Remote Learning at CHC

Cape Henry Collegiate strives to maintain the expectations and momentum of learning in each grade level and class during remote instruction. Teaching and learning goals are focused around maintaining connectivity between teachers and students in an academic environment as well as ensuring progress is made around content area knowledge and skills while also being mindful of screen time. To that end, the CHC remote learning plan consists of both synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning expectations.

Synchronous Learning refers to a learning event in which a group of students are engaging in learning at the same time (face to face learning). This is where direct instruction occurs and where students have the opportunity to connect in a learning environment with the teacher and other students. The goal of the synchronous learning block is to engage students with the content and skills as well as with one another. This time may also be used to establish expectations around asynchronous learning periods.

Asynchronous Learning allows students to complete work on their own time. Students are given a timeframe to complete work and the teacher may also set expectations for students to connect to their class at least once or twice. Asynchronous learning also plays a critical role in the progress and success of students.

Remote Learning Schedules

Remote Learning Expectations for Students

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  • Expectations for Middle and Upper School Students

    Remote Learning Expectations and Principles of Good Practice for Middle and Upper School Students

    The following is a guideline of expectations for Middle and Upper School students under the CHC Remote Learning Plan. The Remote Learning Schedule in Grades 6-12 will mirror the on campus schedule which starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 2:45 p.m. daily.

    Expectations of Students:
    • Students are expected to check their emails for communications from faculty and administration daily. 
    • All students are expected to log in to the appropriate Zoom, Google Classroom and/or MyCompass Remote Learning classes at the designated time for each class. 
    • Students are expected to log in to Zoom using their first and last name.  
    • Attendance will be taken daily by the classroom teacher. Please continue to report absences to the classroom teacher or Mrs. Gloria Speight (for Upper School) / Mrs. Jackie Melendez (for Middle School) via email.
    • Each student should have his/her own device. Students may not login together. 
    • Students are expected to use the video feature during remote learning lessons.
    • Students are expected to dress appropriately for shared video experiences. 
    • Students should be aware of the background environment during video conferencing.
    • Respectful behavior and interactions between and among students and teachers is expected in the Remote Learning classroom as in the CHC classroom.
    • Students are accountable for Remote Learning assignments just as they would be accountable for regular school days. 
    Expectations of Remote Learning Lessons:
    • Please refer to the appropriate Grade/Divisional Remote Learning Schedule for specific details regarding Remote Learning class time.
    • Each lesson will include some level of the following:
      • Time to check in, take attendance, and connect: How are students doing?
      • Time dedicated to the daily lesson: How are students maintaining the momentum of learning?
      • Opportunity to practice: How are students applying what is being shared?
      • Opportunity for feedback: How are students progressing?
    Things to Keep in Mind:
    • Perfection is not expected, but your best effort to participate is. This is what will help to keep us connected and keep learning moving forward. Positive participation is important!
    • In a Remote Learning situation, you can make a plan, but that plan is likely to change. Flexibility is paramount. Thank you in advance for the flexibility of our parents, students, and faculty!
    • Although we may not be on campus together, your teachers are here to help you. Reach out to them when needed and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
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