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  • Sarah Warren '16 - A Cape Henry Legend

    “Bang! Bang!” That is the exclamation Sarah Warren made from the back row of my Algebra II/Trigonometry class when she answered a question correctly. That is the same exclamation she made when she told me about her acceptance to Old Dominion University.
  • Brennan McCray '16 - All the World's a Stage

    Backstage at “Shrek the Musical,” Brennan McCray would start her pre-show routine the same way she did for many other Cape Henry Collegiate musicals and plays - assisting her fellow castmates with their hair and makeup.  One could best describe the world behind the curtain of any theatrical production as cleverly orchestrated chaos, and “Shrek” was no exception. After helping to set wigs and touch-up eyeshadow, Brennan would kick off the show as Mama Ogre, setting seven-year-old Shrek out into the world. Just a few minutes after singing that first number, Brennan returned to the stage, this time as Papa Bear lending her voice to the chorus of Fairy Tale Creatures. Back again to the wings for a quick change into a Duloc Performer, and finally into her Dragon costume to belt out her showstopping number, “Forever.” Most evenings, the show backstage was just as demanding as the show onstage.

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