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Upper School

Across the academic disciplines, students are encouraged to explore their limits and are closely guided in making choices that lead them not only to their collegiate goals, but also toward maximizing each day of their Upper School years. 

With a 10-to-1, student–to-teacher ratio and a faculty advisor assigned to each student, Upper School students are individually challenged to excel in their academic subjects and to expect more of themselves. Students learn that intellectual skills are not attained without commitment, and they acquire a sense of responsibility to advance their own education. Our Upper School combines a world-class, college-preparatory education with an environment designed to help students discover their personal strengths and passions.

Alongside the academic program that is designed to bring out the best in each student, a robust extracurricular program seeks to inspire active involvement in athletics, the arts, service, global exploration, and leadership. Academic excellence is at the core of the Upper School, however, there is a keen understanding that personal development through rich involvement in the greater community is a critical component to effective preparation for college. Students are not only offered opportunities in these areas, but also actively encouraged to test their comfort zones and to innovate in creating new opportunities for themselves and others.

It is our goal to ensure that our Upper School students are taught at age-appropriate stages in each year of Upper School to face the challenges in front of them and prepare for those that lie ahead. To accomplish this, the Common Experience is the curricular foundation of a strong advisory program where students will be given guidance specific to each year of their development. This begins with the transition to Upper School and ends with programming specific to the transition to college. In between, developmentally appropriate topics such as inclusivity, mental health, time management, substance abuse, digital responsibility, self-awareness, self-advocacy, the college search process, and community service are all explored. 


of Upper School Students

Percentage of Upper School students currently pursuing a Nexus Global Scholars Diploma.


Upper School Course Offerings

Courses offerings range from African-American History to Digital Media and Design.


AP Exams

Number of AP Exams taken during 2020-2021 academic year.

Upper School Administration

Mr. Paul Horgan

Mr. Paul Horgan

Head of Upper School; Senior Associate College Counselor
M.Ed., University of Virginia
B.A., Villanova University
Mr. Gregory Angilly

Mr. Gregory Angilly

Director of Student Life
B.A., Wake Forest University
Ms. Mary Kanakaris

Ms. Mary Kanakaris

School Registrar
Mrs.  Jill Qualters

Mrs. Jill Qualters

Upper School Counselor/Assistant Director of Student Life
B.A., Villanova University
M.Ed., College of William and Mary
Mrs. Gloria Speight

Mrs. Gloria Speight

Upper School Administrative Assistant


Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Through a rigorous college-preparatory experience students are encouraged to seek new and challenging opportunities.