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Health and Medical Science Program


Program Purpose and Goals

HMSP will provide a structured experience for CHC students to learn about medical practice and the medical science field. The program will foster both knowledge and practical experience by focusing on content, skills, perspectives, experience, connections, and practice, and it will do so by taking a multifocal, multidisciplinary approach. The Program’s goal is to enhance and accelerate students’ preparation so they are better positioned for their potential future in this field.

Program Content

The HMSP will balance in-class learning with field experiences. The student observation provides opportunities to observe and engage with medical professionals within our community to better understand their day-to-day responsibilities.Together, these dual paths will help students make thoughtful decisions and ultimately be more prepared for their future.

Curricular Requirements: 

Observation Requirement: 

  • 25 hours per year with a physician practice, hospital, or clinic


Children’s Hospital of The King's Daughters-Cape Henry Collegiate Partnership                      

  • Introduction to CHKD Outpatient Health Facilities including the Health Centers at Landstown and Concert Drive, to include observation, presentation and instructional  opportunities with health-care providers in a small group format. Health-care providers include but are not limited to primary-care pediatricians and nurse practitioners, physical therapists, laboratory technicians, specialty providers such as asthma, allergy, dermatology, mental health, orthopedics, sports medicine, pulmonology, rheumatology, and diagnostics, such as MRI and ultrasound. 

  • Direct shadowing opportunities to be arranged individually between provider, coordinator, and student. These may include but are not limited to observation of clinical practice in primary care, specialty services, and sports medicine. 

  • Invitation to attend Pediatric Grand Rounds at CHKD in Norfolk, Virginia. Topics will dictate dates offered. A minimum of two Grand Rounds will be offered to the CHC Medical Distinction students.

ECPI University-Cape Henry Collegiate Partnership

  • Observation hours in the medical skills and ICU simulation lab.
  • Medical simulation skills practice (e.g., vitals and other critical-thinking medical skills).
  • Medical case study evaluation and practice (i.e., work with students throughout the program with understanding how to analyze and build a proper case study.)
  • CPR certification/training in the medical skills labs.
  • Future option: a course designed for high school seniors.


Tomorrow's Health Leaders 

Cape Henry's newest program seeks to enhance and accelerate students’ preparation so they are better positioned for their potential future in the medical science field.

The Health and Medical Science Program (HMSP) develops knowledge and cultivates experiences to expose and prepare Cape Henry students for futures in medical practice or medical science. Perspectives, skills, and practice are emphasized through partnerships with community professionals and medical training programs.

“Seeing compassionate professionals care for patients is a unique opportunity and may inspire a student to pursue a career in healthcare. We are grateful to the leading experts in our area for partnering with us to provide Cape Henry students these unique and enriching experiences.”

Mrs. Laurie Olson
Health and Medical Sciences Program