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College Counseling


Class of 2022 Graduates

90 students attending 46 colleges in 17 states, D.C. and Canada.


of the Class of 2023

18% of our 2023 Graduates matriculated at a college where no other Cape Henry student is enrolled.


of Our 2023 Graduates

52% of the Class of 2023 will attend an out-of-state college or university.

Unique Opportunity at CHC

The College Counseling Office seeks to ensure that all students are known and valued, pushed to recognize what is great about themselves, taught to be self advocates, and given clear guidance in accomplishing the steps required to apply and gain admission to colleges which represent superior educational and personal matches.

Self-reflection, discovery, and growth are what the college process is all about. Yet today, far too often a student’s sense of self gets entirely wrapped up in admissions decisions from a small handful of colleges.

At Cape Henry, the College Counseling Office is focused on the process. We believe that giving our students the room to discover their interests, the power to find their voice, and the skills necessary to navigate a complex process inevitably leads to college choices that will optimize their future successes.

College counseling was an excellent resource for helping me find colleges where I would be a good fit. I appreciated how everyone at the college counseling office guided me towards a school that was right for me without trying to choose for me or convince me to apply early decision to a school I wasn’t 100% committed to. I am especially thankful for how Mrs. Stello and Mrs. Lillianstern helped me craft great college essays by working with me to really capture my personality in only 500 or so words”

Matt McGraw '22
CHC Legend and Class of 2022 Valedictorian

We are proud of our students’ college choices, not because of their name or ranking or selectivity, but because they are a reflection of the unique students with whom we have the privilege of working. While the college admissions process has become more complex than ever before, we continue to focus on what remains important: knowing our students, challenging them to recognize what makes them who they are, and helping them figure out how that translates to life after Cape Henry. From exploration to application to selecting a final choice, we are here to advocate for our students and guide them through what can be at times a challenging process. Through education, regular individual meetings, and a cooperative team approach, we seek to provide clarity and direction as our families wade into the murky waters of competitive college admissions.

Meet the College Counseling Office

Mrs. Elizabeth Stello

Mrs. Elizabeth Stello

Director of College Counseling
M.Ed., College of William and Mary
B.A., Franklin & Marshall College
Mrs. Katie Alpigini

Mrs. Katie Alpigini

Associate Director of College Counseling
B.S., The Pennsylvania State University
Ms. Brenda Stone

Ms. Brenda Stone

Administrative Assistant to College Counseling
B.A., Mary Baldwin College


Faculty Kids graduating Seniors.
Graduating Seniors Cum Laude.

College Counseling

Discovering the exciting opportunities available for each student is the primary focus of the College Counseling Office.