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  • Caribbean Connections: St. Croix

    Consider your most meaningful learning experiences. Where did they take place? Who did you share them with? What did they look, sound, smell, taste, and feel like? We know that the deepest learning experiences are those that touch many senses and to which we make a personal connection. Ultimately, the opportunity to connect learning with individual interests and passions is what makes learning irresistible.
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Engaged Learning

Fostering independent thinkers, doers and leaders.

Hands-on, real-world learning experiences are proven to develop the critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills essential to success in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. At Cape Henry the concept of “learning by doing” has evolved into a powerful new educational model in which project-based, “engaged” learning experiences are integrated into the entire curriculum.  

A hallmark of a 21st-century academic program, engaged learning is authentic, inquiry-based, experiential, student-centered and often involve multiple subject areas. Technology also plays an important role. Tools such as Prezi replace more traditional forms such as poster boards, and projects culminate in presentations to an audience, other than teachers.

By learning at an early age how to take personal responsibility and solve problems independently, Cape Henry students become confident, curious, self-directed learners. Cape Henry graduates demonstrate the ability to meet challenges, unravel mysteries and work collaboratively to achieve success in their academic endeavors and in life. They are prepared for today and ready to engage tomorrow.

A sampling of Engaged Learning opportunities at Cape Henry Collegiate

Engaged learning experiences give students the opportunity to imagine the endless possibilities as they embark on academic adventures that empower them to take ownership of their education and to see themselves as part of a greater whole.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I learn. Involve me and I remember."

Benjamin Franklin

Engaged Learning experiences at Cape Henry are project-based. Students contemplate and tackle a relevant question and how it relates to real-world problems. Throughout their process of inquiry, teachers provide guidance, resources and clear expectations.
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