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Resources for College Reps

Welcome College Representatives

For the fall of 2022, Cape Henry welcomes college admissions visits either in-person or virtually. Please register on RepVisits, or reach out to Ms. Brenda Stone, Administrative Assistant to College Counseling, at

COVID-19 Statement

Cape Henry Collegiate ceased in-person instruction on March 13, 2020, pivoted to live distance learning on March 18, and continued to learn remotely via Zoom through May. During remote learning, four, 45-minute live classes were held each weekday. Cape Henry's personalized advisory, school-wide assemblies, and class-level Common Experience programs were also held weekly, providing further opportunities for face-time check-ins. Grading policies did not change.
For the 2020-2021 academic year, learning began remotely on August 26 with plans to have in-person instruction five days a week by mid-September, with a distance learning option for students who will be learning from home. In the distance learning option, students will be attending in-person class via a web platform and are expected to be an active participant. Whether remotely or in person, instruction will occur in 90-minute blocks for half a semester, three classes at a time. Mid-year transcripts will demonstrate semester grades from all six academic courses. Academic support and community interactions will occur daily during one lunch block. Since students were divided into smaller pods, requested schedules were not always feasible and any specific information will be related in letters of recommendation.


College Counseling

Discovering the exciting opportunities available for each student is the primary focus of the College Counseling Office.