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Middle School

Welcome to the exciting, crazy, and awkward years of Middle School. At Cape Henry Collegiate, we understand that adolescence is a unique and powerful period of growth and change, and we embrace the opportunity to work with students during these three transformational years of academic, social, emotional, and physical development.

The Middle School advisory program emphasizes the importance of relationships in laying the foundation of ethics, time management, teamwork, resilience, creativity, curiosity, and other important areas that enhance adolescent development. In addition, our academic program fosters rigorous and engaging academic study through both classroom studies and field experiences, opportunities to deepen physical and social well being through athletic and wellness programming, and creative opportunities offered by the visual and performing arts programs. Middle School students are exposed to various leadership and community outreach opportunities designed to deepen their understanding of and appreciation for the core values of community and integrity. This involvement, and accepting increasing responsibility for their own education, create the conditions for individual and collective student growth.

"Advisory is where we are intentional about really getting to know the students, their parents, and supporting fellow faculty. As a result it strengthens our school community and the students are able to feel comfortable taking risks, embracing the different challenges that a middle schooler faces, learning new skills and developing habits that will benefit them throughout their lives."

Mr. Lance Hurdle
Director of Middle School Student Life



Middle School students can select from six Nexus global and domestic field study/travel experiences.


of Middle School Students

100% of students take both a foreign language and fine art course.



Middle School students participate in 21 different clubs and activities.

Middle School Administration

Mrs. Amanda Hayes

Mrs. Amanda Hayes

Assistant Head of School for Academics; Head of Middle School
M.Ed., Florida Gulf Coast University
B.A., Dickinson College
Mr. Lance Hurdle

Mr. Lance Hurdle

Director of Middle School Student Life
B.B.A., University of Miami
Mrs. Christine Lynn Berl

Mrs. Christine Lynn Berl

Middle School Counselor
M.A., The George Washington University
B.A., Clemson University
Mrs. Jacqueline Melendez

Mrs. Jacqueline Melendez

Middle School Administrative Assistant


Middle school student receiving help from teacher.
Elementary School student doing classwork.

Cultivating Young Minds

Nurturing the development of our Grade 6-8 students is at the heart of Cape Henry’s Middle School.