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  • Class of 2021: Yuchen "Mechi" Chen

    by Mrs. Leigh Gregory, Upper School Chemistry
    While she says she will miss her teachers, friends and especially her advisor, Mrs. Moore, who she credits with “taking care of and protecting her, making her feel warm in a foreign country,” Yuchen “Mechi” Chen is excited to begin her next stage of her life and education at New York University in the fall.  “I’m most looking forward to labs and meeting my new professors and learning about their research,” you would think, said no high school senior ever. But that’s exactly what Mechi says and she means it!
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  • Class of 2021: Cassie Thompson

    by Mr. Greg Angilly, Director of Student Life
    Cassandra Thompson - aka Cassie - is headed to her second home - Harrisonburg in the fall to attend James Madison University.  It’s been a fun adventure for the past 3 years to reach the finish line for Cassie - an adventure with plenty of great friends, lots of smiles and laughs and plenty of hard work in the classroom and on the courts and fields of CHC.  
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  • Class of 2021: Bryson Spell

    by Jeanne Short, Athletic Director
    Bryson Spell. It is an honor and a privilege to write about one of Cape Henry Collegiate’s all time best basketball players!  I first met Bryson 14 years ago.  His Dad, Ken Spell,  was the Head Coach of the Dolphin Girls Basketball Team.  Bryson was probably 4 or 5 years old, but his demeanor and stature made you think he could be 10 or 11 years old. You could already see he was the epitome of the perfect big brother, and family was his compass.  You could also see his love for basketball, his future Division I body, and his respect for all that surrounds athletics.  Bryson grew up exposed to the intricate layers of basketball, as his Dad played at Elon University, and has to be one of the best minds of the game I have ever been associated with over many years of hoops. This rich history of athleticism, his solid base of faith and family, and a work ethic second to none, produced an incredibly talented basketball player, but an even better human being.
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  • Class of 2021: Kian Moretz

    by Mr. Paul Horgan, Head of Upper School
    In his graduation address, Kian spoke about time and its finite nature, noting that it has been about one hundred and seventeen million seconds since he first arrived on campus at Cape Henry on August 28, 2017. He then encouraged his peers to consider the next one hundred million plus seconds that would make up their college years. It would be safe to say that this young man has chosen to make the most of each day, hour, minute and second of his days at Cape Henry. As he prepares to head off to Harvard University in the Fall, he is following his dreams and making the most of the opportunities in his life. 
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  • Class of 2021: Julia Gnasso

    by Mrs. Jill Qualters, Upper School Counselor
    It is incredible to think that Julia Gnasso has only been at Cape Henry for three years. She dove right into the dolphin community and has made a lasting impression on her teachers, coaches, and friends. Julia is an explorer and excited to figure out who she is and what she wants to do with life. This fresh and open mind led her to choosing Wake Forest University, a school that encourages it’s incoming students to come into college undeclared, explore, then choose a major later in the college experience. Wake Forest is lucky to have Julia; she had many other top choices including Villanova University.
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  • Class of 2021: Dinghai "Gary" Xu

    by Mrs. Brooke Hummel, Asst. Head of School
    The University of California San Diego was recognized as the nation's sixth best public university, according to U.S. News and World Report's 2021 Best Global Universities. They tout being “ one of the world's leading public research universities that attracts bold thinkers and creative achievers — the disassemblers of “the everyday” who come here to "Break Things Better."
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  • Class of 2021: Houran "Albert" Cheng

    by Ms. Ling Xie, CFO
    “As children, we’re often taught to be ourselves, regardless of what people think, but as we get older, that gets harder and harder. But not for Albert,” according to Mrs. Janine Mobley-Burke. “If I had to sum Albert up into one word, it would be ‘original.’ No matter what everyone else is doing, Albert does his own thing.”
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  • Class of 2021: Jasmine Lizano

    by Mrs. Sarah Williams, Director of Operations
    Although one’s Junior year is not the most conventional entry point to high school, we are always excited when we can add another Dolphin to our ‘pod’!  Jasmine Lizano was looking for greater academic opportunities and switched to Cape Henry Collegiate from First Colonial’s Legal Studies program to finish out the last two years of her high school career.  We were thrilled to welcome her to the Williams/Lans advisory and the Class of ‘21.
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  • Class of 2021: Zice "Oscar" Sun

    by Mrs. Brooke Hummel, Asst. Head of School
    Some things just go together. Peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, and Oscar Sun and dress code. For the last four years, I have enjoyed a fun banter with Oscar about his favorite hooded jacket that is imprinted all over with the words “dress code” in a rainbow of colors. Despite the jacket being “out of dress code” by Cape Henry handbook standards, Oscar and I would often share a laugh when he would pass me in the hall and say “Look, Mrs. Hummel, I’m in ‘dress code’!”
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  • Class of 2021: Christian Moore

    by Mrs. Brooke Hummel, Asst. Head of School
    There’s an old adage, “Good things come to those who wait.” I can remember as a child the expression was often used by parents, grandparents, and coaches alike.  For me, it was often a combination of both trying to discover the patience it required and the belief that it would ring true.
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