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Theater and Dance

Cape Henry believes that the performing arts are essential in developing the minds of the future. Our programs seek to provide opportunities for every student to gain confidence through practicing courage, self-expression, creative problem-solving, and collaboration, through experimenting creatively, and through the development of critical-thinking skills through reflection on the artistic process. Our mission is to inspire our students to discover and master their creative voice through research, intense study of technique, and exploration of their art form. The performing arts faculty at Cape Henry pride themselves on their commitment to professionalism, passion for their art form, their collaborative approach and dedication to Cape Henry students. 

Lower School

Cape Henry's commitment to creating performance opportunities for its students starts in the Lower School through curricular, as well as extracurricular activities. Music, theater, and dance are interwoven into the curriculum of the Lower School. Dance can be taken two days a week as part of the Physical Education program. Music is offered as a special area of instruction for Prekindergarten through Grade 3. Students begin exploring Band, Orchestra and Chorus in Grade 4, electing their ensemble in Grade 5. Prekindergarten through Grade 5 students perform at the end of each semester in holiday and spring programs which incorporate, music, theater, and dance. Theater and dance are also offered after school as part of the Afterschool Enrichment Program. Beginning in the Grade 4, students can participate in Forensics, and Grade 5 students can audition for the Grades 5-7 Musical.

Middle School

As students move into the Middle School their performing arts options grow and diversify. Grades 6-8 students can choose from participating in Orchestra, Chorus, or Band, and Dance is offered as a sport during each athletic season. Theater electives include Beginning Drama for Grade 6, Multimedia Production, and Integral Drama. Extracurricular options include the Grades 5-7 Musical, Grades 8-12 Musical, and the Middle School Play.

Upper School

In the Upper School, students begin the journey of mastering their art form. Jazz Band, Women’s Chorus, and Music Theory and Composition are offered, in addition to the Concert Band, Chorus, and Orchestra Ensemble courses. The Theater program offers courses in Introduction to Acting, Technical Theater, Theater Ensemble, and Musical Intensive. Extracurricular options include the Student-Directed Play, Upper School Play in the fall, and Upper School Musical in the spring. Ballet Technique is offered as an elective, and Upper School Dance is offered after school as part of the Cape Henry’s Athletics program.

Meet the Theater and Dance Faculty

Ms. Angela Brown-Myers

Ms. Angela Brown-Myers

Middle and Upper School Performing Arts
Mr. Darion Carr

Mr. Darion Carr

Technical Director
Mrs. Ericka Ricks

Mrs. Ericka Ricks

Dance Instructor
B.F.A., Shenandoah University
Ms. Madison Houck

Ms. Madison Houck

After School Dance Instructor


Group photo of Theater/Dance performance.
Group photo of Elementary School Dance performance.
Photo of High Schooler Dance performance.
Group photo of Dance performance.
Group photo of Theater performance.

All the World's a Stage

Opportunities abound for performing arts students instilling them with self-confidence and honing their artistic talents.