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Merit-Based Scholarships

The Laila Serpe Distinguished Scholars Program

Cape Henry Collegiate’s Laila Serpe Distinguished Scholars Program offers an academic scholarship to a limited number of rising Grade 9 students who have distinguished themselves as outstanding leaders and scholars within their communities. Each scholar will be given this scholarship for the entire tenure of their enrollment in Cape Henry's Upper School, as long as the student continues to display the level of commitment and achievement that enabled them to be eligible for the initial award. 

Merit Scholarship awards range from $1,500 to full-tuition packages.

Criteria for Selection:

  • Outstanding achievement on the ISEE test
  • Grade point average of 3.9 or higher

  • Exemplary discipline record

  • Personal interview for finalists.

  • Final selection will be made by the Merit Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship Application Process

For prospective Rising Grade 9 students applying to Cape Henry Collegiate:

Step 1: Application for Admission

Submit an Application for Admissions to Cape Henry Collegiate

Step 2: Scholarship Application

Submit a Scholarship Application

For current Cape Henry Rising Grade 9 students: 

Step 1: Requirements

Review Scholarship Requirements on the Laila Serpe Distinguished Scholars Program Resource Board located on MyCompass

Step 2: Scholarship Application

Submit a Scholarship Application

Important Dates

February 14, 2024 All Scholarship Application Materials Due
February 20, 2024 Scholarships Finalist Chosen, All Applicants Notified
February 27, 2024 Finalist Interviews
March 1, 2024 Scholarship Recipients Notified

If additional funds are needed, students may apply for Need-based Financial Assistance. For more information, please contact the Admissions Office at (757) 963-8234.

Academic Merit Scholarship Programs

Cape Henry Collegiate prides itself on the distinctiveness of its student body. Students at Cape Henry Collegiate are encouraged to challenge their minds, demonstrate strong values, and enrich the world around them. A Cape Henry education is as distinctive as each of its students. The Core Values of community, opportunity, scholarship, and integrity drive students to reach their highest potential.

Cape Henry Collegiate enjoys an international reputation as a leader among independent schools for high ability students and educating leaders of character. These students are recognized for their abilities and talents through an academic merit scholarship program. These scholarships are awarded annually to highly motivated students who embody the values and ideals of Cape Henry Collegiate. 

Cape Henry Collegiate does not offer athletic merit scholarships.


Students applying to the Upper School for Grades 9, 10, and 11 (after the Laila Serpe Distinguished Scholar deadline) are reviewed on an individual basis to determine eligibility for partial academic merit scholarships, if funds are available. Eligibility is determined by: exceptional testing on ISEE, PSAT, SAT, and/or ACT; GPA of 3.9 or higher, course load, and teacher recommendations.

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