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Clarke+Ervin Center for Innovation and Performing Arts

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Floor Plans

Project Highlights

  • 49,500 total square feet
  • Orchestra, Parterre, Balcony, and Box seating areas
  • Over 450 fixed seats
  • Fly Loft with Counterweight Rigging System
  • Technical Levels for Lighting and Acoustic Engineering
  • Flexible Multimedia Control Booth
  • Male and Female Dressing Rooms
  • Close connection between Arts and Technology
  • State of the art multi-disciplinary Fabrication Lab
  • Over 10,500 square feet of academic space in the Innovation Center
  • Flexible, open classrooms promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Innovation Commons provides space for student-led study and investigation
  • Seamless connections to existing campus buildings

Architect's Renderings

Pre- and Post-Construction Comparison


Gross Square Feet

With construction the facilities will expand from 19,000 to 49,500 gross square feet.


Fixed Seats

Seating for the auditorium will increase by 150 seats to over 450 fixed seats.


Square Feet of Collaborative Academic Space

The 3,800 square feet of classroom space will blossom into 10,500 square feet of collaborative academic space.


Square Feet of Engineering Fabrication Lab

Our current 800-square-foot scene shop will expand to include a 2,300-square-foot Engineering Fabrication Lab.

For more information regarding the Center for Innovation and Performing Arts Campaign, please contact:

Mrs. Julie Scherrer

Mrs. Julie Scherrer

Major Gifts Officer


Center for Innovation and Performing Arts Campaign.

A World of Pure Imagination

Cape Henry Collegiate's Campaign for the Center for Innovation and Performing Arts.