.S. because he liked the American educational system’s focus on the humanities. While the Chinese educational system favors subjects like math and physics, Zhikai believed that coming to America would offer him more of an opportunity to study the social sciences and to speak his mind on controversial issues–a freedom he never felt in China. When he mentioned his plan to his mom (a pharmacist) and his dad (a businessman), they were very encouraging, and after interviewing with Cape Henry’s Head of Upper School, Mr. Paul Horgan in Shanghai, Zhikai moved to Virginia Beach in Ninth Grade. 
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  • Class of 2021: Cole Downs

    by Mr. Greg Angilly, Director of Upper School Student Life
    Everyone loves Cole Downs.

    While that may come off as a hyperbolic comment, I can assure you, it’s true!

    Cole joined Cape Henry Collegiate in the Ninth Grade. Prior to becoming a Dolphin, Cole attended Plaza Middle School’s MYP and thankfully, a baseball connection between his younger brother and a current family, provided an introduction of CHC to the Downs family.
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  • Class of 2021: Chloe Mugler

    by Mrs. Karen Mason, Administrative Assistant to the Major Gifts Officer
    It didn’t take long for Chloe Mugler to fall in love with CHC. It was the first few minutes of her first day when she knew she “was going to love this place” after walking into Mrs. Cake’s advisory in Sixth Grade when she “was truly welcomed with open arms.”  And not much has changed in the last seven years; she exudes love and positivity in all things Cape Henry. Talk to anyone who has had the pleasure of spending time with her on campus and you’ll hear the same thing.
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  • Class of 2021: Aiden Winfield

    by Christopher S. Garran, Ph.D., Head of School
    With an early acceptance to the University of Virginia, Aiden Winfield can relax a little and reflect on his time at Cape Henry Collegiate. Of course, as a Legend, he has a lot of experiences upon which to reflect. Aiden entered Cape Henry as a kindergarten student and has been here for thirteen years! He is also a Legacy student because his mother, Kristy, is an alumna of Cape Henry. His father, Ross, also attended Cape Henry for a number of years. Aiden’s memories stretch back to Lower School and he talks about how Mrs. Carolyn Scullion remains one of his favorite teachers. Aiden recalls, “She would let us cook every Wednesday in class. It was great.” This past summer, during COVID, Mrs. Scullion even came to his home in order to read a book as a “mystery reader” to his younger siblings and friends. It stands out as an enduring example of a teacher going “above and beyond” to connect and to support her students.
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  • Locklend B. works on his “Gratitude Jar” as part of the guidance lessons presented to his Grade 3 class by Ms. Taria Conley, Lower School Guidance Counselor.

    School Communities & Resilience in the COVID-19 Era

    by By Mrs. Jill Qualters, Mrs. Amy Wight, and Ms. Taria Conley, Guidance Counseling Department
    The tension last spring was palpable. Parents all over the world were trying to navigate a mind-numbing array of online tools, apps, video-conferencing platforms, e-books, and free software. Schools were trying, on a space-race era timeline, to provide the best instruction they could in the face of a pandemic. Students were quickly and unceremoniously yanked from daily routines and told to quickly move to their dining room tables and log in to Zoom.
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  • Class of 2020: Milena Pulley

    by Mrs. Janine Mobley-Burke, Upper School English
    Fun Fact #1. Dolphins swim in pods. “[They] are social mammals that interact with one another, swim together, protect each other, and hunt for food as a team. Most pods contain anywhere from 2 – 30 dolphins depending on the species and the situation, however there are occasions when pods gather with other pods to form superpods of 100 or even several thousand dolphins!”
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  • Class of 2020: Michael Russo

    by Mrs. Leigh Anne Clay, Upper School Journalism and Middle School English
    Even before he walked into my Journalism class at the beginning of his junior year, Michael Russo had an impressive reputation as an exceptional student, an accomplished musician, a talented writer, and a compassionate friend.  Since then, I have watched in awe as he has added countless experiences to his long list of accomplishments: peer leader, yearbook editor, newspaper editor, actor, performer, student director, and public speaker.  As a CHC legend, he has such fond memories of Lower School, especially Ms. Lechler’s 3rd grade class and Mrs. Thornton’s 5th grade class. Throughout Middle and Upper School, Michael has taken advantage of every opportunity afforded to him - creating even more along his journey. I am simply amazed how he finds the time to practice and perform with the Bay Youth Orchestra, participate in school musical performances and drama productions, all while maintaining a 4.0+ GPA with all advanced and AP classes. 
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  • Class of 2020: Robbie Escalara

    by Ms. Raven Baytops, College Counseling
    Robert "Robbie" Escalera joined Cape Henry this past year for his senior year. While others may struggle to join a new environment where people have known each other for the last four years, Robbie quickly assimilated into our community. His proactive and positive attitude helped him connect with teachers, peers, and create a memorable final year of high school. While looking toward his next chapter, Robbie's advice to his brothers is to get out of their comfort zone early in high school by trying new sports or clubs and don't hold back.
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  • Class of 2020: Aleezah Adams

    by Mrs. Janine Mobley-Burke, Upper School English
    Cape Henry Collegiate has legends. Students who have spent their entire academic careers as Dolphins. Aleezah Adams is not a legend. However, since arriving at CHC at the start of her Junior year, Aleezah has been able to embed herself in the fabric of this community so effortlessly, you’d think she’s been here her whole life.
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  • Class of 2020: Grayson Barnes

    by Mr. Jonathan Torch, Upper School Mathematics/Engineering
    Grayson Barnes, class of 2020 CHC graduate, will be attending JMU this fall. Grayson was also accepted to The George Washington University, Fordham University, and The University of Miami. However, given our current pandemic situation and also being undecided on a specific university, Grayson has decided to attend college one year in-state at JMU and afterwards to reconsider his college choice. Grayson is looking forward to assuming the responsibilities that come with being a university student. He is excited to take on new challenges, while balancing his personal interest in classical piano. As an educator, it amazes me to see such mature decisions and great role models coming from our youth.
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