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Annual Report

2021-2022 Office of College Counseling Annual Report

The Class of 2022: By the Numbers

  • 101 Seniors in the class will matriculate to 50 different schools in 20 different states and one foreign country.
  • An average of 6 applications submitted per student; 641 total applications submitted. 
  • The Class of 2022 was admitted to 121 colleges.
  • 20 Legends, students who attended Cape Henry continuously from Grade 1 or earlier.
  • 12 members of the Class of 2022 have a parent who is an employee of the School.
  • 13 students will receive Global Scholar distinctions on their diplomas.
  • 35 students accepted at James Madison University.
  • 26 students accepted at Virginia Tech.
  • 7 members of the Class will play NCAA athletics at the Division I, II, or III level.
  • 21 students are matriculating at colleges where there are no current Cape Henry graduates.
  • 83% of seniors took at least one AP Exam.
  • 3.9 average AP Exam score for 221 exams.
  • 70% of Cum Laude Society students were admitted to a highly selective college (under 30% selectivity).
  • An average of 14 applications submitted by New Oasis Students.
  • 94% of the class applied under and Early Decision and/or Early Action Plan.
  • Average G.P.A. of 3.80.

Class of 2022 Facts and Figures

Class of 2022 Applications

Class of 2022 Acceptances

Class of 2022 Matriculations


College Counseling

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