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Fitness and Performance

The mission of the Cape Henry Fitness and Performance program is to educate, inspire, and empower students to become the best version of themselves. 

Teaching life-long fitness is at the core of Cape Henry Collegiate's Fitness and Performance program. Offering consistent fitness options for students year round, Coach Phil Reichhoff works very closely with Middle School, JV, and Varsity sport coaches to build a comprehensive long-term development plan, producing athletes that have the knowledge, comfort level, confidence, and passion for fitness, physical wellness, and strength and conditioning. Workout programs are built specifically based on the age of the athlete, time of the year, and sport season.


At Cape Henry we utilize a multi-level training program that is assigned based on chronological age, physical maturity, and experience level. We follow as progressive and periodized system based on the most current long term development research. 

For our athletes, our training system is designed for each student to play more and play better. We aim to give each student the best environment possible to succeed at Cape Henry and beyond. If students strive to play sports at the college level, they will have the unique advantage of being prepared from a strength, speed, power, and injury prevention standpoint.

Performance Principles/Training Goals

Movement quality is the foundation on which strength, speed, power, and longevity are built. We prioritize exercises that are multi-joint, multi-directional, and ground-based in nature. 

For our athletes, all exercises used in training are specifically selected to transfer to your sport of choice. We place a large priority on the development of coordination and movement versatility. The by-product of carefully selected and coached exercises is a robust young athlete who is resilient to injury.


Mr. Philip Reichhoff

Mr. Philip Reichhoff

Class of 2012
Director of Fitness and Performance
M.Ed., Virginia Commonwealth University
B.S., East Carolina University


CHC Fitness Center.

Shaping Better Student-Athletes

State-of-the-art facilities and specialized training plans await student-athletes of all skill levels